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Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay
Urban Decay

Eyeshadow Primer Potion

staying power(2263)
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staying power


it stays on for over 8+ hours

- Ulta User

i can even put a light serum or eye gel (such as kate somerville’s wrinkle warrior eye gel) on beneath, and still my eye shadow and liner stays put all day (even with a sweaty lunchtime bootcamp class thrown in)

- Mecca User



does not dry too fast or clump

- Ulta User

does not dry too fast or clump

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

i've been using this primer for several years now because it is long lasting and doesn't change the color of your eyeshadow

- Ulta User

it does not change the color of your eyeshadow, actually makes it brighter & more colorful

- Ulta User



dried out

- Ulta User

i have dry areas on my eyes and eye lids

- Sephora User
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Sephora userNovember 3, 2011

LOVE this thing!

I have monolids with thin folds close to the lashline (it folds in when my eyes are opened), and it's oily only around that area even though i have dry skin everywhere else. Therefore I would always wear waterproof gel liners (with black eye shadow over it to help it stay put) and waterproof mascara so that it wont smudge, but my eye makeup would almost ALWAYS still crease and smudge and run a bit at the end of the day. I can NEVER wear pencil liners to save time, no matter if waterproof or not they'll still smudge and crease. My all-time eye makeup wish was to be able to wear a waterproof pencil liner and not have it be runny and creased a few hours later. After being introduced to this by my friend, I fell in love instantly--first at how matte (therefore natural) it looked, and the bit of coverage it also has--doubling as concealer for my undereye dark circles, since it's a bit lighter than my skintone. Then at the end of day one, I looked in the mirror and my eye makeup was still where I left it! No creases, significantly less smudging (i wear powder eye shadow over my eyeliner, so that smudged a little). Wow. I can't live without it now. Also, on the days when I don't feel like putting much work into my face, I'll put my bb cream on and this primer around the eyes as concealer, and finish with a light touch of sheer lipstick to look natural and I'm good to go. No one knows if I'm wearing anything on my face. Also, a little bit goes a long way which is also a plus. Oh, and I use pencil liner now with the same no crease/no smudge effect. what more can a I ask for? ;) « less

- Sephora
ulta.com userMay 1, 2015


I'd give this no stars if I could.. I bought this product to try as so many people I know say that it is their holy grail. .... I don't know WHY! It's expensive, hard to blend, and it dries fast. It gets tacky when it dries and if you touch it to even try to blend it more, it will just stick the product to your finger. It still creases, despite saying that it doesn't. I don't believe there is ever going to be a product that will prevent creasing, but there are products to delay it. Not to mention, this was HARD to take off! I really, really, really wanted to like this, but I hate it so much. I can't wait to return it. I've never returned a product before, but I can't stand it. It also makes it look extremely obvious you are wearing it. It has a orange-yellowish tint to it when it oxidizes. It also created lines on my eyes, making me look older than I actually am. Ask for a sample instead of buying the entire thing, so that you are sure you want it and so you don't waste time returning it. I wish I had something great to say, but I don't. And, ladies, if you find yourself not liking something you recently bought from Ulta, they will take returns and refund you your money or (with your choice) give you store credit. This did not work for me unfortunately, but it may work for you. Just ask for a sample instead of buying a tube, whether it is travel size or regular. « less

- ulta.com
mira userOctober 2, 2019

I have ZERO cons on this product. I use this EVERYDAY!!!!! except days where I don’t wear any product at all and those are days I’m off and chillin at home. But this literally is a life saver because I suffer from oily eyelids. It is so annoying and uncomfortable and something that bothered me a lot in life. My oily lids would sometimes get so bad that it would get into my eyes and irritate them. I’m so glad I discovered this years ago. It does a great job of making my lids look matte and not greasy. It has a natural finish which is amazing for me. Apart from my personal reasons of using this product it is also good in priming for eyeshadow because like I mentioned it doesn’t crease and it doesn’t feel cake-y. It’s has smooth feel and is good for long lasting shadow that stays put.

- mira
Sephora userFebruary 7, 2013

Haight, Woodstock, Free Love, + Breathless Review

First off I want to stay the the new eye shadow formula from UD is amazing: Soft, Highly Pigmented, Long wearing, Bright, and super fun colors.Haight: This Bright blue shimmery tropical ocean blue-turquoise color is just so beautiful and bright and great for mermaid, beach, spring, summer, tropical and funky-fun looks. Its my favorite blue out of their new line of colors. Its so versatile and its not the type of blue that looks-wrong as blue is notoriously hard to pull off for make-up beginners. You won't have a problem with this one. It also mixes so well with other colors such as coral, orange, green, purple and other blues.Woodstock: Super fun funky bright-dark pink color that I even sometimes apply on over my lip stick or use as a blush. Its versatile, its great for night time. And one of its best applications is putting it on very lightly for this beautiful light-bright pink glow that you can mix with natural colors to give you a unique smoldering smokey bedroom look. Or even a kind of sleepless Tim Burton look. Very Cool.Free Love: I love. This color is the color of sunset, and also has a tropical feel to it. Its name brings inspiration from the 60's 70's and is great for those kinds of looks. Its highly mixable with other colors and also looks great on by itself if you have similar undertones. Or looks great super faintly dusted on for a magical looking kind of super natural appearance.Breathless: The color that came with the four compact is a great universal that like all UD shadows looks great feint, or high pigmented depending on how much you apply. Its a warm-beige-slight purple color that you can mix with just about anything and also makes a great crease color, or eyebrow bone illuminating or by itself for a beautiful natural bedroom look... Or you can just get dark and funky with it.I love all these colors so much and highly recommend them. They last forever and are such a great investment. I still have old UD eye shadows that are still lasting me an eternity and these new pigments are even better. At least try one out. You won't regret it. This brand is the most when it comes to eye shadow happiness. Natural-Vintage-Sub-Culture-Genres across the years its all here.P.S. Don't forget your UD Primer Potion! It makes a big difference. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJuly 7, 2015

