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i have dry, mature (43) skin and this is hands down the best matte foundation i have ever used

- Sephora User

i have mature skin

- Sephora User



the texture was silky smooth and the finish was perfect

- Yslbeauty User

absolutely stunning, flawless finish, stays put throughout the day(combo/oily skin)

- Sephora User



the all hours liquid foundation your typical mate foundation, it has a beautiful velvety finish and it doesn’t dry out in your face leaving your skin looking flakey and patchy, it gives you a buildable medium to full coverage, blends nicely and it wears of beautifully throughout the day

- Yslbeauty User

onto the foundation, honestly, it's my new all time favourite, it's sits poreless and flawless on the skin, beautiful coverage but very buildable, covered all my imperfections

- Yslbeauty User

staying power


stayed on for 8 hours straight

- Sephora User

i absolutely love this foundation, and it really lasts all day

- Sephora User



you only need 1-2 small pumps to cover your entire face, it is so smooth, it minimises your pores, fine lines, and it sets lovely not feeling dry and cakey or greasy, it's just perfect

- Mecca User

also love how it hydrates and reduces the appearance of dull/tired skin

- Yslbeauty User



overall, this is the best mattifying foundation i've tried for my skin

- Sephora User

it doesn’t really give a mattifying look but i like it this way because it gives your skin a type of healthy glow

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

unfortunately i tried a sample and fell in love the moment i put it on, it leaves a flawless finish and blends absolutely effortlessly, no texture or pores are emphasized it's like a real life blurring filter

- Sephora User

it blurs pores, fine lines, smoothes texture and covers my spots

- Sephora User


blends well

i’m loving this foundation, the coverage is medium but buildable and applies best with a beauty blender

- Sephora User

the shade i got was br 40 & br50, the smell of the foundation is lovely, it felt velvety on my skin, the coverage was smooth and the shade blended perfectly onto my skin

- Yslbeauty User



i've bought this not long ago and so far it is my everyday favourite foundation,it gives you superb coverage and absolutely flawless finish,it feels like your second skin but with a healthy finish, is lightweight, and so unique and my skin looks amazing in the daylight or photos,this foundation has changed my everyday make up routine for the easiest one,something special, luxury that everyone should have a go and try

- Yslbeauty User

it's full coverage without being cakey or looking like i'm wearing a full coverage foundation

- Sephora User


good quality

the makeup is durable for many hours, stands nicely

- Nordstrom User

i love the versatility of this product and the quality is absolutely amazing

- Yves Saint Laurent User


not creasing

meaning no creasing, no cracking, and no flaking

- Sephora User

this wore beautifully with no creasing and didn't make my mascara smudge under my eyes

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

i still wear this foundation because it matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn't oxidize plus the way it makes my skin look

- Sephora User

not much needed- 3-4 dots and your goodfull coverage without the feelingdoesn't oxidizeall day coverage without retouchingmy skin is dry even with a moisturizer so personally i use the foundation with a face oil and at the end my face looks dewy and just glowing beautiful

- Sephora User



literally the best foundation i have tried everything in the market and i always come back to this foundation it makes my skin look so smooth and flawless i always get asked what foundation i’m wearing because it looks so radiant

- Sephora User

my face looks so radiant and healthy, and when i touch my face it just feels like i am wearing a lovely soft moisturiser

- Boots User

color correction

color correcting

this concealer is amazingly easy to use, i got the honey tone and use it mostly under my eyes and to cover blemishes and it does cover them up super well without me needing to color correct

- Sephora User

it has a great coverage ( it covers everything, i don't have to use a color corrector on days i have to work longer shifts)

- Sephora User

water resistance

not water resistant

it is also not transfer proof or waterproof but it does minimize the amount that fades or transfer when you're out and about during a hot day

- Sephora User

i have combination skin and all this did was dry my face up and settle into creases i left a foundation mark on my fellas top after giving him a hug so it definitely doesn't do what it states above would like to know how they product tested this before quoting its water proof and doesn't transfer because it does both

- Boots User



i find this to be semi-matte on my skin and goes on full coverage (with my cover fx blending brush) hiding my discoloration around my mouth with just one pump

