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Anna Anna
Combination Skin

Has anyone tried the Versed new skincare line? If so, how is it? I want to try it out.

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Angelene Agresta
Combination Skin

I have! I’ve used their overnight facial peel these past two nights in a row and it honestly works so well (I also picked up their acne spot treatment and their hydrating face mask). My skin is oily but very dehydrated and prone to breaking out plus a lot of hyperpigmentation, but I’ve noticed in the short time I’ve used this product my skin has smoothed out significantly and also the redness/hyperpigmentation has subsided a great amount. It’s not completely gone, but my skin has definitely been looking better and more even and healthy/glowing. This product is also great because if you’re too tired/lazy to do your entire PM skincare routine, you can just wash your face, dry it, and then apply a thin layer of this and you’re good to go. So far I’ve been liking this brand a lot and I think for one that is advertised as clean and affordable skincare, it actually lives up to what it offers. And everything in their line is $20 or less (a steal) and you can find them at any Target (which helps alleviate having to spend money on shipping for online orders and is accessible whenever you’re running low on anything). I hope this helps!

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Combination Skin

Hello. New here. I have had the hardest time finding apps and such that actually suggest foundation and creams that are right for my skin time. I don’t feel combination is accurate. But the type of skin I have been told frequently that I have isn’t an option. (Which is normal) Perhaps I’m just not very well versed in make up (other than lashes, liner, or occasional lipstick) or skin care. (I never use it. People always ask my skin routine and I’m like uh, shower and never change your sheets lul) But I am aware of time and I want to prevent any sort of problems in the future. I wouldnt say my skin is particularly more oily in other places. It’s pretty consistent. It rarely gets nasty oily though. I would say if I don’t shower for 2 days then it will get gross. At the end of the day I get very VERY light shine. And it’s barely even there. I wouldn’t say it feels dry either. My pores aren’t visible, except a little bit on my nose and I have to point them out for people to see them. I’ve been described as having glass skin. Disclaimer: I do have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so that is probably the biggest reason my skin is as it is. Anyway. Is there any recommendations? With EDS and aging, I fear for the future of my skin.

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Laura Gutierrez
Combination Skin

Hey 😊 are looking for a full coverage foundation? Or light to medium? Also what finish you would like matte? Or dewy?

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Combination Skin

@Laura Gutierrez I like dewy the best but I would wanna try matte at some point. Also I really don’t know what the difference is between light to medium and full coverage D: I’m so new to this ahh

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Carmen Rivera
Dry Skin

Hi so I recently order new skincare products I ordered the versed oil cleanser and the versed day dissolving balm do they work for dry skin or not?