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Green Tea Serum Toner by Whamisa

Green Tea Serum Toner

uneven skintone(9)

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it sinks in quickly while hydrating deeply leaving my oily skin balanced and soft

- Glowrecipe User

i've been using the 7 skin method with this toner and others and i can see how my skin appears more plump and hydrated

- Glowrecipe User


good for acne

but since using this and following the korean cleansing regimen my face is super soft, youthful and glowing and acne free

- Glowrecipe User

i have dry/combo skin with acne and it's helped skin so much

- Glowrecipe User



it's lightweight but so hydrating, and makes my skin feel so refreshed

- Glowrecipe User

it has this amazing heavy watery texture (don't know how else to describe it) that goes on light, feels refreshing, and soothes the skin

- Glowrecipe User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i've even simplified my skincare routine because this guy does the job of a toner, serum, and essence

- Glowrecipe User

this toner hydrates my skin immediately without any irritation

- Target User


redness relief

this toner however, is super light and refreshing and reduces that redness

- Glowrecipe User

it's hydrating, has a pleasant scent, and has definitely calmed the redness in my skin

- Glowrecipe User



in the lower jaw, i kind of feel a little irritation when i first put it on

- Glowrecipe User

after a few tries, i can confirm something in the formula irritated me and broke me out

- Glowrecipe User
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glowrecipe.com userApril 6, 2018

My New Holy Grail Toner

I have dehydrated, sensitive skin that likes to break out when products don't agree with my skin so I have to introduce products one at a time into my routine. It's always a struggle to buy products because usually they end up breaking me out or are not as hydrating as I need them to be. I also have 3 wrinkles starting to show up on my forehead. This product alone doesn't break me out, balances out my skin and is the primary reason my forehead wrinkles are now no longer noticeable. If I don't have enough time to do my full skincare morning routine I make sure I at least pop this on and thus far I have not had any issues. It has changed my skin texture for the better. I'm always going to have this stocked in my products so long as they're still making it.

- glowrecipe.com
glowrecipe.com userNovember 6, 2017

10 Stars

I absolutely love this toner. I had no expectations when I first bought it. I had never heard of Whamisa before, it just caught my attention at Target, so I grabbed it because I was out of toner. Well, needless to say, this stuff is holy grail status for me! My skin is glowy, more even toned, and breakout free! I have dry skin so if you have dry skin you can use it too. I’m 8 months pregnant with hormonal acne and scarring. I had been on a massive search for something that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I found it and I’m extremely happy. Please don’t ever stop making this!!

- glowrecipe.com
Target userFebruary 24, 2018

Essence toner that contains alcohol?

I was really excited to try this as I really love lotiony type toners and they are often hard to find at the drugstore. I had this tucked away until I opened the one I had been using, and when I opened it, I really liked the packaging and how sturdy it was. My issue with this product however, is that it contains alcohol. It's fairly far down on the ingredient list, and truthfully I wouldn't have noticed it except that I have a pretty strong sense of smell and could smell it immediately after applying it to my face. I personally don't condone the use of alcohol in skincare, as it can be really damaging and contribute to premature aging. It is unfortunate as this essence toner has a ton of other amazing ingredients, but it really should not be called an essence toner with an ingredient as stripping as alcohol. I chose to return it and get my money back. « less

- Target
glowrecipe.com userOctober 10, 2017

A New Favorite Toner

I thought nothing could compare to my favorite toner until I tried Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Serum Toner. This toner, with its bouncy liquid texture, feels so refreshing on my skin. It sinks in quickly while hydrating deeply leaving my oily skin balanced and soft. It is perfect for the 7 Skin Method because it won't leave your skin tacky feeling and it can be layered alternately with a treatment essence or other non alcohol toner. In fact, it layers wonderfully with my other toner during times when my skin needs a little extra care.It's full of superfood ingredients that will brighten and help even your complexion. The gentle formulation is perfect for oily and normal/combo skin that tends to be oily. Dry skin types can benefit from its super hydration properties, too. Green tea is a good drink for your body and this green tea serum is a good drink for your skin! « less

- glowrecipe.com
glowrecipe.com userOctober 6, 2017


This was my very first serum toner that I have ever used and it ultimately led to my obsession with Korean skin care. This has such a nice silky and bouncy texture that provides the most incredible amount of moisture I've ever felt. It's super lightweight and not greasy. I have very oily skin that is very prone to break outs and this has been so soothing and nourishing. This has really redefined the way I moisturize. I do the 3-5 skin layering method and this is all I really need. My skin drinks this right up. This also plays very well with other products and I feel any skin type can benefit from it! I really love this collaboration and I hope to see more!

- glowrecipe.com


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WHAMISA by GLOW RECIPE green tea skincare review… ouch!

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