Airbrush Concealer Neutral Fair by Clinique

Airbrush Concealer Neutral Fair

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under eye

good for under eye

it photographs really well, it doesn't give you that weird shiny glow under your eyes in flash photos

- Mecca User

i've been using the airbrush concealer for a week, and wow, it works wonders on my undereye circles

- Macy's User


blends well

it is very easy to apply and when i am done i use an eyebrow brush and gently blend it

- Nordstrom User

the color blends beautifully and looks completely natural

- Macy's User

staying power


it goes on very smooth, doesn't smudge and stays on all day

- Nordstrom User

precise and long lasting

- Nordstrom User



i've found that clinique's brow pencils have a good color range, and they are precise; they build beautifully, and they look natural

- Nordstrom User

it's the only one that delivers a natural, buildable brow with easy-to-control application

- Nordstrom User



however, if you use a facial moisturizer over your brows, and then use the pencil, it will look like very dark crayon marks, soooo ~beware~ use on dry brow area only, and it is a nice look with gentle dabs, for a 'natural' look

- Nordstrom User

it does not feel waxy at all, or dry, for that matter

- Nordstrom User



this concealer is amazingly light, it brightens and covers dark circles easily with little amount of product that really does give an airbrushed effect

- Mecca User

this is a great brightening under eye concealer

- Mecca User


not creasing

works well, and applied correctly, does not crease a lot

- Stagestores User

this product somehow goes on light (so it doesn't settle into creases), yet gives enough coverage to make me look fresh and natural

- Mecca User
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Well its okay...

I just didn't really like this at all. After reading the positive reviews i'm now wondering if i am/was using it correctly? it's okay, but i find it too watery and it sticks in my eye creases, which then resemble crevices - so the tube now just sits in my drawer. I need something that works a little different and helps disguise my under eye discoloration. userNovember 26, 2012

This is THE BEST light reflective concealer on the market. Perfect for under the eyes, and anywhere else you're dark or shadowy. It is beautifully highlighting, but is still opaque enough to conceal dark circles. It photographs really well, it doesn't give you that weird shiny glow under your eyes in flash photos. I've used this product every single day for over a year, and I have no desire to try anything else.

Macy's userJanuary 10, 2019

Undereye rings go into hiding! Highly recommend

I've been using the Airbrush Concealer for a week, and wow, it works wonders on my undereye circles! My eyes always had been my best feature, and while I embrace aging naturally, dark undereye circles changed my face dramatically and undermined my confidence. I've tried at least five products for this proble, and none worked for me. Enter the picture: Clinique Airbrush Concealer and voila! instant and wonderful improvement. My new face makeup routine is Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation/concealer on t-zone and chin, Clinique Even Better foundation on the clearer areas and Airbrush Concealer under the eyes. Wonderful! I look and feel better than I have in years. userFebruary 22, 2015

Great under eye concealer

This is a great brightening under eye concealer. It also works for covering light pigmentation or spots on my face that only need light coverage.

Nordstrom userJuly 29, 2018

Love Clinique

Love this concealer, really brighten up under my eyes.

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