Studio Green Tea Set Serum Toner And Moisturizer by Whamisa

Studio Green Tea Set Serum Toner And Moisturizer

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perhaps it was just the batch, but it's not for my normal/combination skin

- Glowrecipe User

*edit from my first review* each time i used this face wash foam, i would get pimples in areas on my face (like my t-zone) and other oily parts of my face (because i have combination skin)

- Glowrecipe User



it really hydrates my skin and i love how refreshing it is

- Glowrecipe User

this is by far my favorite facial mist because it is light enough that my skin doesn't feel drenched, but moisturizing enough that i can absolutely feel a difference after using it

- Glowrecipe User



it's so creamy, soft and gentle - i look forward to cleansing my skin with this cleanser

- Glowrecipe User

this cleanser has not irritated my skin at all

- Glowrecipe User



i've been using it every day for its fresh scent, the hydrating and refreshing feel without any heaviness

- Glowrecipe User

this brisk , refreshing mist somehow is completely water free yet super light on your skin

- Glowrecipe User



the texture is creamy and turns into a nice soft foam with water

- Glowrecipe User

i love how silky this cleanser leaves my skin

- Glowrecipe User


redness relief

i use this in conjunction with a clay mask and it has help reduce my redness with my acne, thus preventing scaring

- Glowrecipe User

my skin is super senstive and every item i place on my skin will give me a rash not unless its 100% organic and usually just containing 3-4 ingredients

- Glowrecipe User


bad for acne

the first time i saw acne made me wonder if it was the spray, and i stopped using it

- Glowrecipe User

even a small amount caused breakouts all over my face

- Glowrecipe User
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Gentle but Very Effective

Most gentle cleansers that I've tried certainly don't dry out my skin, but they also don't feel like they do much of anything. I love Whamisa's because it's the first cleanser I've found that leaves my face feeling thoroughly cleansed, does a great job of removing my makeup, AND doesn't dry my skin out (I have combo skin, dry and oily). It's a little pricey but you don't need much at all and it doesn't irritate my acne-prone skin, which is rare. I just finished my travel size tube and purchased a full size tube; worth every penny to me. Though, warning, it does sting the eyes! userJanuary 23, 2017

Good for dry, sensitive skin!

After struggling with the Cosrx low PH goodmorning cleanser I went on a limb and bought this cleanser. I have dry and sensitive skin and I was almost convinced that every cleanser will dry me out until I received this one. This is cleanser is so gentle on my skin and did not make my skin tight, shiny or dry/ cracked like the cosrx one did. I was so relieved when I used it and felt my face hydrated and smooth after. Love this cleanser. userNovember 19, 2016

Effective and gentle foam cleanser

Effective as step 2 in double cleanse. Thought a very gentle product, may not be suiting for those with extremely dry skin. Good for sensitive skin. Unlike its oil cleansing counterpart, a little foam goes a long way. Have bought both the foam and oil cleanser from whamisa multiple times! userMay 26, 2016

Great purchase

I didn't think I would need a product like this because my skin is so oily, but after using more high quality facial products, I realized I had dehydrated, oily skin. This mist helps my skin stay hydrated which in turn helps to decrease the sebum production. This mist has a pleasant, light fragrance, is non irritating, does not cause breakouts and is made of natural ingredients. This product can give any skin type a hydrating benefit. Yes, it's a little expensive, but I think one is paying for quality in this case and not just a brand. BUY THIS! userDecember 2, 2015

Not good for skin with large pores and combination skin

*Edit from my first review* Each time I used this face wash foam, I would get pimples in areas on my face (like my T-zone) and other oily parts of my face (because I have combination skin). I don't recommend this for combination skin or even oily skin. 

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