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White Tea Tinted Veil by Winky Lux
Winky Lux

White Tea Tinted Veil

low coverage(14)
blends well(12)
coverage: low coverage
Variation: Deep
DeepDeep PlusFairLightMediumMedium/DeepRich

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keeps my skin looking hydrated

- Winkylux User

the tint ( i have the 'light') contributes a soft natural glow and hydration with a wonderful delicate scent

- Nordstrom User


blends well

it blends in with my skin tone so well

- Winkylux User

love it, blends in well with a great smell

- Winkylux User



amazing coverage and a light weight silky feel

- Winkylux User

the formula is smooth and hides minor imperfections without feeling heavy

- Ulta User



i would give the product more stars if it did not irritate my eyes

- Ulta User

however, this product reallyyyyy irritated my eyes to the point that they were nonstop watering and i had to remove the product to start over

- Ulta User


low coverage

definitely more light coverage, but buildable to a solid medium

- Winkylux User

this gives your skin a light veil of coverage that is perfect for summer

- Winkylux User
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winkylux.com userJune 12, 2018

White Tea Tinted Veil

I really love the White Tea Tinted Veil. I like the fact that it has SPF protection. I use it after the Winky Lux Whipped cream primer, which I'm addicted to. My skin has a very pretty look after applying with my beauty blender.My skin is very sensitive and this doesn't irritate it at all. I would recommend this to a friend.

- winkylux.com
winkylux.com userNovember 15, 2018

Non-irritating, Absolutely Lovely!

I had pretty high hopes when I first ordered the tinted moisturizer in the mail since I had heard it had a strong scent. I have eczema, so it's quite difficult to find a tinted moisturizer such as this one on the market for my particular niche.The coverage was a little less than I expected, but still on the fuller side of a tinted moisturizer. The smell was absolutely lovely and non-irritating to my dry skin.The White Tea Tinted Veil Moisturizer was definitely the best pick to hydrate, cover and protect my sensitive skin.And can I just comment on the packaging?!? Top-tier marketing and packaging on the part of Winky Lux. High-end feel, yet completely reasonable price.

- winkylux.com
ulta userSeptember 12, 2019

just what I was looking for!

I have been in search of a bb cream ever since my last one got discontinued. I've tried so many with no success, but this one was amazing! it has great coverage and also keeps my dry skin in check! I absolutely love it! only thing I have to say is the smell. I personally think it smells great and I get compliments on smelling great when I wear it because the smell lasts all day. If you have really sensitive skin to smells be careful because it could react with your skin. my sister is sensitive to smells and she says it tingles her skin.

- ulta
ulta userSeptember 07, 2019

So smelly, so gray

I went into my local Ulta and requested a 'light coverage product, like tinted moisturizer or BB cream'. I didn't like any of their suggestions, so I went on the hunt. This product was an absolute no for me. The color is very olive or maybe even gray, the coverage is too thick for something labeled 'tinted', and the fragrance in it is very strong and does not fade over time. Fragrance isn't very good for most people's skin so I cannot recommend this to anyone. Maybe if you have the world's most olive skin and can't find anything else?

- ulta
mira userApril 24, 2020

I have tried over 50+ foundations drugstore and highend and none worked for me and and this is the only one that I love and That looks beautiful and helps my skin. I was just strolling through target one day looking for a brow product and I saw they had winky Lux!!! And I have never been so excited for makeup and when I see the collection I was so happy and I had to buy a couple things and it was An amazing decision because I loved all the things and this product shocked me I suffer from eczema and extremely dry skin and nothing worked for me but this tinted moisturizer did it it’s the best!!! I will continue buying it and using it thank you winky Lux you are becoming my favorite brand. Please buy it

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamatehazard
Cetearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Polysorbate 60hazard

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