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Loose Powder Concealer


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pore minimizing
good for under eye
coverage: medium coverage
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cruelty-free, luxury
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Good for combination skin

"...i also have combination skin, and i was shocked to find out that it lasted all day..."

- Sephora User

"...i have combination skin and this product made my skin look flawless..."

- Sephora User
pore minimizingpore minimizing
"it has enough coverage to minimize the appearance of pores, hide a blemish, correct skin tone, but it feels so light you practically feel makeup free"
- Ulta User
"it doesn't clog pores or make me breakout"
- Sephora User
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under eyegood for under eye
"i use this to set my under eye concealer - it is hot and humid in the south and this keeps everything in place"
- Ulta User
"well rested is an amazing under eye concealer"
- Sephora User
staying powerlonglasting
"it's easy to apply and lasts all day"
- Ulta User
"super easy to put on and lasts all day"
- Sephora User
blendabilityblends well
"i love how easily it blends and it's very pigmented"
- Ulta User
"blends well and hides those imperfections all day"
- Ulta User
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Sephora User
Blends well, lightweight, good for under eye
I've tried sticks, liquids, creams, you name it, but every concealer - and every foundation, come to think of it - has looked lousy on my skin. When I have acne, concealer cakes on top of it and makes it look even more heinous. In my T-Zone, it gets oily and slides right off. Around my nose and mouth, it flakes and causes dry patches. Never, ever, ever have I used a concealer that didn't commit one of these sins ... until now. I got the bareMinerals Broad Spectrum Multi-Tasking Face whatever (concealer, from here on out) in the starter kit, but I will definitely be buying the full size when I'm out. And after that runs out, I'll buy it again. For the rest of my life. You wouldn't think a mineral concealer would work for undereyes, acne, dry spots, etc., but this stuff is miraculous. It's full coverage without being the least bit cakey, it last all day, it doesn't irritate my skin, and most importantly, it looks freaking amazing. This is my holy grail concealer. I am having a terrible breakout right now, so I put some on just to make myself feel better, and I couldn't believe the way it covered not only the redness, but the actual zits themselves. This is the one for me.
Sephora User
Good for under eye, hydrating, high coverage
First off, the only times I write reviews are if I'm extremely happy or extremely unhappy about something. Nowhere in between! And I think it's high time to give some credit where credit is due! I've used this concealer for about 4 years now. A BM sales assistant/makeup artist matched this concealer (Well Rested) and the READY foundation in R330 (devastated that its been discontinued btw). Since the day she matched me with these 2 items, I've never looked back. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this concealer, but I will try. First off, I work night-time and have done so 10+ years now. I have also been known to throw the occasional party once or twice, and more often than not been the last one standing! For these reasons, I find myself with dark circles under my eyes on a regular basis. Believe me when I say I've tried all the popular concealers - not even YSL Touche Eclair touches this one. It's so easy to apply (make sure you invest in the corresponding makeup brush for maximum effect). It's quick, easy and the coverage lasts all day. On my skin (dry-very dry) it doesn't look caked on either. Another thing is that it is VERY cost effective as you get a huge amount and need very little for full coverage. I would be very upset if they discontinued this precious product as well.
Ulta User
Good for under eye, blends well, brightening
I have heavy rosacea, fair skin, and any time I exert myself or get warm I get quite red. I wear this product every single day as foundation. It is the best makeup I've ever used and any time I try something else I am disappointed. Because it's a concealer and not foundation, the coverage is great when using a small amount of product. Any time I have tried other makeup products, they eventually cause breakouts because they clog pores. I can wear this for 24 hours, sleep and sweat like a pig, and the coverage stays and doesn't break me out. If you read the ingredients of this (and BareMinerals original powder foundation) they're basically just tiny particles of pigmented metal. Sometimes if you wipe your face and smell your finger there's a metallic smell, which I weirdly like. Original concealer/foundation powder is best. Even the new BarePro products have other ingredients that cause me trouble. If they discontinue these original powders I will riot in the streets. I'm a guy, and while I'm admittedly fem, I'm not trying to go for a "wearing makeup" look. I'm going for an "I just have flawless skin" look. I also use the "Well-rested eye brightener" to highlight my super red cheekbones/dark undereyes, and it blends well with this. That "eye brightener" is basically the same product, only VERY light and a little yellow. Strong recommend.


Compared to other concealers, the ingredients in this product are generally safer than average.
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