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Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Naked Flushed Palette

pigmentation: sheer

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there is no sparkle in this, the texture is more powder-to-cream, so it leaves a satin creamy glow on the skin, although it is a powder form

- Sephora User

so overall its a good product but the packaging is the worst theyre very powdery and not stiff so if you push too hard it all just gets on each other its a mess i got nooner and the blush is really good for pale people and i imagine very dark skin would look nice too but the bronzer on me is straight up orange which is fine most bronzers are like that on very pale skin the highlight works for crazy pale skin nicely and its very smooth and doesnt accentuate texture

- Ulta User


blends well

gwen stefani's urban decay blush palette, which i own and love, made me interested in trying these individual blushes because the formula was so buttery soft, blendable and pigmented

- Urbandecay User

this blends with my skin well and looks great, and i love the colors together

- Sephora User



the consistency and soft creamy feel on my lips is divine

- Mecca User

they are highly pigmented, soft in texture, easily blendable, and very versatile

- Ulta User



for those of you who are wondering, there are 2 mega matte, 6 comfort matte, 9 cream shades, 2 sheer, 4 metallized, and 1 sheer shimmer

- Sephora User

i love that this is sheer, balmy, moisturizing, and smooth - the glitter is not gritty at all

- Urbandecay User
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mira userDecember 17, 2019

I haven’t used this product in a while but I absolutely adored it. When I first started to get into make up it was the first bronzer , blush and high lighter it’s perfect for a newbie. The bronzer blended super well , the colors go together so well.

- mira
Sephora userOctober 31, 2016


I am just going to start out by saying THIS IS AWFUL. Like it really is awful. I've been trying to work with it for the past few weeks and I've given up on it.Now let me just say I don't usually leave reviews. Even when I really love something I get lazy and forget, but I feel like this is such a waste of money that people need to know. I love love love Urban Decay, it's by far my favourite makeup brand. I love just about everything I use by them so I was pretty excited to try this little handy palette.The highlighter, out of everything, is by far, hands down, the worst thing in here. It has no pigment whatsoever. You can build it up all you want and you will not get an ounce of a glow. What you will get is giant chunks of glitter everywhere. It looks like I sprayed my entire face with glitter. And not in a nice way. I've tried my fair share of highlighters and some have been pretty awful, but honestly this one tops them all. I bought strip and the highlighter was so powdery, chunky, and there isn't any pigment. I am beyond dissapointed.The blush is very powdery and it takes a lot of product for it to show up. It looks like the brush just won't pick anything up.The bronzer is okay. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I use it over my contour and it works, does what its supposed to do but that about it. It's also not very easily blendable. The palette itself is cute and travel friendly but what's the point in traveling with something that is just so useless?Maybe the other shades are better or maybe I just got a bad one. But I wouldn't even get it if it was on sale. I highly recommend swatching it in store first. Less

- Sephora
Sephora userAugust 22, 2013

Will Purchase Again.

The bronzer is very buildable, so I don't have to worry about wearing too much. The bronzer looks very natural on my skin (I'm a #3 in UD foundation). The blush is more pigmented than the bronzer. Its a soft pink that gives a sweet/feminine flush. The highlighter is great because it's shimmery while being subtle and not in-your-face about it. The colors have a silky texture that are easy to blend out. This palette is very easy to use and gives such an effortless look. The only con is that there is a lot of fallout of the bronzer (not the other colors).Will definitely re-buy.

- Sephora
Sephora userJanuary 20, 2017

Oil Slick And Pallor

I bought oil slick in stores because I've been wanting it since it came out but it's not online anymore so I couldn't get it so luckily my local Sephora had it and I'm loving it so much ! Also yes it's super sheer and kind of patchy just not an ugly kind of patchy like how lipsticks that are meant to be opaque yet come out patchy those look gross but this one looks amazing ! I was expecting it to be super sheer so since they don't have an oil slick lipliner I bought the eyeliner in oil slick too and I use it very lightly not how you would use it on your eyelids or waterline or else it feels gross ( I learned that the hard way ) but yeah with a light layer of the liner and then the lipstick on top it creates such a beautiful oil slick look it's so pretty ! I'm like so obsessed with it that I'm going to get a back up of it that's how amazing it is ! I personally love the look it gives it's not meant to look full on opaque hence the name an actual oil slick is messy it's not opaque an oil spill is opaque not an oil slick like actual black oil.... I also got the shade pallor and oh my gosh I love the gray to it ! It's so f**king pretty ! I love more cool tones than warm so obviously that lipstick is super bad*ss ! It also applied sheer it doesn't have a cream finish I have yet to find a liner for it to look more opaque from UD because other brands might have one but no I want to use it with a product within UD but it's super pretty ! I love that color too so I'm going to pick up a back up for both colors they are just so amazing ! Urban Decay needs to come out with more oil slick themed make up ! I am going to look for their single shadow in that color cause I just love everything oil slick from them UD if you red this please make more oil slick themed make up like probably an eyeshadow palette with the colors of this vintage lip collection would be so cool ! Cause pallor is a pretty color too it's my type of color also these lipsticks ( I think ) aren't advertised as " moisturizers " but they do moisturize your lips so good ! When you take them off at the end of the day your lips feel so soft and just amazing I love how that is about these lipsticks I recommend these I love them so much ! Less

- Sephora
urbandecay.com userMay 23, 2016

Too good to pass up.

I bought Native when it was on sale for $15, and I am very fond of the colors. Although I was a bit wary when purchasing because of the name, the colors matched my skin tone and were very pigmented. I highly recommend that version for summer; the blush is a bit too hot pink for soft looks in the spring and too neon for warmer autumn looks.I am almost out of the blush and the highlighter. The bronzer is not my favorite because it is not as blend-able as the other two colors in the product. The blush blends like a dream and is very versatile. You can blend the blush as sheer as could be, but you could also build up the pigment. The highlight is also very flattering on the cupid's bow with a bright lip and would definitely recommend on top of your cheekbone, right by your eye for a little bit of shine.A small tid bit about this product, I would definitely have liked more of the highlighter to use. Highlighting is very in right now and that color looks gorgeous when mixing with the bronzer or the blush. Less

- urbandecay.com


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Mallory Schultz
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#Bronzer #Advice Bronzing is such an important step in my makeup routine, but I feel like it goes away after just a couple of hours. I currently use a primer, and setting spray to help but still get the same results. My current bronzer is physicians formula butter bronzer. Should I change bronzers or apply it differently?
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I also used to use Physicians Formula bronzer. I loved it! But now I switch between the Naked Flushed palette and a Clinique bronzer. I find both of them stay longer and are much more noticeable on my skin.