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Alina Rodriguez
combinationCombination Skin

Any #recommendations for the best #cheap but beautiful highlighter and how to make it stay shiny a whole school day or does #highlighter not work like that? lol #help

combinationCombination Skin
The wet and wild highlight

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

Wet n Wild Beauty
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Brenna Evans
sensitiveSensitive Skin

I’m in the market for a new foundation!! I need something in the 15-40 dollar range, satin/dewy finish, with medium to full coverage. I use the Fit me! Dewy + smooth but it isn’t full coverage. Any suggestions?

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Jennifer Mota
oilyOily Skin

What does everyone use to remove their makeup?! I currently use this but I’m in the market for something quicker. Any suggestions? I’m looking for wipes that won’t leave my skin feeling dry & gross 😣

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