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Lauren Pack
dryDry Skin

Products for dry lips?? I currently switch out between young living rose ointment combined with BITE lip mask and a CBD salve ointment. I think I need a lip exfoliater of some sort to help with the peeling.

Catherine Felix
dryDry Skin
I use this to exfoliate, Vaseline, and aquaphor

Lip Exfoliator

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Tracy Tian
combinationCombination Skin

Any recommendations for a great tinted lotion/BB cream for young skin?

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Taylor Hayward
dryDry Skin

my cheeks are super pigmented red and they’re hard to cover and if i use a tinted moisturizer my skin just feels beat up and my skin gets super dry and rough. it’s like you can see every pore and crack by the end of the day even though i’m young so this shouldn’t happen 😂 i want flawless skin but don’t know how to achieve it w super red cheeks and dry skin. open to a whole routine from skincare-foundation-concealers that won’t do this.

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