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staying power


i love the naked pallet, the colors are amazing, pigments are great, color comes on great and stays on all night

- Ulta User

the colors are great, they last all night and are so easy to apply

- Ulta User


blends well

the colors are super blendable and they are not too overpowering

- Ulta User

long lasting shadow and great colors to choose from and blend

- Ulta User


not creasing

the matte shades are so easy to use in the crease and for blending, all shimmery shades are so packed with pigment it makes application extremely easy

- Ulta User

stays on for hours, doesn't smudge or crease

- Ulta User


does not have fallout

a brief synapsis of each color: virgin: a satin-y finish with great shimmer without flecks/glitter, super smooth, slightly pink yet not, i use it for highlighting sin: my favorite light color for the lid, a neutral pink, seems a little glittery in the palette but has no fallout naked: amazingly smooth neutral almost light bronzer type of color, satin-y matte finish, does wonders for blending, great for contouring sidecar: goes on taupe almost on my skin, definitely glittery, not bad fallout but some, probably my least favorite shade but i definitely like it and use it, does seem to have a more grainy texture though buck:a darker and warmer shade than naked, satin-y matte finish,great for contouring, use in outer v for lighter looks half baked: a raved about shimmery gold color that is beautiful, no fallout, smooth perfectly reflective and shimmery color, great for lid/highlighting, love this color =), a lot like sin in texture, i'm neutral toned yet it still looks great on me- i was surprised smog: a darker, less reflective yet still shimmery version of half baked, makes a great duo with half baked, again it is like sin in texture darkhorse: has very tiny bits of glitter, minimal fallout, dark brown that i use most often for the outer v/softly applied in the crease, nothing too seemingly special but i use this more than any of the other darker colors toasted: a pink sort of taupe( not nearly as pink as it appears online-will not really look pink on lid) reflective and shimmery, satin-y texture hustle: a darker version of toasted really, does not apply or look berry-like in color, i found it applied sort of flat and muddy looking- you do not want to over-blend this color, i still use it in my favorite look with this palette all over the lid, mainly use for contouring eye creep: i hate that there's glitter, it has a great deal of fallout, it ruins the texture, glitter hardly applies to your lid when you use this, definitely does make a great smokey eye, i use this as a liner/outer v color gunmetal: i haven't really used this color much simply because it's more silvery than the others; creep and gunmetal stand out because they're pretty much the only black/gray shades while the rest are some type of brown/pink brown/taupe/pink taupe/gold/bronze, it's got glitter but only a bit of fallout, smooth texture, great for a silvery/gray smokey eye; creep and gunmetal can darken up a brown smokey eye *** if you're worried about buying this because you're cool toned, don't be

- Ulta User

the colors are highly highly pigmented, very very blendable, and i have little trouble with fallout

- Sephora User



i love the deeply pigmented colors, their blendability and the silky texture of each color

- Ulta User

very silky texture , and lasts a long time

- Ulta User



i tried the full exposure and the naked 2 (both really sheer on me) before getting the naked palette, and the naked palette was the best it's really versatile

- Sephora User

i was amazed and the sheerness

- Ulta User
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ulta userDecember 06, 2019

