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The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments for All Skin Types in 2020

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 15, 2020
The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments for All Skin Types in 2020

Fade dark spots with these hyperpigmentation treatments

Hyperpigmentation is an extremely common skin care issue, and generally a harmless one. This condition is defined by dark patches or marks on the skin due to an excess of melanin, and may be caused by anything from sun exposure and genetics to hormonal changes and past acne breakouts.

These patches vary by individual when it comes to severity, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a few dark spots on the skin, there are plenty of hyperpigmentation treatments available for those who want them. Serums, creams, toners… these treatments for hyperpigmentation generally include a range of skin brighteners, antioxidants, and acids to fade out dark spots and add vibrancy back to the skin, often in very little time.

Regardless of your skin type, you’ll regain confidence and radiance with these hyperpigmentation treatments.

Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Corrector by Garnier, $17

Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Corrector by Garnier
Source: Garnier

The first thing to know in the game of skin care? Cell turnover is your friend. Once dead skin cells are removed and replaced with younger, fresher ones, that’s when you’ll see a more clear, glowing, and youthful complexion - and a reduction in hyperpigmentation, of course. Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Corrector is formulated with a unique antioxidant blend of Vitamins C and E,  Pine Bark Essence and Lipo-Hydroxyl Acid (LHA) to gently exfoliate the skin and slough off old, dead cells. As a result, your skin will glow up while dark spots go down, and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. You’ll also receive antioxidant protection against environmental damage, which is one of the leading hyperpigmentation causes.

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment by Sunday Riley, $122

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment by Sunday Riley
Source: Sunday Riley

There’s a lot to say about the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) in skin care, as these acids gently exfoliate and encourage the removal of dead cells... unveiling your most clear and even skin. AHA’s like lactic and glycolic acid also make great treatments for hyperpigmentation, and the Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment is a cult face serum to reduce dark spots or acne scarring caused by past breakouts. The key ingredient hydrates and exfoliates the top layer of the skin to clarify, smooth, and freshen your complexion, while Licorice and Lemongrass brighten up dark spots and discoloration. Those with oily or acne-prone skin will especially appreciate the Prickly Pear extract, which soothes and calms to decrease redness and improve texture. Good Genes isn’t just one of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation, it’s also a top-rated serum for pore minimizing, brightening, hydrating, and reducing acne.

Pa+G Hyperpigmentation Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate by Odacite, $42

Pa+G Hyperpigmentation Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate by Odacite
Source: Odacite

The best hyperpigmentation treatments don’t just diminish the appearance of dark spots, they also bring out your most youthful and vibrant skin while accelerating the cell turnover process. Pa+G Hyperpigmentation Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate does all that and more, packed with oils and nutrients to treat a variety of skin issues. Papaya seed oil, rich in fruit enzymes, removes dead skin cells and decreases the look of dark spots, and Geranium and Lemon oils even out your skin’s texture. As a bonus? Geranium is supposed to have a peaceful and harmonizing effect on the body, so you get to feel good about your newly fresh, even, and bright complexion while this essential oil plays the best kind of tricks on you. Hyperpigmentation causes are often a mystery, but this serum is a highly effective treatment for all skin types.

Retinol Reform by Shani Darden Skin Care, $88

Retinol Reform by Shani Darden Skin Care
Source: Shani Darden Skin Care

Everything you’ve heard about retinol is true, from its anti-wrinkle talent to the youthful radiance you’ll exude after just a few weeks with your new retinol cream. All the power of retinol lies in its ability to accelerate the cell turnover process, and your dark spots will be reduced, and shall we say reformed, with treatments for hyperpigmentation from Shani Darden Skin Care. This retinol serum is formulated with the ideal amount (2.2%) of this skin care ingredient to support natural collagen production, increasing cell turnover rate and letting you say goodbye to dark spots for good. We’re talking immediate fading and noticeably brighter skin in next to no time, along with less wrinkles and a more even skin tone. In addition to Retinol, this beauty product also includes Lactic Acid to exfoliate and create a glowing complexion, and Apple Fruit Extract for antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Jessica Alba and Emily Ratajkowski are both fans of this serum, along with dozens of other Hollywood stars and our beloved MIRA community.

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution by The Ordinary, $9

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution by The Ordinary
Source: The Ordinary

“I have huge pores, dry patches, hyperpigmentation and it’s red and splotchy...so AKA a dermatologists nightmare! This product has helped me lighten my dark spots, calm down the redness and smooth out my pores.” It’s all in the toner, and by “it” we mean the top AHA to fade and reduce dark spots: Glycolic Acid. This toning solution by The Ordinary will gently exfoliate your skin to reduce hyperpigmentation, as well as refine tone and texture for major glow factor. Soon you’ll start to notice dark spots that have been there for weeks, months, or years start to fade, and the addition of Tasmanian Pepperberry Derivative means that you’ll get all the benefits of this acid without the risk of irritation. Pretty cool. Like all the best treatments for hyperpigmentation on MIRA, the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution has top ratings for brightening, pore minimizing, smoothness, and hydration.

Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHA, $88

Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHA
Source: Tatcha

Antioxidants are your friend when searching for hyperpigmentation treatments, and there are few more popular or effective than Vitamin C. Especially when this powerful antioxidant is paired with ancient Japanese skin care ingredients for maximum strength. Thanks, Tatcha. Violet-C Brightening Serum contains two types of Vitamin C, along with antioxidant-rich Japanese beautyberry, to fade dark spots and discoloration, while fruit AHAs gently exfoliate for an even texture and Angelica Root provides more skin brightening abilities. Vitamin C is a powerhouse for brightening up the skin and repairing environmental damage, and increased collagen production means that you’ll also restore (or keep!) your youthful glow. Sounds like a perfect hyperpigmentation treatment to us, and MIRA guests agree. 93% say that it evens out skin tone, and 97% approve of this serum and its brightening properties.

