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Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Primer Stick

Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Primer Stick

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not only is this cooling and hydrating, but i wear it under my makeup and it makes my foundation go on smooth like butter

- Ulta User

its cooling, hydrating, and does not irritate the skin when applied

- Ulta User
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ulta userMay 02, 2019

Great for no makeup days!

I love this product. It's so hydrating for my skin and I can see the difference between my pores before and after I apply. I love to use it for day where I don't want to wear much makeup because it's hot or I'll be out of the house for a long time so I just put this all over my face and it gives the effect of a foundation for me!

ulta userApril 04, 2019

Yes To This Primer

I have craters on my face that would make the moon jealous. I'm 28 and have pretty oily skin, however it also gets really dry causing my pores to look even more exaggerated. I don't like wearing a moisturizer on my face because it'll make my face too greasy- this however feels really nice. It's not a yucky silicone primer that makes your pores look good but your makeup look like trash. Hydrates, but not sticky, pore fixing, but not silicone. What are you? Magic? Yes. Buy it and rub it on your face.

ulta userApril 15, 2019

My go to!

I am always hectic about trying new things especially if it's a primer BUT boy em I really happy I tried this out. My face tends to dry up easily especially if I am wearing foundation but this really helps. It feels soft and clean. Even if I am not wearing make up, I use it to hydrate my skin. I love this and will defintely buy again.

ulta userApril 18, 2019

All in one primer

Great primer! Perfect for all skin types. From dry to oily, sensitive to acne prone. I would recommend this primer to everyone. It helps your make up look flawless and last long. Absolutely love it.