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Profile picture of Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores
Dry Skin

I wear A LOT of mascara and struggle removing it. Any good non oily makeup removers?

Profile picture of Kitten
Combination Skin

Simple makeup wipes!!! Takes most of it off for me then I wash my face with @Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser NON OILY!!!! the face wash takes off a lot too.

Profile picture of Emily Common
Emily Common
Combination Skin

@Kitten I love these wipes! Personally I like them better than the neutrogena ones

Profile picture of Stephanie Montero
Stephanie Montero
Combination Skin

what makeup remover do you prefer ? (besides makeup wipes) #makeup #remover

Profile picture of Audrey Romo
Audrey Romo
Dry Skin

you should try clean it zero i use it on my face and it’s very soft and gentle

Profile picture of sdicheck04
Combination Skin

@Audrey Romo have you used the Clinique one before? Do you know how they compare?

Profile picture of Caitlin M
Caitlin M
Combination Skin

@Audrey Romo I love this! Just got a sample and am obsessed

Profile picture of Breanna Routhieaux
Breanna Routhieaux
Combination Skin

Eye Makeup Remover ?? Whenever I take off my mascara/eye makeup with wipes I always seem to loose eyelashes. Is there any good (drugstore) makeup removers that is gentle and don’t make your eyelashes fall out?

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Profile picture of Irazema Vazquez
Irazema Vazquez
Combination Skin

Garnier waterproof micellar water or Neutrogena eye makeup remover (blue bottle ) just put it on a cotton pad I never found makeup wipes to take off eye makeup very well.