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Virtual Prom Makeup Looks for 2020

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
Virtual Prom Makeup Looks for 2020

Your prom makeup looks don't have to go to waste.

We know that prom 2020 may not be the night you had in mind, and it’s okay to be a bit sad about it. You may not be able to hit the dance floor with your friends or even leave the house, but you can still have the virtual prom of your dreams - and use all those prom makeup ideas you’ve been dreaming of for months. Grab your friends for a group Facetime call, put on your favorite playlist, and create your most beautiful prom makeup looks for a quarantine-friendly night to remember.

When it comes down to it... makeup and good times with friends are two of the best things about prom, and you can have both right from your living room. Here are a few prom makeup looks you should definitely try for a night to remember.

Monochrome makeup

Pinterest: Monochromatic Makeup

Pretend that your living room rug is an actual red carpet with one of our favorite prom makeup ideas. Commonly worn by stars like Rihanna and Margot Robbie, monochrome makeup is one of the most simple prom makeup looks - wearing the same shade on your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a captivating effect that matches your gown. And believe it or not, you only need one product. The Multiple from Nars is a creamy, ultra-blendable stick that’s available in multiple hues, feels flawless on your skin, and easily blends into your eyes, lips, and cheeks for the perfect prom makeup look.

Nude smokey eye

Source: Pinterest

There are few prom makeup looks more universal than a nude smokey eye. It works for any occasion, time of year, skin tone and dress style - bringing a perfect blend of sweet and sultry to your FaceTime prom. Speaking of sweet, have you tried the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced? Use a spectrum of neutral shades to create a masterpiece on your lids, and pair with a peach or coral lipstick to bring out your eyes.

Graphic liner

Source: Pinterest

If there was ever a time to be extra with makeup, it’s at your virtual prom party. Graphic liner is a trend that’s regularly seen on the runways and social media, but is a bit less common in everyday life. Stand out and show off your liner skills with this unique prom makeup look, courtesy of the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil from Urban Decay that one MIRA BEAUTY review calls “perfect for anyone who loves precise black liner."

Bright, bold shadow

Source: Katie Jane Hughes

If you’re in the mood to be bold, try a cobalt blue or deep purple shadow for an edgy, yet exquisite prom makeup look. With this year’s prom being entirely behind a screen, these brighter colors will show up better on camera and look especially gorgeous while you’re in a group Facetime session or taking prom selfies. Also, just because you’re at home does not mean you have to skip the prom photos. Get somebody in your house to take stunning shots of you in front of the fireplace or in the backyard, ensuring that you always have memories of the most modern prom ever.

Glossy lips

Source: Pinterest

If you want to keep the attention on your eyes, while still giving your lips a bit of love… look no further than lip gloss. The Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty will hydrate, smooth and shimmer up your lips with a natural beauty that’s perfect for prom makeup. One review says, “Glossbomb redefines the phrase ‘my lipgloss is poppin,’” and they’re totally not wrong. Once you buy one for prom, you’ll definitely want to buy five more.

Need help finding the perfect makeup products to help you achieve one of these looks? We've got your back. Just search which category, color, and price point you're looking for and you're ready to hit the Zoom call.