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Kara Suleiman
Combination Skin

2 of my friends and i are being power puff girls for halloween. any cute makeup ideas???

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Victoria Riley
Combination Skin

Half cut creases in the corresponding colors. Maybe a gem under the eyes, glitter in the cut crease or glitter liner.

Profile picture of Kara Suleiman
Kara Suleiman
Combination Skin

@Victoria Riley that is actually such a good idea! thx boo💖

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Madi Scott
Combination Skin

I have awful under eye bags! My concealer hides them great but looking for a cheap-ish undereye mask or patch to apply in the morning to just de-puff and brighten! Any ideas?

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Combination Skin

These! Great value and you can put them under your eyes while doing eye makeup to catch any eyeshadow fallout.

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Katrina Lopez
Combination Skin

I need help! I’ve been using this for a year now and I am starting to wonder if this is what’s making me breakout around my mouth, chin, and forehead. Anybody having the same issues or ??

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Sensitive Skin

ME TOO. this made me break out like crazy, i use this foundation now, its hydrating, lasts all day & is light coverage, its the shit