- Sephora User

i find this to be semi-matte on my skin and goes on full coverage (with my cover fx blending brush) hiding my discoloration around my mouth with just one pump

- Sephora User


medium coverage

this is a medium to full coverage foundation and it feels so light and smooth on your skin

- Sephora User

this is long wearing, medium to full coverage, has a beautiful satin finish and very skin like

- Sephora User
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MIRA BEAUTY userMay 27, 2019

i absolutely love this foundation for a full coverage glam look. i have more normal to dry skin so i have to use a very hydrating primer with it (i use the first aid beauty coconut moisturizing primer its perfect for this!) blends out super easy and no joke lasts ALLLLL day userJanuary 13, 2016

My favourite.

After receiving a sample to try out first, I immediately bought the foundation straight away... yes, its that good. I have tried many foundations and have struggled to find the perfect one until I came cross this beautiful product.Let me start of with the packaging. The first word to describe it is classy, it looks and feels glamorous especially with the gold details and the YSL engraving. This bottle would look great on a vanity table and deserves to be showed off. The pump dispenser allows the product to be distributed without causing any mess or wastage. The product has a fresh and delicate smell.The foundation itself has a creamy but light texture that is easily blended into the skin. It does not feel sticky or heavy at all but at the same time can be buildable to create higher coverage without looking cakey. This foundation allows you to achieve a naturally dewy looking finish that looks radiant and healthy. What I love about this product is that it reflects light and highlights your temples, cheekbones and under eye area. This product instantly brightens up my dull skin and leaves behind a revitalized base that is flawless and illuminates. This foundation is great for the day or night as you can go from looking naturally radiant to full on glam queen.The staying power for this foundation is about eight hours and with a powder on top I am sure it will last longer. However, I think eight hours is sufficient, who really needs a longer lasting foundation anyway?Overall, I am glad that I have purchased this product and wish I had done so earlier instead of hesitating. So if you are thinking of purchasing this product then do so! Please do not hesitate. I really appreciate the work, effort and packaging behind this product. You can really tell that a lot of time and work went into the creation of this foundation. There are twenty-two shades to choose from with different undertones such as, neutral, pink and yellow/golden. So, whatever shade you are or need, you will find it.If you are looking for a foundation that makes you look and feel glamorous, illuminated and flawless, this is the one for you. « less

Yves Saint Laurent userDecember 1, 2017

This is my best friend

After failing with 7 other foundations I found completeness with this one. I should have come to YSL at the beginning of my journey toward non-cakey, full coverage, long-lasting-without-breaking down-or-separating coverage. They provided long-lasting liquid lipstick years before it was mainstream. I have always trusted their color, I should have trusted their base.I have battled redness since I was 12 so a full coverage foundation is a requirement for me. I exfoliate 3 times per week, so I'm certainly not putting obstacles in front of foundations. Many foundations claim to last for hours without breaking down but this is the only one that has fulfilled that claim, for me. Typically, I apply this between 7:30 and 8am and I don't take it off before 9pm. All Hours covers my redness, my pores, and evens my skin tone beautifully (I have experienced only one other foundation which does those three for me but it does not last half the time of the YSL All Hours). I use setting powder after applying this, therefore I do not touch up throughout the day. It does not dry out my skin, but I have mildly oily skin so I wouldn't expect it to.If you are looking for the perfect full coverage foundation that doesn't look like old school stage "cake" makeup, I encourage you to try this. I don't look as though I'm wearing a heavy layering of foundation with this. Actually, I apply just one layer and that one layer is my miracle. If you have oily skin or redness, like me... Apply your moisturizer, serums, etc. 20-30 minutes before All Hours (this gives your skin time to drink it in). Blot your face with tissue or blotting paper before applying All Hours. I apply this foundation with a super soft round "airbrush" foundation brush. I pump the foundation on the back of my hand, swirl the brush in a little, tap around on the area to be covered, then swirl to blend and cover. I do this to the center of my face, then each cheek. Then I set lightly with powder. I know experts say to stay away from brushes if you have redness, but a soft brush doesn't agitate. I used a beauty blender for years but threw it out last spring when I realized it was adding to the cakey uneven texture of my foundation, no matter how wet or dry, how much or how little I applied. « less

