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Stelatopia Emollient Cream by mustela

Stelatopia Emollient Cream


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it causes no irritation

- Target User

the gentle and kind ingredients - intended for delicate infant skin, have done wonders for me, and i very happily recommend this cream for anyone at any age to use

- Ebay User


good for acne

this keeps her moisturized and breakout free

- Target User

tried other products before but this is by far the best one that my baby used for her delicate, eczema prone skin

- Chemistwarehouse User


redness relief

i was putting it even on his face it works and helps him with redness and soothes his skin imidiatelly

- Well User

it them became red and ichy

- Skinstore User



the best product i have ever used for my boy's dry skin

- Escentual User

i've switched to cheaper brands but this really keeps their skin hydrated and healthy without any added junk and the consistency is fabulous

- Toysrus User
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toysrus.com userOctober 7, 2015

Excellent Results

My six-week old presented with acne which seemed to progress into what appeared more like eczema/sensitivity/irritation (larger red, dry patches) on her face, neck and ears. Once receiving the OK from her pediatrician to apply a moisturizer, we started applying the PhysiObebe solution followed by the Stelatopia cream twice daily. Results were apparent within a few days, and by one week of use, her skin was clear. We are now using these items once daily, and may gradually use them only intermittently and as needed. We are extremely pleased with these products.

- toysrus.com
toysrus.com userNovember 26, 2016

I am in love with this cream

At 2 months in November my daughter started to get really dry skin, baby acne and eczema. The night before we could get to the shop we turned on the humidifier. It didn't really make a difference to her skin.We went to babiesrus and picked this up and saw a difference instantly. All the dryness went away and her eczema started to blend in with her skin. It became less irritated.The cream is non greasy and pretty light so it didn't ruin any fabrics or her clothes.within 24 hrs the difference was so noticeable. He skin wasn't inflamed or dry at all and the eczema was fading away. Her spots went away also.My husband also has very bad dry cracked winter skin and when he creams the baby he uses it on his knuckles and they have not cracked and become flakey at all.

- toysrus.com
toysrus.com userAugust 13, 2011

Excellent product

I purchased this product after having tried just about everything to help my daughter's extremely dry skin. She developed rough, bumpy, patches of skin on the backs of her arms, calves, and thighs at about 6 months and proved to be allergic to just about every product we tried. I bought this product as a last ditch effort to help her and within three days the bumps on her arms were gone. After a week of use the patches on her legs had smoothed dramatically. I am using a third of the product I used to use on her and have seen amazing results. This product is pricey, but with the small amount I'm using I think I'm actually saving money. I will recommend this product to every mom I know. 

- toysrus.com
toysrus.com userJuly 31, 2008

Just another side of the story...

I have heard such wonderful things about this line, and my son developed moderate eczema over the past few months (he is 6months old)- Some other creams were working OK, removing most of the itch and redness for him, but weren't completely taking it away so I decided to try this product. Even though I am quite sure that the other reviews are true, I believe there must be a small population where this cream actually makes the eczema worse. In my son's case, he pulled away as if it stung when I applied it (and it wasn't to open sores, just dry skin patches)and the patches where the redness had previously gone away with other treatments were now bright red again. I tried it for a few days, thinking it might take while for it to be effective, but with the same results. I had my husband try it on a small patch of eczema he has to see if it really did sting, and he confirmed that it did. He said it felt a bit like applying Ben-Gay to an open scratch - ouch! So the bottom line - I would highly recommend asking for the free samples from the company as others have said they have done prior to buying it in order to try it on your child. I am confident this is still a good product line for most, but I just wanted to let folks know they should try before they buy, just in case. « less

- toysrus.com
chemistwarehouse.com.au userMay 16, 2019

Magic in a bottle

Mustela is the most effective brand to control and manage eczema breakouts! My 6 year old son had battled with skin irritations since he was a year old and often times products that had little effect would soon have no effect as he built a tolerance. It got to the point that we would be using topical steroids more and more regularly and for me, this wasn't a good thing regarding prolonged use. I first used the mustela brand when i had my daughter, now 10 months old, and how fast it worked with nappy rash (less than 12 hours) was mind blowing! I now use it for all three children and my son has not had to resort to topical steroids since starting to use this cream. I 100% recommend this product and all products in the mustela range. 

- chemistwarehouse.com.au


Overall safe Ingredients

Hydrogenated vegetable oilacneirritant