My skin is combination/oily, and my lids get a little oily throughout the day especially in the summer. I tried a thin layer of this primer on beneath a heavy amount of eye shadow and it lasted a full 12 hours with no creasing. I believe it could have gone more than 12 hours without creasing if I had kept it on. I only needed to use the tiniest dab of this stuff and it went such a long way - if I over applied it was a huge mess and didn't perform as well. It is very matte and stays matte for as long as you have it on. Its also an extremely full-coverage primer and creates a literal 'barrier' on the lids. The only downside for some may be that the color is pretty yellow. The yellow tone isn't as noticeable if you apply a controlled amount, but since this is such a full-coverage/matte primer it dries in a solid layer and the color sits on top of the skin so its naturally a little more noticeable. My skin is very yellow toned and I get a bit of redness and dark circles around my eyes, and it corrects the color well. Basically if you use a tiny amount of this stuff per lid, it looks perfect! the tube will last you a year! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6359285682655197242-full" data-show="6359285682655197242-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Cera albaacneirritant
PEG-40 Stearatehazard

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Profile picture of Stephanie Ma
Stephanie Ma
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know some good methods to making an eyeshadow more pigmented? I find that when I use a brush to pick up certain colors, they’re very translucent. Thanks! ☺️
Profile picture of Alessandra Hinojosa
Alessandra Hinojosa
CombinationCombination Skin
Gotta use that eye primer / concealer!!!! Depending on the primer/concealer definitely impacts the pigmentation. I know that the P. Louise @Eye Base is really good, I’m just using @Urban Decay because this was before P. Louise came out. BUT the Urban Decay @Eyeshadow Primer Potion has YET to fail me and you don’t need much! If you’re trying to improve pigmentation of glitters, Metallics, etc, you can either go in with the primer or concealer (that some people use to prime their eyes), or I just go in with NYX’s @Glitter Primer and it works amazing too because I’m a fan of cutting creases 😅 Also depending on the eyeshadow, like the @Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette , you have to pack on the color before you begin to blend. Also, sometimes wetting the brush (like spritzing it with setting spray, not drenching it) works, but I usually never do this even though I know a lot of people who do. Hope I helped!
Profile picture of Courtney Goldstein
Courtney Goldstein
DryDry Skin
Spray the brush before picking up shadow- and also use a base on your eyes first!
Profile picture of Sarahmarie Hollenstein
Sarahmarie Hollenstein
CombinationCombination Skin
I have watery eyes so when I put my eyeshadow and liner on it gets messed up within a couple of hours when I step outside. Any suggestion to keep my eye make look fresh?
Profile picture of Mary B. Golubich
Mary B. Golubich
CombinationCombination Skin
I always use Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, Sephora waterproof eyeliner, and Maybelline waterproof Great Lash mascara, and my watery eyes barely ruin my makeup, if at all! :) I’ve gone from 6:00AM to well past midnight with my full face on and my eyes stayed flawless all day using this combo. Hope this helps!
Profile picture of Emma Waloch
Emma Waloch
CombinationCombination Skin
I wear an eyeshadow primer almost daily, even without eyeshadow! Also, just a dusting of loose setting powder has worked wonders. My mascara doesn’t run anymore.
Profile picture of Samantha Agpalo
Samantha Agpalo
CombinationCombination Skin
hey guys, could you recommend some long lasting eyeliners? i’ve tried kat von d, stilla, and the maybelline eyeliner pot and none of them last longer than four hours... #holygrail
Profile picture of Lydia Ponticel
Lydia Ponticel
CombinationCombination Skin
I use “The Flick Stick by Lovoir” eyeliner/wing stamp from Amazon, and this UD eyeshadow primer to make sure it stays! This combo has stayed put while at sporting events 👍🏻
Profile picture of Donovan Cummings
Donovan Cummings
CombinationCombination Skin
So my eye has a deep crease with oily eyelids and it is resulting in the top half of my eyeshadow always wearing off prematurely and I wanted to know if anyone could recommend any products to use to help combat this issue/ any eyeshadow blending techniques are appreciated
Profile picture of Pablo Enrrique
Pablo Enrrique
OilyOily Skin
This will help u! And try to moisturize your eyes every day even before makeup. Try a moisturizer that your skin a absorbs so it doesn’t leave any oily residue. After that the primer and then a long-wear concealer like makeup forever full cover. Hope it helpss! Let me know
Profile picture of Muna Aghawani Molyneux
Muna Aghawani Molyneux
DryDry Skin
I swear by the Urban Decay primer potion. It keeps things in place all day. The travel size lasted me a year and was only like $15 or so.
Profile picture of Caitlin Hawkins
Caitlin Hawkins
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Swear by it, but I do recommend letting it dry before applying eyeshadow. I get it at Ulta.
Profile picture of Heather Schulz
Heather Schulz
OilyOily Skin
Had to do a look with my new Colourpop palette when it came in the mail today!
Profile picture of Victoria Riley
Victoria Riley
CombinationCombination Skin
Soooo on the upper part of my hand I applied both ends of the brow blade, then the eyeshadow primer below it with a random shadow I found over it. I sprayed that part with all nighter spray. The lower part is just the brow blade and eyeshadow with no primer or spray. Difference is after 3 hours