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Araceli Garcia
oilyOily Skin
Pigmented, hydrates lips, longlasting
I love this liquid lipstick. It’s long lasting. Seriously. I swear it lasted through multiple makeout sessions and does not transfer onto my significant other. Doesn’t transfer onto my food. It’s not drying for me unless my lips are super dry and peeling a lot. If my lips are chapped then I use a sugar scrub to exfoliate my lips and no dryness on my lips. It applies smoothly. Hydrating when you first apply. Don’t need to touch up because the liner by Wet n Wild helps to keep the lipstick in place. These lipsticks are pigmented. Love the formula and the price for the lipsticks.
Ulta User
Sheer, heavy
I bought this at the store because of the nice price and color ( I bought shade video vixen ) also it had good ratings, none of my expectations were met. 1. The applicator was so weird and hard to use 2. It was so sheer that it took half an hour to apply 3. The second anything touched my lips it began to crumble off and get food caked into it. I will not buy again.
oilyOily Skin
Hydrates lips, longlasting
this is the ONLY drugstore matte liquid lipstick i will ever buy!! i have almost all of the shades, and have even bought it for friends for birthdays. it’s my favorite lipstick ever! it lasts ALL day, like it will not come off at all. it dries super matte and the application is super easy. it’s cheap and can buy it at places like five below. if you don’t have this you are really missing out on an amazing and low price lipstick!!

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Emily Hochevar
combinationCombination Skin

Hey guys, I wanna try a new face wash and wondering what are some good ones for $50 and under. I have sensitive combo-skin and acne prone skin and tend to get white heads on my nose.

Haley Castro
dryDry Skin
This one is amazing! Super good for your skin too

Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

Youth to the People
14 replies
Pia V
combinationCombination Skin

What’s the best lip product (balm, lipstick) that’s natural and hydrating? It doesn’t have to be long lasting, something like a sheer/slight tint to add color to your lips so you don’t look like a ghost! Thank you!

7 replies
Madison Balkovec
combinationCombination Skin

Any tips on oily eyelids. I use Melani eye shadow primer and still I will crease not even an hour after applying makeup.

5 replies

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