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Katelyn Jarrell
CombinationCombination Skin
i get terrible fever blisters from laying out in the sun. does anyone have any recommendations for a chapstick with spf ir anything??
Paige Freisen
Oily Skin
Yes I have something you will love it here is before and after of one girl
Olivia Pribulick
OilyOily Skin
I feel like when my skin is finally might start clearing up it just gets bad again or worse I really just want it to be gone and find products that will help my skin I’m 17 years old and how I would describe my skin as normal to oily I do have sensitive skin and acne prone with pores I really just want my skin to be clear recommend any product keeping it more on the affordable side unless there’s a product that you think is worth every penny also if you know any makeup that will help and not break me out that would be great as well I keep it vary simple in these pictures I have no makeup on except mascara but usually would wear concealer, setting powder, blush and highlighter with mascara pls pls pls help me out if you can:)))
Amira Stephens
Oily Skin
Differin gel has made a big difference in my skin
Katelyn Jarrell
CombinationCombination Skin
i have acne scars, is there any product that will make them less noticeable??
Combination Skin
I’m trying this product and so far I been loving it I recommend you to watch some YouTube videos on how to apply and care