Even Tone Cleansing Bar by Urban Skin Rx
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Even Tone Cleansing Bar

3-in-1 Even Tone Cleansing Bar
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ulta userMay 02, 2019

Exactly what i was looking for

I was searching for some fragrance free exfoliating pads with glycolic acid and salicylic acid. This is exactly that, plus lactic acid and niacinamide the ingredient list is great. I use every other night for oil/sebum control and exfoliation and it works well for me. It can be drying/irritating if overused so you'll need to find the frequency that works for your skin.

ulta userApril 25, 2019

So close

I wanted to love this because the ingredient list is overall very solid, but unfortunately they had to add orange peel oil (fragrance and a known irritant) which ended up irritating my skin. I don't have particularly sensitive skin but when using active ingredients like vitamin c, skin is more susceptible to irritation, so it's a shame they chose to include it. The texture is a bit sticky as others have mentioned but you can work around that by applying to damp skin.

ulta userApril 22, 2019

5 Star rating

I usually purchase Purity...my go-to facial cleanser. This Urban Skin Rx is equally as gentle as Purity and costs less. The balm seems as though it will lasts very long...a little goes a long way. What really impressed me was how the dullness (dullness that I had not noticed) was washed away with the first use. My skin is truly radiant. I am 52 years old with combination skin. There was no dryness to tautness. And it has a nice, delicate scent. Looking forward to trying some of the other products in this line.

ulta userMarch 12, 2019

Good and Glowy!

I've used strong Vitamin C serums before and they all have had a scent. None of them smelled like parfume or flowers and this is no exception. The scent is the strongest as you work the product in (smells like an orange popsicle that was left in the sun too long and not in a good way lol ) but this does dissipate. This product is extremely thick!! So I usually do less than the recommendation of drops, I have dry skin and I actually don't mind this on my face (once it sets a bit) adding a moisturizer on top + sunscreen and the serum still comes through with a beautiful glow! Would definitely recommend if you are aware of the cons: Thick, Natural scent (kinda funky), Tacky until other products are applied on top.

ulta userApril 11, 2019

Great for texture!

I usually don't buy products that don't have a lot of reviews, but decided to give this a go and am soooo glad I did. I have dry-ish, yet textured/ random acne skin and it's made my skin so smooth and hydrated with application in the morning! Don't get me wrong this is a thickkkk consistency, and does take about 3-4 mins to dry down to an almost tacky feeling. Once you put moisturizer on top however, and wait another 2-3 mins you can go in with makeup or run out the door. It's sounds awfully high maintenanced, but if you're looking for something that will give you a glow, smooth your pores, and somehow diminish texture, I highly recommend this!


Overall safe Ingredients

product page ingredient icon
Sodium Lactatehazard
Kojic Acidhazard
Cocos Nucifera Oilacneirritant
Sorbitan Oleateacne
Sodium Hydroxidehazard

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Profile picture of Addison Smith
Addison Smith
Sensitive Skin

So I have sensitive skin and I tried the Urban Skin RX Even Tone cleansing bar because I was told it would help my skin, getting rid of my acne and acne scarring and my skin immediately started burning, I thought it was just working so I kept washing my face and then after I used the moisturizer and that burned even more that the cleanser. My skin turned bright red and stayed red for about 2 days. My skin is now rough and really dry and I dont really know what to use to cleanse my face now. If anyone has any tips or products to use for sensitive skin that you can get from Target or drugstore, anything helps!

Profile picture of Rebecca Bustamante
Rebecca Bustamante
Combination Skin

what would be a good product to use for acne scarring i don’t break out a lot anymore but it left scarring after facials, any recommendations?i use the neutrogena on-the-spot acne treatment but i’m assuming there are better products

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Profile picture of Chelsea
Sensitive Skin

This is supposed to work well

Profile picture of Reegan harkey
Reegan harkey
Combination Skin

any suggestions for great but not crazy expensive products used for acne scaring? i have oily combination skin and feel like i’ve tried a lot of products but nothing seems to work, i have some scars on my chin that don’t budge! #acnescars

Profile picture of Sasha
Oily Skin

i’ve heard this one is really good for acne scars. i noticed that you have combination skin and there is a combination skin product from urban rx (in an orange container just like the one above) so maybe do some research and see which one would help your skin the most. hope this helps!