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Ashley Rhodes
combinationCombination Skin

Hey everyone! I just received my order for the ordinary AHA+BHA Peeling solution. I want to use it tonight but do I use it before or after toner? Might be a stupid question but I never know where to integrate nondaily or unique products into my routine

Tabitha Asher
dryDry Skin
Yes! I use the DE TLC chemical mask and its just a high amount of acid. Just don’t want to over do the acids and break your barrier and even worse get chemical burns 😬 But your toner should be fine, or just save it for the morning time routine, better safe than sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️
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combinationCombination Skin

Huda Beauty is dropping their most unique palette yet on the 31st! Who’s going to try it?!

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