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Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette

staying power(135)
pigmentation: sheer

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does not have fallout

they are almost all matte, and most are super pigmented with no fallout

- Sephora User

love this great everyday palette and easy to combine with any other palette to complete a look very pigmented and almost no fallout

- Sephora User

staying power


i wear it everyday and love the colors and how well it applies/stays on

- Ulta User

colors are beautiful and are long lasting

- Ulta User


not creasing

love wearing the lighter shades as eye shadow and darker shades for eye liner and the eye lid crease

- Ulta User

it's so soft and blendable and does not crease

- Sephora User


blends well

eye shadow goes on easily, blends well, colors are highly pigmented, light touch on the darker colors is recommended, these colors are very buildable

- Ulta User

the shades are great to layer underneath all of my other ud palettes, and you can layer and blend this palette on its own for some beautiful smoky eyes

- Sephora User



i am so in love with this palette the colors are so pigmented and it is that creamy texture i would definitely recommend this

- Ulta User

the colors are so pigmented and not to mention silky in texture

- Ulta User



while some of the colors are more sheer on my light to medium skin tone(mac nc30 for reference), the shades nudie and blow, to call them out- nudie didn't even show up when i swatched it on my arm if i'm to be honest- however, i found out when built up on the lid, nudie is perfect to give a wash of color, after which i like to use one of the medium shades, whichever one i'm feeling that day(i like to switch it up) very lightly in my outer corner and underneath the eye, and blow on the inner portion of my eyelid, it looks very beautiful and natural, but enhanced

- Sephora User

i was on the fence about this one - with all the talk of sheer coverage and boring shades

- Sephora User
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Sephora userSeptember 3, 2018


Tonight was my final night of trying to make this palette work, and I give up. I really wanted to love this palette because of how much I enjoyed the previous three Naked palettes, however, there is just no pigmentation in these colors. The lighter nudes are all fallout with spotty coverage, which is disappointing because I had hoped for something to use alongside my ABC Gum single which I love. The lighter colors should be a great match, but they just don't adhere, even with primer. (And I use UD primer.) The darker colors have better pigmentation but they cannot be blended. If you try to blend they just rub right off. I've been able to use Blackjack and Magnet as a thin eyeliner, but every time I try to create a look with something from this palette, I give up and go back to my Naked 3 and grab Limit and just brush it all over the eyelid to try to salvage what I've done. Very disappointed in this. « less

- Sephora
House of Fraser userJanuary 15, 2018

Beautiful Eyeshadows All In One Place!

I would recommend this palette 10 times over! Yet another fantastic product by Urban Decay, literally everything about this palette is utter perfection!As usual, and to be expected, Urban Decay have done themselves proud providing the beauty world yet another of their stunning gifts! This 'Naked Ultimate Basics' eye shadow palette is a true gem, and all of us ladies should own this palette as a total luxury item!Contained within a hard, compact, good strong case (complete with mirror), there's no way these eye shadows are in danger of becoming damaged. The case itself is more of a shimmer gold than the image depicts here, and is in fact far nicer in reality than is actually given justice here. I'm not keen on the outer-case art (personally) but I do like the gold shimmery colour. Not only does this palette have it's own mirror, it also comes with a fantastic little brush too which applies and blends the shadows beautifully. I was amazed at the blended result, it looked so natural, I was really pleased and I use it every time I do my eyes now. I only use MAC and Zoeva usually!The palette is larger than expected but that could be because I'm used to the palette I've been using (Naked Basics by UD) which is small and dinky. So Naked Ultimate Basics is not small, or too big.Besides the case and how it looks, I'm more concerned by the product and UD haven't disappointed one bit! Each colour is stunning. Subtle, natural matte tones with some deeper tones so you can create a subtle natural-look and achieve smokey eyes, as well as many other creative looks you want to do, this palette will take you where you want to go! I go for a 'I-have-no-eye-make-up-on' look usually in the daytime, and contour my eyes/brow bone which this palette does perfectly oh my gosh! And with such buttery consistency they blend like, more than a dream. There is not one atom of shimmer (apart from the highlighter one) to these shadows. So they're perfect for that perfectly natural look for around the eyes, the brow bone and the nose area so you can create that perfect no-make-up-look. The consistency of these shadows mean that the colours pop beautifully! A small amount goes a long way! And with the 'Urban Decay Primer Potion' or 'Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance' you know these eye shadows are staying for the entire day! And night. And if you were to fall asleep (after a hard day) then they are even still there the next morning, and just as perfect as when initially placed upon the eyelids! Yes honestly! It really does stay on with no creases or smudges if you invest in eye shadow primer. And I always use the above mentioned and never anything cheap. Combined with (Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance in particular) primer you're guaranteed to have 24 hour 100% crease-free, smudge-free eye shadow that stays in place until you wash it off!Any lady of all ages and skin types will benefit from the use of any of Urban Decay's eye shadow palettes, since they're all superb!Urban 'D' you never let us down! We know we can always depend on you without fail!And we SO love you for it! « less

- House of Fraser
Sephora userApril 26, 2018

In my top 3 go-to palettes

This palette delivers on everything. Great brush. Gorgeous basic all matte shades. Great packaging that holds up. The shades last, I’ve been using mine for almost a year. One of my favorite looks includes using Extra Bitter (the dark orange) with the lighter oranges in Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. The shades blend well, great pigment, buildable, also doesn’t need a lot of building, and had about as little fall out as you can get! There are a lot of light shades great for creating day time looks and a couple of darker ones for night time looks. The color goes on smooth and stays on smooth. It never ends up creasing. Excellent product! 

- Sephora
ulta.com userJune 16, 2018

Great lasting pigments

I use it for a natural look or even a smokey look. I like the packaging, though that isn't the selling feature to me unless it is falling apart. It is in a nice case. The colors are great, very blendable and highly pigmented. They last long, especially when using the Urban Decay eyeshadow foundation. The colors stay put, even when using the powder as a liner. The only con is that I need to use a tissue at times to catch the fallout when applying the darker colors. Sometimes it makes my face appear to have dark circles under my eyes, though I do not. Because of the high pigment, it can be tough for easily remove the shadow fallout without removing my other makeup.

- ulta.com
Sephora userAugust 8, 2018

Get this one while you can

Boy, and I glad I scooped this up at half price! I find myself reaching for at least one of the colors in this palette everyday. There are only a few that I don't think I'll use much, or at all. That's pretty good for me. I hate it when I get an expensive palette and discover I only really like and use 2 or 3 of the colors. The shadows themselves go on easily and stay true all day without creasing. I do use a primer. I haven't experienced any fall out, and they blend very well. The brush is better quality than you usually get in a set and I enjoy using it. I highly recommend.

- Sephora

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