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Eyeshadow by Urban Decay
Urban Decay


staying power(885)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 1985

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does not have fallout

these eyeshadows are so smooth and buttery and apply so easily with little to no fallout and stay on quite literally all day - they're practically foolproof

- Sephora User

it has all the fabulous wearing qualities of the best of urban decay's eye shadows, and that includes having no fallout

- Sephora User

staying power


the shadows have great pigment and stay all day and the 2 with the split personality really take this from 6 shades to 8

- Beauty User

urban decay stays put

- Ulta User



the texture is rich and creamy, with a cashmere softness

- Sephora User

i continue to grow my ud shadow palette as i love how it goes on - lasts long, light texture, and you can even wet your brush for more of a bolder & creamier texture for the nighttime

- Macy's User


not creasing

it just makes eye shadow application easy, and so really you save money by not having to use so much eye shadow to get the desired look, and the eye shadow just works seamlessly with this primer, it makes eye shadow application so much easier with it then without it, and it lasts a very long time, and you dont have to ever worry about fixing your eye shadow throughout the day or creasing, or smudged eye shadow

- Urbandecay User

doesn't flake, crease or disappear

- Ulta User


blends well

first of all the product is highly blendable

- Urbandecay User

i wear these shadows for work and play they apply easily , blend well and stay on all day

- Ulta User



it is super light and sheer and allows your eyeshadow to last all day long

- Sephora User

the shadow went on super velvety and satin like with subtly shimmer to it, and has a distinct sheer but buildable texture in the color grey with a slight green tinge

- Sephora User
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ulta.com userMarch 5, 2020

I would totally buy

So I tend to not be extra with my colors during the week anyway for eyeshadow colors and tend to stay to the more natural pallets but it does get really frustrating when I have the crease that forms from my eyeshadow so I was excited to try this eyeshadow primer potion. I was beyond impressed! It was so light and silky when I put it on. It has a beautiful precision applicator to make life easy! It is sheer so it is not tinted. I ended up putting on a neutral base coat because it is a little sticky so while my eye shadow looked more pigmented it was harder to blend. I then added the shades I wanted on top of my base. I applied my make up early in the morning and it lasted a full day without wearing away and without creases I absolutely recommend! I received this product complimentary for review purposes. Less

- ulta.com
urbandecay.com userFebruary 8, 2012

Perfection in the new packaging

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) was my first "holy grail" item, the thing I felt I couldn't live without. However, as much as I loved the primer, the original packaging turned me off for two reasons - the dipping wand (unsanitary), and because it left some of the product in the curves of the bottle. The bottle was too stiff to get the product out without having to cut it open and put it in another container; unsanitary and too much hassle.Therefore, if you ever used that old packaging and strayed because you didn't like it, it's time to start buying your favorite primer again. The new squeeze bottle is a dream - easy to get at ALL your product, and very sanitary since you do not need to re-dip a wand.Now to the primer itself - what makes it great? First of all, the texture - it is very moist and easy to spread. Once it dries a bit, it sets to a slightly tacky finish, which means it is NOT stiff or drying, and it makes an excellent surface to adhere eye shadows to. The staying power is also a factor - this helps my shadows to last a lot longer because it creates a barrier between my eyelids and the shadows, so they don't fade from oils mixing with them, or flake off when my eyes are too dry.That's another thing - UDPP is one of those rare products that works for me all year round. I alternate between dry and oily lids, and it isn't predictable (I can have too oily lids in the dead of winter, for example). UDPP works great for both situations, moisturizing and protecting my eyelids when they are a little dry (which obviously makes my shadows look better) and creating a matte base for when they are oily, so my shadow doesn't fade.This primer, like most I have used, is a pro at intensifying color for any eyeshadow I apply. However, since just about anything, including concealer and powder, applied before you use eyeshadow will intensify color, that is not a selling point for a primer, in my opinion. I look for texture and longevity, two things UDPP delivers on.I prefer the "original" translucent UDPP, but I have tried them all, and for bolder or party looks, the others do come in handy. They even function as subtle wash of color alone, if you want something quick. Eden is my preference over Greed and Sin, just because it is a nude matte with no shimmer. If you want to blank out all veins and coloration in your eyelid, this is the one to use. It's useful on days when I am tired or my skin is especially see-though. Greed and Sin add color and shimmer - Greed is warm toned and Sin is a neutral champagne.As for whether this causes any irritation, I have sensitive skin and this has never given me a problem. I have used other eyelid primers that will irritate if they migrate into the corner of my eye, but UDPP has never irritated.Finally, creasing - it absolutely helps with this for all the reasons I mention above... there are no pores in your eyelids, so UDPP makes an effective barrier or base to layer pigment on and will help control oil so that eyeshadow doesn't mix and cause the dreaded creasing.Bottom line: highly recommended, and a great value in the new packaging! « less

