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Gentle Facial Cleanser by vanicream

Gentle Facial Cleanser


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redness relief

this wash cleans the skin well without drying it out and has reduced my spots significantly

- Ebay User

my face doesn't feel tight, & it isn't super red after washing

- Target User



i have rosacea and this is gentle enough to keep my face from drying out and getting angry yet moisturizing enough to keep me from having to add layers of lotion to keep my face happy, what a life saver

- Target User

my favorite gentle cleanser

- Target User



i love this wash as it leaves my skin feeling hydrated & not like its shrinking & uncomfortable

- Lovelyskin User

i use moisturizer and eye cream at night and it feels very good to use this product since it suds up without drying

- Drugstore User


good for acne

no burning or drying out my skin and does not cause breakouts

- Target User

i have sensative, rosacea, acne prone skin and this has been wonderful

- Walgreens User
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Target userMarch 29, 2018

I have sensitive combination skin. I have an oily t-zone, but occasionally my t-zone & the rest of my face will also be dehydrated/flaky. This stuff is SOOO gentle on my sensitive skin. It feels clean and smooth after washing, but does not feel drying AT ALL so I know it's not over cleansing (but I still use moisturizer after obviously). My face doesn't feel tight, & it isn't super red after washing. It removes all my make-up/eye make-up without irritation to my skin/eyes. My oil is still under control with this, & my face isn't dehydrated anymore.

- Target
Walgreens userJanuary 20, 2015

Perfectly balanced skin cleanser

I switched to this facial cleanser because my other facial cleanser (and pimple reducer) was causing my face to swell up. After switching to Vanicream, not only did it not irritate my skin, but I also stopped getting pimples on my forehead! It turns out my pimples were a reaction to the previous cleanser. So not only is Vanicream great for my face, but now I don't have anymore pimples. It cleans my skin without drying it out. It is amazing! I hope they never discontinue this product or change it in any way!

- Walgreens
drugstore.com userJuly 25, 2011

The Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin!

I have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin. Most of the cleansers on the market that I've tried have been nothing but a disappointment. But, not this one! It is completely fragrance free, rinses cleanly, doesn't irritate or dry out my skin, and it is very affordable!I use this product twice a day to cleanse my face with. In the morning, I use it to give my face the perfect start. And, in the evening, I use it to throughly cleanse my skin of all makeup, dirt, and debris. And, it makes my face look its best each and every time.Also, I have found that this cleanser does work very well in keeping one's skin clear of breakouts as well. Ever since I started using it, I have not been dealing with new breakouts. Even though there are no claims about it offering anti-acne benefits, I do find that it does work very well in regards to such.Using products that are gentle and are not designed to irritate the skin is what I have found to work the best for my skin (after so much trial and error). By combining this with the Vanicream Lite Lotion, my skin has never looked so better! Less

- drugstore.com
Target userNovember 10, 2018

Best I’ve found for sensitive skin or any skin!

Finally something that actually feels gentle on my skin! I’ve used just about everything under the sun for my red, sensitive, over-active combination skin. I can’t use anything too harsh, but then again many of the “sensitive” options I’ve tried were actually irritating themselves. There’s two sensitive face washes on the shelves next to this one that were actually dermatologist recommended that just left my face feeling tight and irritated after. This was not the case with this one! I don’t get why I haven’t heard of it before!! It’s effective at cleansing but feels so soft and gentle when I’m washing and my face feels good after I rinse it off without the need to run for the heavy lotions to lather on top to stop the irritation. Worth a try for any skin type I would say!

- Target
drugstore.com userAugust 3, 2013

Different formula?

Vanicream cleansing bar produced by Pharmaceutical Specialties works well for me as does the Free and Clear hair spray. However, the Free and Clear liquid cleanser seems to have different ingredients from the cleansing bar. I wonder why. The liquid cleanser is somewhat irritating to my hands. I am allergic to formaldehyde and many other ingredients in soaps, skin cleansers, cosmetics, hair spray, shampoos, hair color, etc.It is very difficult to find a liquid hand soap that will not seriously irritate my hands.Can you recommend a non-irritating hand cleanser? The hand purifiers and soap in airport restrooms really irritate my hands. 

