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Stay Naked Weightless Foundation

Urban Decay

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Okay for combination skin

" stayed on all day, i have combination skin and i got no shine all day..."

- Sephora User

"...i have combination skin and it just goes perfect with my skin..."

- Sephora User
"i liked how well this foundation matched my skin, how it minimized my pores, and how light weight and breathable it was"
- Ulta User
"this formula is so flexible and so lightweight, i can't believe how amazingly flawless my face looks after i have applied my whole makeup look"
- Ulta User
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"the new stay naked weightless foundation, makes your face look absolutely flawless and it is a buildable foundation"
- Sephora User
"building up as i need makes this formula perfect"
- Ulta User
staying powerlonglasting
"i wore it for 12 hours yesterday and the staying power is amazing and i haven't experienced any transfer on my black scrubs that i wear for work"
- Ulta User
"it's so iightweight it doesn't even feel like i'm wearing makeup, but the coverage is awesome and it stays put throughout the day, even through the obscene humidity of the south"
- Ulta User
creasingnot creasing
"truly lasts 24 hours and doesn’t settle in my fine lines"
- Sephora User
"easy to build, and lasts all day without creasing or cracking in any way"
- Sephora User
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Sephora User
Natural, heavy, creasing
First of all, let me say that I am absolutely in love with all the Urban Decay Naked palettes I have in my collection. I also use the eyeshadow primer potion on a daily basis, to make my eyeshadow adhere and really pop. I was so very disappointed with this pressed foundation. At first glance, the packaging was very sturdy, well-made and quite beautiful. The sponge, which sits in a compartment under the powder, felt thick and of quality, as well. I cleansed and moisturized my entire face, and primed only 1/2 to see if there was a difference. The coverage was extremely opaque and to my surprise, magically covered all my sunspots and blemishes well. However, the sponge felt uncomfortably dry when I applied it to my skin. I could tell that the color was slightly off, as I should have probably been a golden undertone and this was orangey on my skin. I honestly felt like I was covering my face with clown make-up. When I was finished, it looked horrid! It had settled into every wrinkle and pore in my skin, and I looked like a worn leather bag and about 20 years older! The second day, I decided to spray a fluffy brush, swipe across the powder, tap off, and apply. This time the coverage was slow, a layering effect, and my face stayed moist throughout the process. The color was definitely not as dramatic and more matched to my skin tone. However after testing several layers, the initial problem, arose again, but not as bad this time. It was definitely covering my problem areas, but did not look natural, aside from the first thin layer. My hopes were high, and whether this just isn’t the formula for mature/combination skin or just a terrible formula, I did not like it. It was too heavy for my liking, and although covered some problem areas, highlighted others, which was worse in my opinion.
Ulta User
Buildable, hydrating, pore minimizing
I love using powder foundation because of how quickly I can get my makeup done in the morning while running against time to get to work. My skin type is dry (with noticable pores and some fine lines), for which powder foundation is not always ideal on its own, however the Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix powder foundation sits amazing on my skin. I tried the powder foundation a few different ways, over only moisturizer, over moisturizer and primer, over concealer, and over liquid foundation and it performed flawlessly every time. My favorite way to use it is all over as a base atop moisterizer and under eye concealer. The powder foundation has pretty good coverage I was able to build up to a meduim with a flat top Kabuki, and spot conceal with the powder using a concealer brush for acne scars) which I find is the best way to apply this. There is a charcoal sponge included with the foundation and it's great for touch-ups but not my favorite to use it as an initial application. I also used the UD  'Chill' setting spray (I feel a hydrating setting spray(any one you like) is essential for setting powder foundations for dry skin). The foundation lasted pretty well for about 10 hrs on me without any touch-ups, it started to lift away in some areas after that. I am a NC 27/30 in MAC and the 40WY shade worked perfectly for me (after bronzer and blush looked perfect, looked just a tad bit light own its own). The product is cruelty free and vegan, which is important to me, and the packaging is beautiful, elegant and stylish.
Ulta User
Blends well, hydrating, natural
You all may know that I am the foundation queen. I love me a good base for the rest of my makeup to set on. I have tried hundreds of different kinds just to find the perfect one & to help others find their perfect one. I even do a series on my beauty group every year where I test out a new one every day and review it. This was sent to me the other day and I've worn it twice so far and I'm ready to give my review. Have I found the perfect one? Could this be it? I'm thinking so! First off, it applies and blends so seamlessly onto the skin. I prefer to use a sponge but I imagine u could also use a brush. It doesn't dry too fast, so I apply it on with a brush on all areas of the face & use the sponge to blend. The finish is flawless! It looks so natural & healthy w/ just a hint of dewy glow. It's a thinner formula & I can barely feel it on my skin. Kinda feels like I'm only wearing my skincare. The coverage is perfect! I wouldn't really call it super full but it definitely has covered up any kind of imperfection on my skin. It's just crazy due to how weightless it feels. It didn't transfer at all throughout the day. I could hug away at my fiance wearing a white shirt and there were zero face prints. Also, I couldn't believe how it stayed put through the hot, humid, Portsmouth, summer weather. I didn't even need to touch up which is crazy because normally I need to oil blot like 3 times a day. I left it on for about 12 hours and I stg it looked completely the same as when I first applied it. All my other makeup was migrating south and disintegrating but the foundation was staying put! It says on the box it lasts for 24 hrs & I actually believe it would. The only thing I did notice, & this could be from any # of things but it's worth mentioning, the very next day, I had quite a few tiny over the skin blemishes that I popped & went about my day. Again, that could've been from my skincare, stress, or maybe something I ate. I received this free for review


Compared to other foundations, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
99 ingredients

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