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Fennel + Cardamom Chai Soap Bar by UpCircle

Fennel + Cardamom Chai Soap Bar

pore minimizing(4)

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good for acne

the shea butter leaves my skin soft and the green clay helps with body breakouts from super sweaty workouts or just lounging too long in my leggings

- Credobeauty User

bought this to use on my sons skin, he is suffering from bad breakouts, this has really helped his skin

- Upcirclebeauty User



keeps my skin clear, a really good soap and non drying

- Upcirclebeauty User

it's non drying and leaves my sensitive skin feeling refreshed and super clean

- Upcirclebeauty User


redness relief

i use this every morning before my skin-care routine and after only a few days, the redness is diminishing and my skin feels soothed

- Upcirclebeauty User

the charcoal is definitely aiding to reduce inflammation and build up of more pimples

- Upcirclebeauty User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i don’t have great skin but this is keeping nasty pores at bay and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft

- Upcirclebeauty User

more importantly, it leaves my face feeling tingly clean and tightens my pores

- Upcirclebeauty User



it's gentle enough to use twice a day (alongside the serum and a face moisturiser) and it smells so good

- Upcirclebeauty User

smells amazing and gentle even though its an exfoliant

- Upcirclebeauty User
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upcirclebeauty.com userJune 5, 2020

UpCircle's soap is a must for oily skin!

I use this soap regularly on my body, it is creamy with a nice lather. It is also great for my acne prone skin, it reduces breakouts and dryness. Great product! 

- upcirclebeauty.com
upcirclebeauty.com userMay 12, 2020

May not be suitable for sensitive skin

I won't rate it lower than 3 star as I think that wouldn't be fair given this seems to work well for a lot of people but this soap hasn't been good for me. Firstly, I don't typically have "sensitive skin" and don't usually have bad reactions to things but my skin has had an adverse reaction to something in this product and I don't know what it is. It says it's for face and body, and in other review people have used it on the face, and I saw videos of people using soda on their faces. I have only used it twice (this morning and this evening) but I found it really drying, but worse, my skin felt like it was burning/itching for a long time after each use. I only bought one soap and I didn't know which one to buy as I didn't notice any comments in the description about which one is best for which skin type, but I think this should say it might irritate sensitive skin and if there's a more friendly option in the other soaps. If I knew there was something that might be irritating I wouldn't have chosen this one. My skin is combination / oily especially in the T zone with frequent break-outs but not acne. I can use this fine to wash my hands so probably my body too, but I don't want to dry that as I personally found this soap too drying on my face and made my hands feel too dry after washing them. Less

- upcirclebeauty.com
upcirclebeauty.com userMay 26, 2020

So glad I tried this, may possibly be the best soap I’ve tried!

I bought this soap as I had already tried the other soap bars and coffee body scrubs from UpCircle and enjoyed the way it felt.So I was excited to try this new one as well. When I first opened the box I immediately noticed the smell, which is just lovely . I liked the look and feel of it in the shower, it lathers up really well which I wasn’t expecting from a charcoal soap and you barely have to use any to cover your entire body. Which is somtning I wish I noticed sooner as I used a lot of it thinking I needed to.However, the BEST part about this soap bar was actually something I noticed after I came out of the shower.I suffer from eczema, and in those dryer areas I have darker pigmented skin. For the last 6 years I have tried plenty of scrubs, soaps, shower gels, creams to help soften this area which they all did but none of them helped brighten the skin which for me was my main insecurity.In comparison to all those other products, this is the only product I have ever found which has dramatically brightened up my skin and in some places removed the dry skin completely without a trace!!I didn’t originally buy the product to help with my eczema, but the moment I noticed in the mirror that my skin was looking so much healthier because of this soap bar, I told everyone about it and asked them to also see if they could see the difference in my skin and EVERYONE agreed this worked wonders for me!I can’t wait for this product to be back in stock so that I can buy more soon! Less

- upcirclebeauty.com
upcirclebeauty.com userNovember 28, 2019

Sensitive / eczema prone skin

I was excited to try the products I ordered from upcircle, but at the same time I am always very wary of trying new products on my skin. My face and neck are super sensitive, prone to eczema in the colder months and spot prone as well so i struggle to find something which suits. The soap does tingle a little but I have had no reaction, the smell is lovely, you get the squeaky clean feeling that soaps give but without the dryness afterwards. I did come out with a few spots after trying this soap (I also tried the sensitive skin version of the exfoliating scrub) however I’m assuming this is because it gave a deep clean and drew out all the dirt. The spots have healed much quicker than they usually would (I mark very easily) and after 6 days my skin is now smooth and clear. Thank you Upcircle ! Less

- upcirclebeauty.com
upcirclebeauty.com userFebruary 28, 2020


This soap is absolutely amazing. It helped hugely with my acne problem and it leaves the skin looking nice and healthy and not dry or irritated like other products I used before 

- upcirclebeauty.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Eugenia caryophyllushazard