- urbandecay.com
urbandecay.com userDecember 13, 2015

not for super oily or sweaty eyes

I've had samples from palettes like the Naked and the old Deluxe shadow box and also a full size.It's a creamy formula but it never really sets so adding shadow causes creasing within 1-2 hours, if that and it has creased all by itself. I have to set it with powder for it to stay at all.It gives a slightly satiny sheen on the eye though some of my friends are allergic to what gives it this shine(except the Eden one). I don't feel it gives much of matte finish, which is what I'm looking for.Perhaps watery or sweaty eyes will fare better because the natural oils on my lid seems to break this down really fast.The tint is a light warm pinkish beige nude color but blends on virtually clear.I sometimes have ever so slightly dark lids and this does very little if anything to them. It's definitely not gonna cover veins but also deeper/richer skintones will be able to work with it.However, applying sheerer shadows and even well-pigmented shadows over top this primer causes them to look more vibrant and smooth.This is less matte compared to Shadow Insurance and more sheer and universal. My friends with drier lids have better luck, especially in the summer, so all my tubes go to them. « less

- urbandecay.com
sephora userMay 29, 2014

Not Just My Daughter's Eyeshadow

My college-age daughter owns all three Urban Decay NAKED pallets and every color looks amazing on her. When I set out to buy an eyeshadow highlighter, I started with my usual (and favorite), Bobby Brown, but Sephora doesn't sell the exact color I wanted. I also looked at Laura Mercier and several others, but came back to this Urban Decan color in Zephyr and it's giving my Bobby Brown a run for the money! This blends well, is perfectly pigmented, doesn't crease and lasts all day. The texture is silky and the color is vivid (or as vivid as I want to make it). I will be trying more colors!

- sephora
urbandecay.com userMarch 21, 2017

Some of My Favorite Shadows!

For over ten years, Urban Decay shadows have been some of my absolute favorites--so pigmented, great texture, and very long lasting! Some favorites: Last Call (I'm currently out, but it was my go-to for years...really makes green eyes pop!), Lounge (a brown shimmer with a fun green shift), Rockstar (a new one for me...a gorgeous eggplant type color, also great for green eyes), Tease (I own it in Naked 2, and it's such a gorgeous crease shade), Roach (a rich brown with reddish undertones...again, nice for green eyes), Fireball (a bit more of a sheer finish, but it adds a nice orangey-pinky twinkle), Bordello (I love this mauvey shade..apply over a primer with a damp brush or with some All Nighter spray to avoid any fallout from the glitter), Asphyxia (a pretty duochrome shade...not my favorite, but nice to add to purple eye looks), Sellout (I LOVE this one on the lid...so buttery and richly pigmented), Psychedelic Sister (a classic purple shimmer, which UD does well), Fishnet (a nice bright pink to add a pop of color), Peace (not very flattering on me, but it's very nicely pigmented and true to pan), Mushroom (a gorgeous one!), Sin (such a great shade, much like Sellout), Chopper (use with primer potion and apply with a brush damp with all-nighter spray to avoid fallout...so stunning!), Scratch (a beautiful rose gold shade...I used mine up, but need to pick it up again), Half Baked (a lovely gold shade), Toasted (such a nice bronzy color), YDK (a nice shimmery shade, but can accentuate wrinkles on the lid)....There are more that I have used, but you get the idea...I love them! I never realized how fantastic UD purples truly were until I swatched some from other brands...UD does purple shimmers (and blues) so well.And, while you may read complaints about the shades with micro-glitter, you can, as mentioned, use a damp brush over primer potion, and especially using All Nighter spray to keep it in place. I've also read glitter glue primers can work well.In general--with primer, these shadows are going to last until you wash your makeup off at the end of the night. I've fallen asleep with my makeup on (bad, I know) and woken up with perfect eyeshadow. Less

- urbandecay.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Cera albaacneirritant
PEG-40 Stearatehazard

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