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Petroleum Jelly Original by Vaseline

Petroleum Jelly Original

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redness relief

excellent on baby rashes leaving no odor and no burning like some moisturizers

- Viewpoints User

i keep a jar in the bathroom, one in the fridge which i use on my face, the cold helps reduce eye puffiness & definite wake up in the mornings bringing a healthy non greasy glow to your skin & now a jar by my exercise equipment

- Viewpoints User



vaseline is very gentle and mild and does a great job at keeping my lips and skin nicely hydrated without causing any sensitivity or leaving an unpleasant feeling

- Viewpoints User

also this product is great for use on skin irritations, chapped lips, removing eye makeup and lipstick, softening elbows/knees/heels, and for protecting your skin from hair dye when coloring your hair

- Viewpoints User



dry, peeling lips

- Viewpoints User

i would definitely recommend vaseline to anyone who has dry skin needs

- Viewpoints User


good for acne

also if you have any marks, burns, or blemishes on your skin this is a wonderful help

- Viewpoints User

it goes on smooth and it softens the skin making it more pliable and less prone to cracking

- Viewpoints User



he believes that this product has kept his face wrinkle free for all these years

- Viewpoints User

my mom also swears by putting the vaseline around your eyes wear crows feet want to develop at night

- Viewpoints User



it is very effective in the winter times because it is cold outside and your face, hands, arms, legs and your skin in general gets really ashy and dry because of the harsh weather

- Viewpoints User

i don't use vaseline during the healing process, but after my tattoos are completely healed l like to rub vaseline on them and it makes them look really bright and hydrated

- Viewpoints User
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viewpoints.com userNovember 19, 2013

Worst thing I've ever put on my skin

I have extremely dry skin, so dry in fact I can shed parts of my body like a snake. I've tried everything to sooth my skin and in my desperation for relief I turned to Vaseline only to have it actually make my condition worse, even though I don't have sensitive skin.I didn't use much of it and only on my arm to start. It coated my skin alright, and felt good while it was cold, but it wouldn't be absorbed and it grew itchy as it warmed up. It only sat there and to the point that other lotions and oils couldn't get in even days later... not to mention water or soap.So after I finally got the Vaseline off my body I suffered a horrible rash for a week as my skin readjusted to air and the fabric of my clothing.So my over all opinion of it is: Vaseline has many uses but as a moisturizer I'd steer clear. If you need a better cheaper alternative to lotions use oils, like olive oil. That's the only thing that works for me. « less

- viewpoints.com
viewpoints.com userFebruary 18, 2014

A Miracle Product

I have been using Vaseline brand Original 100% Petroleum Jelly ever since I was a child, and now, in my 30s, I still think it is a miracle product with a million and one uses.As a child, any time I had dry lips, this is what my mom or dad would give me to remedy the problem. And you know what? It worked like a charm. I grew up for years and years using this as a natural chapped lip remedy, and I still use it as one.Now, as an adult, I have found so many other uses. I have used this product for my own babies' diaper rashes and as sort of a moisture barrier protectant when changing diapers. I use vaseline to treat dry, cracked winter skin. I have even put it inside my nose when my nose is so dry it is about ready to bleed from the dry winter weather and air, to keep it moist and from cracking. Sometimes at night I will lather my hands completely in Vaseline petroleum jelly, put on the little manicure mittens and then sleep all night with them on. The next morning my dry, rough skin has completely vanished, as Vaseline petroleum jelly never fails to create soft, supply, moist skin where dry skin once was.Needless to say, I love this product and have been using it for my entire life. It has endless uses, is natural, and extremely inexpensive. The smell is mild and one jar will literally last forEVER. This product is a must have in every person's medicine cabinet. « less

- viewpoints.com
viewpoints.com userFebruary 15, 2011

Time-tested product!

Vaseline has been around for decades and has so many different uses. I use it (as did my mother) around my eye area at night to reduce wrinkles, and also on my lips. It keeps my lips soft in the winter weather and prevents cracking. I also use Vaseline on the soles of my feet, also to prevent cracking. It keeps my feet pliant and soft. I use a little on my grandson in the diaper area if he even gets a hint of redness. I am very, very cautious about products used on the baby, because he has very sensitive skin, but I totally trust the Vaseline brand and know that it is gentle and will not harm his baby soft skin. The price of Vaseline petroleum jelly has remained low throughout the years and kept it an affordable product for families. Another good spot for a little Vaseline are the elbows and knees. When I used to live up in the frozen north as a child, my mother used to spread a thin layer over my face and the tips of my ears before she allowed me outside to play in the snow. I think every household should have a jar in their medicine cabinet. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="2434377309227687001-full" data-show="2434377309227687001-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- viewpoints.com
mira userApril 4, 2020

My skin was dry and flakey and it was red and irritated. My skin was also super tight. I tried so many different moisturizers and even switched to a super hydrating cleanser and nothing worked. Then I saw online that Vaseline could help with repairing skin and locking in moisture, so I figured why not. I put it on at night after cleansing, with my face still slightly damp and kept it on all night. In the morning my face was CONSIDERABLY less flakey, and the redness had mostly gone away.