Post-Breakout Fading Gel by Renee Rouleau, $42

Post-Breakout Fading Gel by Renee Rouleau
Source: Renee Rouleau

Hyperpigmentation causes can vary. Sometimes you’re genetically predisposed to a few darker patches on the arms, sun damage has made a mark, or you have discoloration and acne scars left behind from past breakouts. If you fall in the last category, the Post-Breakout Fading Gel is the ideal hyperpigmentation treatment that you need to try. The texture feels smooth on your skin, and features gentle brighteners and exfoliating acids to fade the look of stubborn acne scars and dark marks. Glycolic and Lactic acids are AHA’s that work together to exfoliate and bring new and improved cells to the surface, revealing your most refreshed skin that’s no match for any breakout. Your future is bright, and your skin will be too with this hyperpigmentation treatment.

Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum by Murad, $72

Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum by Murad
Source: Murad

If there’s one thing Murad knows, it’s exfoliation. Nearly every product launched by the brand is packed with quality skin care acids and ingredients that remove dirt, oil, and (most importantly) dead skin cells from below the surface, giving your skin a brightness boost in more ways than one. Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum is one of the best hyperpigmentation treatments on MIRA, with Hydroquinone2% to fade the look of dark spots, Hexapeptide-2 and Vitamin C for antioxidant power that diminishes the appearance of excess pigmentation, and Glycolic Acid. Which if you’ve made it this far down the list, you probably know a few things about Glycolic Acid and its exfoliation abilities for smoother, younger, and brighter skin. 86% of our community believes that this hyperpigmentation treatment evens out skin tone, and 89% love its brightening power. And don’t forget, there’s plenty more dark spot-fading and anti-aging (cough, retinol, cough) Murad products on MIRA.

Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner by Ole Henriksen, $28

Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner by Ole Henriksen
Source: Ole Henriksen

“I love the scent, the texture of my skin overall has improved so much, and my deep acne scars and hyperpigmentation have been slowly fading.” Many of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation are creams and serums, but you can’t go wrong with a good toner, and Glow2OH can do it all. It’s formulated with AHAs like Glycolic and Lactic acids to exfoliate the skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and discoloration in less than a week. As the name suggests, it also produces a brighter overall complexion with a trendy take on water: witch hazel. 92% of MIRA guests say that Glow2OH evens out skin and produces a glowing complexion, while 98% say it’s mega-brightening and eliminates hyperpigmentation marks.

T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum by Drunk Elephant, $134

T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum by Drunk Elephant
Source: Drunk Elephant

It’s easy to sleep well knowing that one of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation on MIRA is working its magic on your skin, are we right? Drunk Elephant makes excellent use of AHA’s in their 100% clean beauty products, and the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum will give your skin an overnight boost of brightness. This serum is a late night party featuring all your favorite acids to reduce hyperpigmentation: glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric, and salicylic. They all work together to gently remove dead skin cells while improving tone and texture, making it the dream cream and hyperpigmentation treatment. Nearly every other issue you can imagine is treated with this Drunk Elephant skin care product, with Cactus Extract to soothe redness and sensitivity, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer for hydration, Virgin Marula Oil to create a youthful glow and more. Just listen to the MIRA reviews, with 94% of guests saying that T.L.C evens out skin tone and 95% who notice an increase in brightness.

Prism 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial by Herbivore Botanicals, $58

Prism 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial by Herbivore Botanicals
Source: Herbivore Botanicals

Believe it or not, the best hyperpigmentation treatments can be a lot of fun. Just look at this magical beauty product by Herbivore Botanicals, a pink jelly formulated with an exfoliating blend of 12% AHAs and 3% BHAs to bring allllll the sparkle to your skin. And we’re not just talking about a naturally dewy glow that even your favorite foundation can’t recreate, though you’ll definitely get that too. The AHA blend in this mask includes Bilberry Lactic Acid, Sugar Glycolic, and Malic Acids to exfoliate and reduce the look of hyperpigmentation, also improving skin tone and texture. BHA 3% derived from willow bark extract minimizes pores, while Rose Water is the trendy and gorgeous ingredient we all need to soothe, hydrate, and calm down the skin. Hyperpigmentation may not be the most sexy thing to talk about when it comes to skin care, but you can make the reduction of dark spots more fun with this magical mask from Herbivore Botanicals.

Advanced Acid Resurface Glycolic Skin Reset Mask by StriVectin, $59

Advanced Acid Resurface Glycolic Skin Reset Mask by StriVectin
Source: StriVectin

While there’s nothing wrong with a few dark spots, hyperpigmentation causes you to be a little annoyed sometimes. Like, hello dark spot… you were definitely not there last week or year. But it’s not all bad, as you can both treat yourself and remove hyperpigmentation marks with one stunning mask by StriVectin. Made with micro-encapsulated Glycolic Acid to deliver gentle yet potent exfoliation, this mask smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, and actively works to eliminate dark spots and patches in just five minutes. Sometimes your skin just needs a reset and subtle touch of radiance, and Advanced Acid refines your look and creates a beautiful canvas.                                                                              

Find and shop all the best hyperpigmentation treatments on MIRA BEAUTY today.