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Peeper Perfect Under Eye Concealer by Winky Lux
Winky Lux

Peeper Perfect Under Eye Concealer

under eye(37)
Variation: Deep

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not creasing

its perfect and lasts all day/night crease free after i set it with a powder

- Winkylux User

it does not crease and last the whole day when applying a setting powder

- Winkylux User



also, this concealer is the most incredible hydrating thing i've ever used

- Winkylux User

it's very moisturizing and will recommend to all my friends & family

- Winkylux User

under eye

good for under eye

best undereye concealer i’ve tried to date

- Nordstrom User

this is the very best under eye consealer i have ever used

- Winkylux User



and doesn't feel heavy or look cakey

- Winkylux User

light, not cakey and provides a flawless finish

- Winkylux User


blends well

love this product the only one that covers dark circles and doesn’t crease after an hour plus it feels smooth and is easy to blend

- Winkylux User

product goes a long way and it is easy to blend and does not crease

- Winkylux User

staying power


stays smooth all day long with no prep

- Winkylux User

the consistency is great and it lasts all day

- Winkylux User



amazing brightening coverage

- Mecca User

it's medium coverage with a natural radiant finish

- Ulta User



this is so light and smooth on my skin

- Winkylux User

texture is very smooth and soft

- Winkylux User
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winkylux.com userMay 2, 2018

Didn’t work for me. The

Didn’t work for me. The consistency does not cover the dark circles under my eyes and doesn’t stay put. It moves around under the eye as you try to pat it in.

- winkylux.com
winkylux.com userSeptember 15, 2017

My go-to concealer!!! I'm a

My go-to concealer!!! I'm a full time student with a job and a long commute everyday, so naturally I always look exhausted with heavy bags under my eyes. I received a sample in my ipsy bag, and instantly fell in love with this concealer!! The coverage is amazing, the finish is so dewy , and I look more awake everyday. Winky Lux customer service is amazing by the way! I accidentally ordered medium instead of light/medium, and I emailed them the day it was supposed to be shipped. A representative responded within the hour, and corrected my order!

- winkylux.com
winkylux.com userApril 13, 2018

Best concealer especially for sensitive skin

This is the only concealer I can wear under my eyes without get any kind of allergic reaction. No tingly feeling, no swelling, no reddened eyes after the day is done. It is the only concealer so far I can wear. It does not crease and last the whole day when applying a setting powder. I originally received a medium tinted sample from the IPSY bag. Though I would like to purchase lighter tone to brighten up my eyes. Definitely would repurchase!!

- winkylux.com
mecca.com.au userAugust 7, 2018

Full coverage ... Yes please!!

a little goes along way with this product and its so so full coverage. I use a beauty blender to blend this under my eyes. It also works great as an eyeshadow primer (just make sure you set with powder before applying eyeshadow). I set it Really well with the mecca max banana bake pressed powder and it doesn't crease at all. Super long wearing!! The only down fall is that the lightest shade is the exact same shade as my foundation so it doesn't really brighten the eye area so if you have super pale skin i would not recomend.

- mecca.com.au
winkylux.com userOctober 30, 2017

I got the Medium shade

I got the Medium shade in my Ipsy bag and was pleasantly surprised. The color matched my face for blemish coverage. I just ordered a regular size of both Light/Medium and Medium/Deep to mix together for under my eyes because I like it a bit lighter under the eyes...also get more pale during winter. I like the texture, its really creamy/rich but not oily. I prefer the glowy/natural skin look vs. "matte" and this looks natural/kinda shiny and not caked on. My eyes are usually sensitive to too much lotion/oily stuff around my eyes and I can get little white bumps, and this concealer doesn't cause that. Also seems slightly water repellant (not waterproof) which is nice. I'm going to Mexico this weekend and we'll see how it holds up in the heat/sweat.

- winkylux.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Propylene Glycolhazard
Cetyl Alcoholacneirritant

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Peeper Perfect Under Eye Concealer by Winky Lux #2

WINKY LUX First Impressions | Fun Natural Glam Tutorial

08/09/2018 5270 views 633 likes

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Has anyone tried the winky lux brand? I’m interested in the concealer but I’m still on the fence about buying it 😳
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