- mira
viewpoints.com userFebruary 12, 2012

Vaseline 3.75oz.The Original,100%Petroleum Pure Jelly is classic

Vaseline 3.75oz. The Original, 100% Petroleum Pure Jelly is an amazing product as it can be used for a million purposes and barely costs anything.I really like to multitask with my bottle of Vaseline 3.75oz. The Original, 100% Petroleum Pure Jelly. I use it for chapped lips or as a lip gloss, or on dry skin as a lotion. It is particularly useful in the winter time, I use it not only on my hands and face, but on my feet as well. If you use it at night you will wake up with really smooth skin in the morning.I have a child in my house so it is also really useful to apply Vaseline 3.75oz. The Original, 100% Petroleum Pure Jelly to her skin in the wintertime when it gets really rough, especially from nose blowing when she falls sick. Also, it is great with diaper rash.Vaseline 3.75oz. The Original, 100% Petroleum Pure Jelly is not expensive at all, as compared to some of the better lotions out there. I especially love the fact that it can be used for so many purposes. Vaseline does not have a strong smell, which is great for sensitive skin.Vaseline 3.75oz. The Original, 100% Petroleum Pure Jelly is just the best. We have used it in my family since I was small, and I continue to use it going forward. It's a classic! « less

- viewpoints.com


Isopropyl Myristateacne

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Profile picture of Macie Sims
Macie Sims
CombinationCombination Skin
I have combination acne prone skin. I am experiencing some dryness and irritation around my mouth. I use CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, this niacinamide serum, spf moisturizer in the morning and CeraVe Daily Moisturizer at night, and the AHA and BHA Ordinary Chemical peel at night 1 time a week. I am wondering if anyone else has had problems with irritation from any of these products. Am I supposed to be applying the serums around my mouth?
Profile picture of Annie Tran
Annie Tran
CombinationCombination Skin
Cleanse your skin once a day, and don’t use harsh aha. Plus just use Vaseline before you break your bank with any anything else. I don’t know why I keep recommending Vaseline, but Vaseline is really the best thing with dryness and such. Plus it’s affordable!
Profile picture of Alia Espinoza
Alia Espinoza
CombinationCombination Skin
What are your favorite moisturizers or masks for dry peeling skin?
Profile picture of Annie Tran
Annie Tran
CombinationCombination Skin
If it’s dry and peeling do not exfoliate but heavily moisturize. If I were you I’d use Vaseline before trying anything else.
Profile picture of Gabby Lyons
Gabby Lyons
CombinationCombination Skin
best drugstore cleaners? i don’t have a ton of acne but i have breakouts on my nose and t-zone. also, my skin dries out easily so it can’t be very drying. i am also looking for a good lip balm because i’m obsessed with lip care lol.
Profile picture of Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez
CombinationCombination Skin
I recommend any lip products from Vaseline 🥳
Profile picture of Allissa Hutchins
Allissa Hutchins
SensitiveSensitive Skin
someone help 🥺 my lips are sooo chapped. anyone have a drugstore/walmart holy grail that works quickly? my lips are so sore! they hurt and look bad. 😞
Profile picture of Kennedy Atanda
Kennedy Atanda
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Vaseline. Put a lot on at night and some on your lips in the morning. It heals, protects and makes your lips soft
Profile picture of leslie galvez
leslie galvez
CombinationCombination Skin
Guys so around my mouth area/ around my nose I get SUPER dry, and my make up cracks. And I’ve exfoliated and everything. But still I have cracks. Don’t know what to do at this point. Does anyone know a product that will help😭😭
Profile picture of Annie Tran
Annie Tran
CombinationCombination Skin
Maybe you should not exfoliate as often because it’ll only make it worse, and start using a very hydrating moisturizer and or simple ol’ Vaseline. Try Vaseline on that area first. That’s what I would recommend.
Profile picture of Alexa
CombinationCombination Skin
Best chapstick for always dry lips?
Profile picture of Khaypha Kue
Khaypha Kue
CombinationCombination Skin
Not chapstick at all but Vaseline. They come in little baby pots so you can throw it in your purse easily.
Profile picture of Haizee Trilk
Haizee Trilk
CombinationCombination Skin
Is there anything to keep my lips not crusty? I use hurts bees but that only lasts for like twenty minutes. I keep applying it over and over again and it gets really annoying. If you do have a recommendation please have it be drugstore. PLEASE HELP!!!
Profile picture of Celia Fischer
Celia Fischer
CombinationCombination Skin
honestly just apply a coat of vaseline every night, it’s a game changer!!
Profile picture of Gianna Chiaravalloti
Gianna Chiaravalloti
OilyOily Skin
how to keep your lips, skin, and hands hydrated during the cold winter?
Profile picture of Taylor Christine Morrison
Taylor Christine Morrison
DryDry Skin
First aid beauty makes an incredibly hydrating line for dry skin. As for dry lips going back the basics always wins for me Vaseline is amazing and isn’t expensive. I used to have super dry skin especially under my eyes, nose and lips, partly because of acne medication and because I naturally have dry skin. When I started putting the smallest amount on before bed in those areas my skin started to love me again. Also my makeup blends so much better. It’s not for everyone but it could be the extra thing you might need in a night time skin routine.
Profile picture of Moo Moo
Moo Moo
DryDry Skin
Best daily #lipmoisturizer ?!?!
Profile picture of Jayoshi Majumdar
Jayoshi Majumdar
DryDry Skin
I use plain old Vaseline And I’m not talking about the vaseline for lips (I use that too) but I prefer normal vaseline