drug store quality, pretty shimmers

I purchased this palette because I have learned that I love warm, bronzy shades on my blue to blue-green eyes. I am very glad that I used my Ultamate rewards points to get almost $20 off this palette rather than paying full price. I am disappointed in the quality of these shadows, and compared to my other $36-50 dollar palettes from other brands, this one should be priced more in the $10-15 dollar range. In the pan, the shades of the Naked original palette look perfect for this use. On the eye, I have had difficulty getting the shades to show up. I have used this product with several different primers: MAC paint pot, Lorac Pro primer, Wet n Wild Fergie primer (my favorite for all other shadows), and Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk. Of all of them, the Nyx eye pencil achieved the best color payoff. However, none of the combinations tried have lasted even through a short 5 hr workday. I have not had any creasing, but the color just fades away to the point of having no shadow on by 2:00. The colors of the shadows are very pretty, but the amount of shimmer does detract from them, because the eye sees mostly just shiny lids rather than beautifully blended colors. This is why the colors look better in the pan than on the skin, where the sheen overtakes the look. There is a lot of fallout with these shadows. I don't mind pigment fallout, which can be cleaned up easily, but the glitter that dusts my cheeks and temples is difficult to remove. As a professional who aims for a polished look, I do not want glitter on my face as I am seeing patients. Overall, I continue to experiment with this palette to make it more wearable. Tips I have learned so far: 1) apply the mid tone shades to the lid with a finger rather than a brush to get better color payoff and less fallout. I don't like doing this, because I feel that the oils from my fingers will eventually cause the shadows to harden, but I have not been able to achieve similar color payoff with any of the brushes I have tried so far (flat shaders, medium shaders, fluffy blenders). 2) These shadows are better suited for a more simple look than a multi-hued nuanced look, as the shimmer/glitter overpowers nuances. 3) As the matte shades are neutral to slightly cool-neutral browns, I quickly end up with a bruised look using just these for my crease and transition. The overall look is much better on my skin tone when I reach for a warmer crease and transition shade to mix with this palette, making the entire thing more wearable. 4) speaking of wearable, if you are going for a more mature, professional look, I recommend reaching outside this palette for a matte highlight. The Virgin shade of this palette does have its uses, but to me it feels a little drag queen to shimmer from lashline to brows, especially for day. I like precise use of shimmer best, so I don't recommend Virgin as the go-to highlight. 5) The Physician's Formula matte quad Classic Nudes complements the palette perfectly. This drug-store brand eyeshadow does last longer on the eye than the UD Naked shadows, so blend well or you will look weird 4-5 hr in. This quad gives a matte highlight for brow and blending out transition shade, as well as 2 warmer crease/transition tones that I prefer over Buck and Naked. 6) If you are used to other high end shadows, adjust your expectations for this palette. I have figured out how to get the looks I want with the impact I want after much trial and error, but I still have not been able to get these shadows to last even until the afternoon. I will try at least 2 more primers (UD Primer Potion and TF Shadow Insurance) and see what I get on longevity, will update if I find any improvement. This is my first Urban Decay eyeshadow product. I love their Naked foundation, but this eyeshadow just cannot hold a candle to other shadows that I love. If you want blendable, versatile, long-lasting shadows, I recommend other palettes over this one.

ulta userDecember 06, 2019

High Quality, Great Value

This is a super high-quality palette that can give many different looks. All of the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and blend very easily. I use individual shades alone for a more natural daytime look, and blend the lighter and darker shades for a smoky evening look. Also, the darker shades layer well over eyeliners for added color and staying power. The brush is good quality, as well. But the icing on the cake is the eyeshadow primer. Hands down the best primer, I don't ever do my eye makeup without it. It allows the shadows to go on more smoothly, vibrantly, and lasts all day into night without fading or creasing. A must have item.

sephora userDecember 06, 2015


This pallet is one of the best I own. Not only does it pack a punch in pigment each shade is unique and blends beautifully! Being a big fan on shimmer I was splendidly surprised seeing that the shimmery shades such as Creep and Gunmetal are amazing when applied, true to color, and have little to no fall out! This is also extremely versatile. You could form a smokey eye look or an everyday on the go look. While there is not many matte shades to choose from, it is certainly enough to act as transitional shades. Some colors such as toasted when blended don't have the shimmer reflects making them perfect lid and crease shades! Bottom line- defiantly a staple product for anyone to have!

sephora userMarch 26, 2017

Love this palette! I have used it every day since purchasing. I'm not usually one for shimmer shades, but these are not garishly shimmery, nor do I feel like a teenager covered in glitter when I wear them. I do find that using an eyeshadow primer (I use UD primer potion) helps minimize any creasing, & even out the application. All of the shades are beautiful on (I have medium olive skin tone) and nicely pigmented. The shades in this palette also blend beautifully with the Naked Basics palette. Minimal fallout, blend easily, all in all a super purchase!

ulta userDecember 06, 2019

Very Impressed

I decided to put this palette to the test by using it (and only it) for an entire month to see just how well the variety of combinations that can come from this one palette will hold up. I am blown away. It blends beautifully, never creases or fades, and the staying power is phenomenal. I put it on at 6:00AM as I get ready for work and it lasts all day and well into the night until I take it off. With primer, I had no issues with fall out. The brush it comes with is great for packing on the color, but not well suited for blending. To get the desired looks I wanted I had to use 3 different brushes. A small rounded shadow brush, a fluffy shadow brush, in addition to the brush that comes with the palette. But I think this is pretty much the standard norm when it comes to creating eyeshadow combinations from any palette.


Overall safe Ingredients

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Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant
Benzyl Benzoatehazard
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
CI 19140hazard
Sorbic Acidhazard

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