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Flower Balm Bouquet by Winky Lux
Winky Lux

Flower Balm Bouquet

hydrates lips(167)
pigmentation: sheer
winky luxBuy ($35)

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

i carried it in my purse all the time and when my lips are dry, it quenches them and gets the shoppers next to me in line giving me the jealous look and inquiring me where i got it

- Winkylux User

i absolutely love this lip balm, it keeps my lips soft and hydrated while giving them a gorgeous glow, and the lip balm itself is so gorgeous

- Winkylux User

staying power


i really love the natural pink this gives my lips, and it stays on for a long time

- Winkylux User

my lips turn a soft pink right before my eyes, and they stay hydrated throughout the day

- Winkylux User



but, it doesn’t last long, is a bit drying over time and, when applied several times, the stain tends to build up to a cakey, old lady pink

- Winkylux User

not to mention that over time while wearing (or on the stick after use) it develops a pinky chunky film that either sticks on lips or the stick

- Nordstrom User



i love how sheer this lipstick is but still gives your lips sheer color and glow

- Winkylux User

it goes on clear and changes to the sheerest pink on my lips

- Winkylux User
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winkylux.com userJuly 20, 2018

Was SO excited, not so much anymore

I got this LOVELY package not even a week after ordering (I’m definitely a sucker for pretty packaging but especially when it’s quick!) and was beyond thrilled to try this product. I have a quick swipe to the lips before heading out the door and it’s true - it turns to a pretty pink after going on clear! Not the most flattering pink on me, but the moisturizing that comes with it is hard to beat.With all that said, I was so excited to do another application on my way to work this morning, but with a pretty normal amount of pressure, this dang balm cracked right at the base of the flower inside as soon as it hit my lips. I was super disappointed, for many reasons, but that’s why I’m here with only 2 stars. I only got one real use out of it unfortunately. I hope if I decide to try this company again, their other products last longer. Not sure I’ll do that though.If I can figure out how to attach a photo, I’ll try to do so! « less

- winkylux.com
winkylux.com userApril 19, 2017

I have problem lips. Lipstick

I have problem lips. Lipstick loves my teeth. Long wearing causes dryness cracks. As you age, lips get thinner and color leaches out. I have no idea how this works but my lips look like a natural rosy blush. The feel was smooth and slick. Wish the slick moisture would last a little longer-but still tops every other product I have tried! Ordering more!

- winkylux.com
winkylux.com userMarch 29, 2018


This is a very intriguing product. My lips turn a soft pink right before my eyes, and they stay hydrated throughout the day! It smells like coconut (my favorite)! Also, the color never really faded. I touched up my lips maybe once during the day. This product would be an awesome stocking stuffer or birthday gift for your daughter or girlfriends!

- winkylux.com
winkylux.com userNovember 10, 2017

I purchased the flower balm

I purchased the flower balm because I had seen it or different versions of it online a few times and finally it popped up on my feed and Winky Lux's instagram page caught my eye. I thought the fact that the color kind of matches up with your pH for your perfect pink was really cool and the flower within it is so cute, so I figured what the heck and bought it. It arrived in a timely fashion and in the cutest packaging! So well done. Keep in mind though that these things are pretty small. Not necessarily a bad thing though because it is small enough to fit into those little accessory/lipstick pockets within purses. It goes on smooth and velvety which is nice because I figured that since it technically is a lip stain that it would be just a dry coat, but it goes on like any other lip balm. As you're applying you can clearly see a change in color and my pink really was so perfect for my complexion. It looks so natural and pretty and that color stayed on ALL day! I applied it as soon as I got to work around 8:30 AM and I looked in the mirror a couple of hours after I got off of work around 7 PM and still had color! I'd definitely recommend and this little bullet is becoming my new obsession and go-to! « less

- winkylux.com
Nordstrom userJune 20, 2018

Cute with a subtle tint

I mainly bought this for the novelty factor, but it's lovely! Imparts a very subtle, my-lips-but-better tint. I got the purple one. Smells nice, not too pronounced a fragrance. Decently moisturizing. After a while I can see where it's faded on the inside part of my lips, but still visible around the lip line, so the tint has staying power. The price is fair, but I definitely would not pay more as it's quite small.

- Nordstrom