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Naked Basics Eyeshadow  Palette by Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

blends well(302)
not creasing(99)
pigmentation: sheer

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not creasing

the shades apply and blend very well, and for my fair skintone, this selection offers solid base, highlight, crease, transition, and outer v/lining options

- Sephora User

the black for eyeliner, the brown in the crease the light brown for my brows, the two light matte colors for all over the lid and brow bone and the shimmer color for the inner corner

- Ulta User

staying power


they blend well and stay in place all day

- Ulta User

i love that it's portable and has full size eyeshadows the shadows are perfect for everyday wear, beautifully pigmented and long lasting

- Sephora User


blends well

the pigmentation and blendability of this product is perfection

- Sephora User

perfect starter pallete the colours blend gorgeously

- Sephora User


does not have fallout

i love this palette so much, it is so easy to blend, stays on all day, no fall out and crazy pigmented

- Sephora User

they look very good on my skin and there's barely any fallout, if any

- Sephora User



the consistency is way way too powdery

- Sephora User

it isn't pigmented at all, the shades don't blend well, the texture is chalky, and there is a ton of fall out

- Sephora User



its really good not too pigmented not too sheer just right

- Ulta User

i got this eyeshadow i use it every day but the colors are sheer i wish they showed more pigmented

- Sephora User
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ulta userOctober 03, 2018

This palette is perfect

I've only recently gotten very interested in makeup and before trying this palette I'd never really worn eyeshadow, I'd always just smudged a little brown liner over my lids. I am so happy I bought this! I use either Venus or Foxy as a highlighter for my brow and the inner corner of my eye, then I use the Naked2 in my crease, and use Faint as my contour shade. If I want to darken the look I use Crave very close to my lash line. I haven't used Walk of Shame yet but I'm sure I'll figure something out. All the colors are natural and pretty and I think would look great on all skin tones. While I use it for every day, it would not be hard to create a more dramatic look. The shadows are very pigmented, apply smoothly, and blend easily. I did not have a primer so I used foundation and set it with a powder, and the colors lasted all night. This is a great palette for someone new to makeup, or someone who likes very natural tones. Overall its a great palette, and I'm very happy with my purchase!

- ultaMore
sephora userFebruary 10, 2016

Best pallete

I just got this palette, and I love it. I use Naked 2 in my crease and for my eyebrows. I mix W.O.S. and Foxy on the lid, crave and faint as liner, and the white sparkly shade as highlight. The shadows are very pigmented and easy to blend. Only complaint is Ive had the palette for 6 months and use it everyday and already hit pan on Naked 2. Worth the money, will definitely repurchase. The colors stay on all day and theres no fallout.

- sephoraMore
sephora userDecember 06, 2014

Words cannot describe its perfection

Before I discovered UD, I used Tarte and Stila eyeshadows. Those are particularly sheer, hard to blend (only Stila is guilty of this), and not long-lasting. When I was gifted the Naked1 palette, it was kind of a major breakthrough. The shadows were sooo ridiculously pigmented, blendable, long-lasting, and smooth; I was like "Oh. Thaaat's what eyeshadow is supposed to be like". Although I loved the Naked palette, I couldn't pull off all of the shimmery colors. The matte textured shadows were beautiful, but there weren't enough to create a look (only 2). When I came across the Naked Basics palette, I knew I had to have it. The colors may not appear very exciting, but they are perfect for everyday looks and smokey looks. The quality is outstanding, and the value is insane ($29 for 6 full size shadows; cheaper than buying 2 shadows individually). It also makes a great complement to the original Naked palette, and it's great for travel. In summary, I completely recommend this palette. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat, and I can't live without it. I hope next year brings the Naked3 Basics, because rosy-toned shadows really compliment my features. Bottom Line- For versatility, high quality, and amazing value; you need this in your life!! I definitely recommend this, and will be buying back-ups myself

- sephoraMore
sephora userDecember 09, 2017

Favorite palette

I have had this palette for YEARS and it is honestly the best -- only palette I have hit pan on. Takes <2 minutes to do a daily look. Pigmented, lasts all day without primer, blends beautifully... However, if you're not fair, the shade range might not be very useful for you. My skin is quite light so Venus, Foxy, WOS, and Naked2 all serve different functions for me. I love a matte eye look (I have hooded eyes) and prefer to go crazy with eyeliner and/or lipstick as oppose to eyeshadow, so this palette inevitably gets the most use of the ones I own. I use WOS on the lid and Naked 2 in the crease for a daily look. Sometimes Venus in the inner corner. For added drama I use Faint in the crease and Crave in the outer corner and/or smudged along the top lash line. Can also apply Venus overtop WOS on the lid for more drama. Foxy I use the least, really more as a setting powder in a pinch. If the pans were larger Naked 2 would be my perfect contour shade *sigh*

- sephoraMore
sephora userFebruary 15, 2015

cheap quality

I have two sets of these palettes. One I purchased and one given to me at a UD party. (Which was very generous of them) the colors a great but the shadow itself is terrible. The consistency is way way too powdery. It makes such a mess on my face and on the counter. It does not blend well nor does it stay on. I have their individual eyeshadows and they work great. Not sure what has gone wrong here. Chucking in the garbage. UD should fix this problem.

- sephoraMore


Overall safe Ingredients

Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant
Sorbic Acidhazard

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It’s a little pricey but such a lifesaver for quick looks! I’m sure you can find a dupe of it somewhere. But if i’m in a super rush, i use the lightest color on my inner corner just to add some life to my eyes. But a good daily look, i use the third shade from the left on the lid and the darker one right after it in the crease and just blend it out super quick. Then some mascara and i’m good to go!
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