Sephora userAugust 16, 2017

Not the Best Foundation

Bought this foundation about 2 weeks ago when it first appeared on the Sephora website. The foundation is extremely long wearing and lasts up to 24 hours if set correctly. I have combination skin and my t-zone give me some problems but my skin is mostly dry with little bumps. This foundation is not best for those with dry or combination skin in my opinion. It is not at all matte like it claims, when you first put it on it is dewy and the tackiness lasts about 15 mins, so give it time to settle before applying the rest of your makeup. It breaks apart after a few hours around my t-zone but doesn't look noticeable. The dry areas of my face look horrible though, it emphasizes my pores and every little bump. I gave this foundation 3 tries and each time I used a different primer to see which one would work best, but I think it's just not compatible for those with dry skin. It is also not transfer proof or waterproof but it does minimize the amount that fades or transfer when you're out and about during a hot day. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7854311069465977077-full" data-show="-7854311069465977077-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span> userJanuary 11, 2016

My new favorite magical foundation!

Although this product isn’t new, upon its inception, there was tons of hype about it as everyone knows and loves the highlighting pen by the same name. Often times, products don’t deserve the hype, but this most certainly does. Here’s why:Packaging:One word: stunning! The foundation is housed in a heavy glass bottle with gold writing and a gold lid, embossed with the chic YSL logo. It comes equipped with a pump that only dispenses a tiny amount of product at a time. I quite like this because the foundation is expensive and it ensures nothing is going to waste.Application:I applied this with a damp Beauty Blender over my Neutrogena Oil-Free Grapefruit Moisturizer. There is an SPF 19 in the foundation, but that’s not really enough to get the job done, so be sure you’re either layering a separate sunscreen or your moisturizer or primer has SPF, unless, of course, you’re being photographed.Coverage:Depending upon how you apply, you could easily get full coverage out of this. The Beauty Blender method sheers it quite a bit, leaving you with more of a medium coverage. Redness and undereye darkness were totally concealed and the finish it imparts is completely natural and beautiful. I wouldn’t say it’s dewy in the sense that it looks greasy or shiny, but there is a definite glow. The foundation sets to a silky soft finish, and although it doesn’t claim to, I find it very balancing on the skin. My forehead and t-zone didn’t get overly shiny and it didn’t cling to any of my dry patches.Longevity:Per usual, I applied this at around 9am this morning. I didn’t blot or touch up at all throughout the day and was really pleasantly surprised when I snapped a selfie 12 hours later. I set the foundation with my go-to MAC Studio Fix Powder and found there was only minimal shine and no breakdown.Final Verdict:Definitely in my top 5 ALL TIME FAVORITE foundations! It really is just beautiful. The coverage, the finish. Everything! My mom said she couldn’t tell I was wearing foundation at all because this truly is synergistic with your skin. All in all, it’s amazing and you need it in your life. « less

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Profile picture of Natalie Carrillo
Natalie Carrillo
Combination Skin

i’m looking for a new foundation ! i have combo skin and was using too faced born this way, but it doesn’t last me the whole day and makes me look super oily !! i want a more matte finish but not drying , long lasting foundation. any suggestions? 💜

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Profile picture of Danielle Golden
Danielle Golden
Oily Skin

I swear by All Hours by YSL and set it with Peach Perfect by Too Faced. It’s the perfect combination for combo skin. It’s definitely matte, but not drying.

Profile picture of Corin Ann
Corin Ann
Dry Skin

What is the best foundation for dry skin? I love light weight foundations but it’s so hard to find a good foundation coverage for my dry skin.

Profile picture of Rafia Hossain
Rafia Hossain
Dry Skin

Hi! I switch between two different products from time to time but they're both super helpful when it comes to moisturizing my skin and eliminate flakiness. The drugstore one is: Wet & Wild foundation The high end one is: YSL all hours

Profile picture of Stefanie Fuenmayor
Stefanie Fuenmayor
Dry Skin

What is your favorite foundation? I want something luminous since my skin is on the dry side

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Profile picture of Krystal Espinosa
Krystal Espinosa
Combination Skin

Love this foundation