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Skin Food by weleda

Skin Food

good for acne(13)
redness relief(10)
Variation: 1.0 oz
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especially good for dry skin

- Lookfantastic User

great recipe for dryer skin

- Vitacost User


redness relief

i dab a little extra under and around my eyes as an eye cream and i've definitely noticed a difference in the plumpness and reduction of fine lines in the eye area

- Davidjones User

i have patches of eczema on my hands and arms, i put this on each night, it softens the skin and reduces the redness and inflammation

- Cosmetics Now User



i have used this before and it it really is the most amazing cream for skin both rough and for keeping it smooth and stopping it getting rough

- Ebay User

it has a distinctive but nice , natural fragrance that doesn't irritate me one bit and my husband loves the scent too

- Thrivemarket User


good for acne

i use it exclusively for my facial cream and have smoother skin with no break outs

- Vitacost User

i have acne and ever since i've started using this on my face, my skin has cleared up greatly

- Target User



it makes the skin on my face look so fresh and seems to reduce my aging lines, it makes me look less tired and i love the texture, its great for those stubborn dry areas that are just so difficult to keep moisturised, such as elbows, knees, dry hands and feet

- Holland & Barrett User

the fine lines around my lips, eyes and between my brows are nearly gone

- Vitacost User



it goes on heavy and can be sticky if you use too much (a little goes a long way), but skin food has saved my skin when nothing else works

- Ulta User

it is a wonderful thick rich heavy cream, great for hands after dish washing elbows etc

- Vitacost User



since i've been using this product my skin has been soft, radiant and so well hydrated

- Davidjones User

it leaves the skin radiant and glowing, soft and moisturised

- Lookfantastic User
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shop.davidjones.com.au userDecember 30, 2014

Holy Grail

I have finally found a cream that is thick, oily and nourishing enough for my extremely dry skin. I will never buy a different cream again. Since I've been using this product my skin has been soft, radiant and so well hydrated. It never makes my skin irritated or break out, despite my skin's extreme sensitivity and difficulty with most products. I also love that it is made of all natural and some organic ingredients. I use it every evening as a night cream, as a spot-fix for any dry patches on my body, and even under make up when my skin is bad.I can't recommend this product highly enough to people who have dry skin. I love love love it. I only wish it came in a bigger tube!

- shop.davidjones.com.au
Holland & Barrett userJune 21, 2017

Fantastic SensitiveSkin Friendly super moisturiser

I have been using this for 2 months now. I got diagnosed with Perioral dermatitis about 5 months ago and after ditching the tablets and discovering it was caused by wheat I was left with EVEN more sensitive skin then I have ever had in my life (starting with pale sensitive skin in the first place). I have been trying quite a few new moisturisers including La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, this worked for a time but then my skin started to dry out even using this! So I spent some good old time researching on Google and decided to try this. It really works! It's so moisturising it works as a fantastic primer to make up (but always apply 5 minutes b4 make up). My skin is in such a good state I've been getting compliments and wearing less make up! You can use it anywhere on your body. The only downside is it is vvveerrryy thick so use it sparingly and if you have acne prone skin (like me) balance the use out with Weleda Calendula Facial Cream (you can buy from Holland and Barratt also!) « less

- Holland & Barrett
lookfantastic.com userNovember 11, 2015

I'm never without it

This has to be my all-time favourite skin care product! I have dry, delicate, sensitive skin, prone to broken capillaries and this cream has done wonders to protect and heal - even reducing the appearance of the broken veins. I use it at night in summer and twice a day in winter, but also whenever I travel by air or when my skin needs a little TLC. It gives a lovely glow and gets absorbed quickly (no shine).

- lookfantastic.com
luckyvitamin.com userMarch 14, 2013

I have very dry skin on my hands. After applying this for about two weeks, it did not have much improvements.

- luckyvitamin.com
ebay.com userApril 5, 2017

Great Face Cream for Sensivite Skin

I've dealt with a severe auto immune skin condition that makes my face sensitive to almost everything. This is the only thing I use on my face both day and night, although I have mixed it with various oils before (Pomegranate, Argan, etc). When my skin is particularly irritated, this cream is one of the few things that really calms it. I've been using Skin Food for almost 10 years now; both in the humid summers of Tennessee and the dry climate of Colorado. I even carry around a smaller version in my purse to dab under my eyes during the day and it helps my eyes look brighter. My teenager daughters use it on their faces as well (one has olive colored skin and tans easily and the other has pink undertones, freckles and burns easily). It works well for both of them. At less than $20 a tube, it's less expensive than the Department Store brands or even most other Organic/Health Food brands which still would irritate my face. While I have used it for my hands when they are particularly dry or irritated because it works, my hands are not as generally sensitive as my face so there are other less expensive creams I can use for them. « less

