Paris EDIT Eye Shadow Palette by Viseart

Paris EDIT Eye Shadow Palette

Viseart Paris EDIT Eyeshadow Palette

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blends well

if you are someone who just likes to slap on full pigment color and then blend the edges then this is not the palette for you

- Sephora User

very blendable and nice to work with

- Sephora User
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sephora userFebruary 10, 2020

Beautiful everyday palette

This is the perfect everyday palette for me. The second and third column make for a great nude eye for day time, while the first and fourth column help either change up the look with a more pink/lilac tone or smoke your look up for night. The shade Pirouette (3rd column metallic) is absolutely to die for. In general the shadows are smooth and blend effortlessly. The mattes are a tad powdery but they are pigmented and pick up well on a brush, while the metallics are incredibly buttery. However, the lightest pink shade has a lot of white in it so it appears a bit chalky on my light skin, and will likely look very chalky on anyone with a darker skin tone. Also, the three metallics in the 2nd column, and the first matte in the third column are actual repeats from the Paris Nude larger palette so beware if you have that one. All in all, the perfect edit palette. I have a couple of trips coming up and I'll probably take just this palette with me!

sephora userMarch 06, 2020

It's so pretty it makes my pulse race (and a rant)

The Paris Edit is ridiculously beautiful to look at. I could just stare at this thing all day! It's filled with soft and dreamy pinks, peaches, browns, taupes, and mauvy purple tones. It's got mattes, soft shimmers, a couple of foil shades, and one matte with incredibly fine micro glitter. This palette is perfect for soft romantic looks from barely there no make-up looks to full on soft glam. As such many of the shadows will require more than one layer to reach their full pigmentation. They are designed that way. They are not in any way lacking pigmentation. If you are someone who just likes to slap on full pigment color and then blend the edges then this is NOT the palette for you. You will absolutely hate it. If you don't mind taking the time to layer to get your desired finish, whatever it may be, then by all means buy it, it's just lovely. I have all 4 of the Viseart Edit palettes and I love them HARD. The mattes are slightly drier than in their full size pans but I like some of the shimmers in these little ones more because they have more impact than those in the full size 12 pans. They are great for travel and they are very affordable. It drives me bonkers when people complain how small they are for the expensive price they paid. They are NOT small. The PACKAGING is small. An ABH pan is only .74 grams while these are 1 gram making Viseart cheaper per gram. My new 12 pan Charlotte Tilbury palette is only .26 oz while this Viseart is .42 oz meaning you would need to buy 2 CT palettes at a cost of $150 to equal the amount in this tiny palette plus 3 extra tiny pans which if you could do it would run you $49. So seriously people, don't judge a book by the size of it's cover and quit yer bitchin already! End rant.

sephora userFebruary 21, 2020

Cool and warm, in one palette!

This arrived last week, and I’ve used it every day since. It is typical Viseart quality, in the way the shades softly blend together. I am loving the light, medium, to deep range of color selections. I’m fair with grey eyes, and find the Paris EDIT appeals to both cool and warm tones, while many other palettes are one or the other. The shades appear pastel, and some are, but you can also create a smoky eye with the darker ones. I like doing a darker shade in my crease, blending up, then smoothing out the top with a matte neutral and then the lightest shimmer shade under the brow bone. This is a great palette for Spring and though some Viseart palettes take an experienced makeup hand to apply, the amazing pigmentation and easy blendability make it a fun addition for beginners too.

sephora userFebruary 14, 2020

I purchase this palette last week on Beautylish and it arrived quickly in perfect condition. Wrapped up tightly & padded to prevent damage in transit. Packaging is a thick cardboard that folds discreetly and allows for travel ease, use without taking up half of your bag/kit. Tones are beautiful neutrals, soft Parisian floral hues, ideal for day to night and of course, brides. These soft hues would work beautifully on any skin tone and are not to be feared by deeper skin tones. They blend easily with a synthetic or natural bristle brush. I personally prefer synthetic for shimmers and natural hair for mattes, but you can use either. Shimmers also press nicely with fingertip. I used the Nars shadow primer and Skyn Iceland eye cream to prep. 14 hours of wear, no creasing. Little to no fallout. Very impressed and would re-purchase.

sephora userFebruary 12, 2020


I was surprised how small it is, maybe half of my palm. The pigmentation is medium, and only one of metallics is really creamy. It arrived filled with dust but untouched, no wonder some people complain how fragile this is. I like the color story of this palette, but due to fragility of refills it doesn't look like a decent travel palette. Most probably, I will return it.