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Mega Cushion Color Corrector by Wet n Wild Beauty
Wet n Wild Beauty

Mega Cushion Color Corrector

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the peachy coloured one is a very light-weight corrector so if you need a peach with more opacity or a deeper peach, i would not recommend this product

- Well User

it super lightweight and plays well with all the other layers

- Well User
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beautybay userMarch 18, 2019

Great concealer and colour correction.

Easy to use cushion application, meaning no wastage and builds gradually. Gently press into areas on the face that have a little uneven tone; dark circles; blemishes, either over foundation/bb cream, or on its own if you don't like much on your face. You can apply as you would a normal concealer, however I have some hyperpigmentation on my face that looks grey-ish under foundation, so the colour correction aspect of this product takes care of that without the need to use super heavy coverage. I have MUCH more expensive correctors, that don't work half as well as this one.

- beautybay
beautybay userJune 16, 2019

Good blendability and very light wear.

I'm amazed how it blends with my skin. Good coverage.

- beautybay
Target userJanuary 19, 2019

Great color correct for under eye!

I’ve spent a ton on high end color correctors. This product is just as good! Save your money ladies! 

- Target
well.ca userApril 10, 2019

I love this! It does a fantastic job of covering my dark circles AND it can be used to brighten/highlight where you need. It super lightweight and plays well with all the other layers! I'm going to buy all the other ones to play with! 

- well.ca
Target userJune 22, 2019

Mixed feelings

Nice texture that applies smoothly and doesn't seem to cake at all which is great. However, there is a bit of shine to it and it seemed to make my undereye circles look ashen (I'm fair skinned with neutral skin tone). I went back to Pixi by Petra's Peach Brightening color corrector, as the coverage is more matte and the peach tone is deeper and cancels out my circles with less product use and time expenditure. It actually works best being the last or only layer of product for my undereye area. This is certainly worth trying though as I may be in the minority and it does have a great, easy to work with texture. I have generally found that undereye formulas that emphasize reflecting light away give me an unhealthy looking color. 

- Target