- ebay.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Zinc Sulfatehazard

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Profile picture of Brittany Tasma
Brittany Tasma
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Please help! I have dry/sensitive skin and have tried SO many cleansers/products and nothing seems to work. What do you all recommend for cleanser and moisturizer? I’m dying here. FYI this is what I’ve tried: Elemis, Clinique, Murad, Chanel, Rodan and fields, Kiehls, plus many basic drugstore brands. PLEASE HELP
Profile picture of Delaney Thomson
Delaney Thomson
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Weleda Skin Food is great for those hardcore dry days. Super thick but does not break me out. Gives a nice glow. On regular days I use CeraVe moisturizing cream followed by the Ordinary’s rose hip oil. Game changer. Youth to the People Superfood cleanser doesn’t strip my skin and reduces redness.
Profile picture of Fotini
SensitiveSensitive Skin
What are the best products I can get to keep a natural glowy look I’m 17 and have somewhat clear skin so I want to maintain that while still being able to wear makeup.
Profile picture of Rocky M
Rocky M
CombinationCombination Skin
This will give you a really nice glow! Check out Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram, she talks about this product A LOT and has a lot of tutorials up about how she uses this product
Profile picture of Daisy
OilyOily Skin
This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down so let me take a moment, just sit right there and tell you how I became the prince of a town called @Blush Trio
Profile picture of Daisy
OilyOily Skin
@Skin Food
Profile picture of Savannah Ziegler
Savannah Ziegler
DryDry Skin
I have like SERIOUS dry skin and it’s also super sensitive! It breaks out easily and it’s always peeling/flacking (like always, doesn’t matter the season.) Wearing foundation almost highlights the issue because you can SEE all the little flakes. But without it my skin is red and uneven 😫 I need HELP! Skincare routine help! I need something relatively low maintenance and hopefully not too pricey! 🤞🏼🤞🏼
Profile picture of Muna Aghawani Molyneux
Muna Aghawani Molyneux
DryDry Skin
This has been a good send. It is thick like a balm but once you warm it in your fingers and tap into your skin, it seeps in and nurtures at the source. I use it at night but on days when my skin is like the Sahara desert, I use it during the day too.
Profile picture of Noor Malik
Noor Malik
CombinationCombination Skin
Hey does anyone know any good moisturizers for dry skin ?
Profile picture of Muna Aghawani Molyneux
Muna Aghawani Molyneux
DryDry Skin
Also Weleda skin food is an amazing product for dry skin.
Profile picture of emiko chan
emiko chan
CombinationCombination Skin
My skin has been peeling because of my acne medication but it really does help my problematic skin. Does anyone have any tips or moisturizers that will help with the peeling?
Profile picture of emily gratz
emily gratz
DryDry Skin
I’m currently on accutane and this really helps keep the peeling and cracking at bay.
Profile picture of Edmarie Carrasquillo
Edmarie Carrasquillo
DryDry Skin
Anyone know about a good drugstore (or drugstore price) moisturizer for dry sensitive skin that’s fragrance free? I recently used to use Glossier’s priming moisturizer then moved to using Embryolisse lait creme concentrate but lately I’ve been extra sensitive to fragrance I tried CeraVe’s moisturizing cream and works great on my body but it performs terribly on my face, then currently I’m using Simple’s replenishing ultra rich moisturizer for dry skin but it just seems to evaporate on my face (I try to overcompensate with face oil and my sunscreen but it’s still not enough/right)
Profile picture of emily gratz
emily gratz
DryDry Skin
This is only about $10 for a good amount of product. My skin is really dry and sensitive and a little bit really helps!
Profile picture of Nashalie Quintana
Nashalie Quintana
CombinationCombination Skin
Anyone have any recommendations for a moisturizer? I have sensitive combination skin.
Profile picture of Julia McConnell
Julia McConnell
CombinationCombination Skin
life changing. half of a pea sized amount is plenty for my face, and it’s been used by models since the 30s. I use it as a nighttime moisturizer as it is a little heavy under makeup
Profile picture of Annie Miller
Annie Miller
SensitiveSensitive Skin
My face has been super dry, what are some good hydrations?! And not to expensive!
Profile picture of DESPINA PERIFERAKI
DryDry Skin
I really love this brand called Weleda Skin food. I have literally been suing this cream for a couple days now and on my mensural cycle and my skin still feels hydrated. I have extremely dry and flaky skin and this makes me look really nice a dewy. I recommend warming it up between ur fingers before applying it’s really thick and can seem slightly tacky at first but ur skin will soak it up an will leave ur skin really smooth with no weird feeling or texture. I also love using this as a hand lotion, with all the dry and cold weather this has been the product I’ve been reaching for!
Profile picture of Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller
DryDry Skin
Good moisturizers? My skin is so dry!!!
Profile picture of Madesyn Murray
Madesyn Murray
DryDry Skin
Recommended by a dermatologist a while back and I have been using it ever since. It’s a clean product which is awesome but it keeps my dry skin moisturized. I loveee it!!