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Lip Plumper by Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Lip Plumper


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3.663% of 122reviewers recommend this product

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April 7, 2017

Nice, Too Faced!

I don't understand the bad reviews. Maybe expectations were too high, but I love it! It goes on smoothly, it smells absolutely incredible! It does have a slight sting, but I'm sorry, if you find the sting unbearable or even troublesome, you have an incredibly low pain tolerance or beyond sensitive skin. It stings only for a few minutes, and it's not even that bad. My lips look amazing afterwards! No, it's not going to make your lips crazy big, but there will be a noticeable difference, and I have relatively small lips, so it's perfect for me! The only thing that might deter is the fact that it is sticky, but I don't mind it. It stays on for hours and so does the plump. I love this product, and I think as long as you aren't expecting crazy results, you will love it too. user
April 19, 2020


this lip gloss is awful! I had a allergic reaction to it. I love lip plumping lip gloss so I was excited to try it out. it was an awful burning stinging sensation (not the nice tingling you get from most lip plumping lip glosses) made the skin around my mouth turn bright red (and yes I was extra careful and didnt get any of the actual lip gloss on anything but my lips) I was able to only handle the burning for a couple mins before I had to wash it off and the pain didnt stop there it lasted for about 12 hours and the next day my lips were so dry. anyways awful awful awful lip gloss wish I would have read reviews before buying it. user
March 25, 2017

Plumper with an intense tingle!

I saw someone review lip plumping glosses on YouTube and this was one of them. I have been on the hunt for the best one for me and this one is close to my top pick. I put on in the morning while I am doing my makeup and then blot off and apply whatever lipstick/stain/gloss I have picked for the day. Nice way to prep the lips and does plump very well. The plumping is long lasting also which is a plus. I also apply sometimes at night before going to bed in place of my normal lip balm. I wake up with soft, moisturized lips in the morning.I will caution you that if you have not tried a lip plumper this may not be the one you should go with, at least for a first time. The tingling sensation you feel is on the more intense side for lip plumping glosses I have tried. It can turn you off to the product. If you are able to handle it during the initial application, it gets easier from there! Less user
July 17, 2015

This product popped my

This product popped my Too Faced cherry. It was so long ago I seriously cant remember how many years its been. I know it wasnt in Sephora yet because I purchased it in a beauty store which no longer exists. I still use it constantly. Its a pleasurable pain. And stop whining with the over dramatizing-wahhh I had to put ice on my lips - WAHHH I had blotches on my arms and chest-REALLY? From a product on your lips? Id hate to see what hapoens when you actually have a valid injury. This plumps my lips and makes my very pigmented lips even more pigmented. I swear that color needs to be bottled. Youd make a killing. It lasts for quite a while for me. This is ALWAYS in my bag. I put the baby ones in a few makeup bags with my baby Too Faced mascaras bronzers and loose powder. That way if Im in a jam for makeup I have everything I need to feel pretty. Whining isnt pretty and no amount of makeup will help you. You might want to seek professional help. Too Faced isnt your shrink. Again I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Less

Sephora user
December 18, 2019

Best plumping gloss

The best lip plump I've ever tried. It is really long lasting, and people always ask me if I've got my lips done when I wear it. But be careful if you apply it freshly with your hair down! my hair got caught in the gloss, and then touched my cheek, and that spot turned red and stayed red for over an hour. It looked like I had hives. So it is really good at plumping and bringing out your natural lip colour, but make sure it doesn't touch your skin or else it will sting and swell. That said, I love this gloss and wear it any night out.