- drugstore.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Sodium Hydroxidehazard

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Community posts

Profile picture of Maya Johnson
Maya Johnson
CombinationCombination Skin
So I’ve been using the dirty works creamy cleanser and it’s my holy grail because it is not only gentle on my dry skin but it helps keep the bit of acne I have in check but I’m almost done with the bottle I have and it’s a hard cleanser to find :(, so I wanted to know which cerave would most likely work for me. Usually I am sensitive to salicylic acid but the creamy cleanser had willow bark extract which was basically salicylic acid so I think I can use a cleanser that has a little of it. Someone please help a girl out 😂
Profile picture of Javima White
Javima White
DryDry Skin
This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I love it! Its super gentle and your skin feels so soft after. I mix it with a few drops of the dr. bronners tea tree castille soap and that gets rid of any little pimples I have.
Profile picture of Heather Marie
Heather Marie
CombinationCombination Skin
I’m assuming this severe dry skin and flaking is from the Differin. I have been using it for over a month and have noticed my pores shrinking. I do not have terrible acne, just here and there. Should I stop the Differin and use an AHA BHA cleanser or change other products? I tagged me regimen. More details on a previous post. #help #differin #adapalene #flaking
Profile picture of Stephanie Harris
Stephanie Harris
SensitiveSensitive Skin
I’m looking for skincare for sensitive, splotchy/red skin. And makeup that will cover it well, as well as last all day. At drugstore price. Does that exist? Any foundation I’ve tried accentuates pores and doesn’t totally hide my redness, and doesn’t last all day, I look in the mirror in the evening and it’s like I’m not wearing any makeup. Help!
Profile picture of Tabitha Asher
Tabitha Asher
DryDry Skin
I’ve always had red cheeks, so I switched to Vanicream gentle facial cleanser and their thick moisturizing cream and the redness was gone the next day. Nothing else has ever done that for me. I thank my dermatologist as I was picky about specific ingredients. This one comes without all the irritating things you find in fancier products.
Profile picture of Erin Miasserian
Erin Miasserian
SensitiveSensitive Skin
I get tiny red bumps on my cheeks that aren’t necessarily acne and I get bad hormonal acne on my chin. Any drug store skin care recommendations? #skincare #drugstore #acne #hormonalacne
Profile picture of Tiffani Begay
Tiffani Begay
SensitiveSensitive Skin
@Gentle Facial Cleanser is great for sensitive and acne-problem skin. Also, I like to spot treat with @De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment (has a funky smell but works wonders when I have a hormonal breakout)
Profile picture of Jlynn
OilyOily Skin
Does anyone know a good face wash for oily/acne prone skin?
Profile picture of Grace Mackey
Grace Mackey
CombinationCombination Skin
I use this and it is awesome.
Profile picture of Japneet Kaur
Japneet Kaur
DryDry Skin
What’s the best moisturizer for super duper dry skin?
Profile picture of Karmin Kirby
Karmin Kirby
OilyOily Skin
I need a good face wash that will help take away acne... (doesn’t matter what price) any thoughts??
Profile picture of Walesska Lopez-Pagan
Walesska Lopez-Pagan
OilyOily Skin
Try pairing a gentle cleanser - I use @Gentle Facial Cleanser ($9) and switch off with iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex ($42)- with a great serum - I use iS Clinical’s Active Serum ($135)- and once a week use a retinol. -I use Shani Darden’s Texture Reform ($95)- The Active Serum is a holy grail for my oily/ sensitive/ acne prone skin. It keeps my skin decongested, glowy, minimizes acne, fades dark marks, and helps with fine lines. I know the products are expensive but if you’re able to splurge, your skin will thank you!
Profile picture of Gabby Lyons
Gabby Lyons
CombinationCombination Skin
best drugstore cleaners? i don’t have a ton of acne but i have breakouts on my nose and t-zone. also, my skin dries out easily so it can’t be very drying. i am also looking for a good lip balm because i’m obsessed with lip care lol.
Profile picture of Cristina Liberto
Cristina Liberto
CombinationCombination Skin
Not drying at all. I am not sure how effective it is because I only get mild blemishes and some redness on my cheeks. Does the job for me. There’s no additives or ingredients that look suspicious. I’ve heard brands like Neutrogena and CereVe including addicting ingredients to their cleansers.
Profile picture of Veronica Chavez
Veronica Chavez
CombinationCombination Skin
Need recommendations for face cleanser . I’m breaking out a lot out of nowhere . 😞 I have combo skin and sensitive 😬 help plz
Profile picture of Chrysta Bullock
Chrysta Bullock
CombinationCombination Skin
This cleanser has been the best for me so far and my derm approved it! It’s no frills and it’s free of a lot of stuff and it’s not super expensive. I was almost out and switched to the equate version of cerave and my face started breaking out again, so I’m going back to this!
Profile picture of Amaya
DryDry Skin
Anyone know some good skincare products for somewhat dry and sensitive skin?
Profile picture of Mattie Jo Hardcastle
Mattie Jo Hardcastle
DryDry Skin
One of my absolute favorites is Vanicream! It’s so gentle you can use it on your eyes and remove mascara. You can get it at pretty much any drugstore or amazon :)