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Cream Contour Kit by ULTA Beauty
ULTA Beauty

Cream Contour Kit

staying power(39)
pigmentation: pigmented

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staying power


i love how it stays on forever and love the colors

- Ulta User

love the look goes on smooth and easy and lasts all day

- Ulta User


blends well

its blends well and anyone can use

- Ulta User

i have used all the colors and the all blend well and look great

- Ulta User



the highlighters are blendable and lightweight

- Ulta User

the ulta contour kit has a beautiful range of lightweight powder makeup

- Ulta User


not smooth

-creamier textures woulike be nice -i like that it covers all skin tones -just use what you can out the kit because you will still end up buying a highlighter for that dewy cheek bone, nose and lip

- Ulta User

it caused breakout and made my skin not look very smooth at all

- Ulta User



the pigmentation of them is amazing

- Ulta User

so pigmented

- Ulta User
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ulta userJanuary 14, 2019

I really enjoy this product

The lady at Ulta showed this to me because I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank and the Ulta brand was on sale. I'm really happy with it. I'm pale and use all six colors depending on the look I'm going for that day. I think if you're stuck to only the instructions for just fair or deep tones you're missing out. Also, in the summer when skin color changes a bit it's nice to already have a palette available for those changes. It lasts all day and blends beautifully. I don't wear pressed powder or use a fixative. I have oily skin so the fewer products I can use the better. At the end of the day I can still see the contours I created. I also can't argue the price!

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019

Love love love!!!

I got this during the summer and it is now January and it's still going strong! I can only see the bottom of the Iluminizers and have yet to see the bottom of any of the other shades! This is my first contouring kit, and it sure wont be my last! I love how easily it blends in and if I accidantly go a little too dark, I can always put a little powder over it and blend it. I like to use the lighter shade on the darker side for under my cheek bones which give them a nice "Adele Contour" look which I aboslutly love and then I use the darker shade on the lighter side for the sides of my forehead and it makes my make up look 10 times better. The best part is, is that it stays on in the Alabama heat (and I'm in the sun all day since I'm a lifeguard). I will absolutly be buying this again!

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019

Best Contour Learning Palette

I really like this contour palette because it breaks things down really easy if you are new to the game. Its a great value for what you are getting. The pigmentation is good, nothing too stellar but its also not a dud. I find this palette most useful for daily wear use or the natural look. It provides just enough pigmentation to snatch your face but not so much you look like a cake-face doll in person. You can build it up if you are looking for a more dramatic obvious look or you can blend it out fairly easily if you just want a subtlety shaped face. I think its great and will be definitely buying again when I run out!!

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019

Great Value!

I was pleasantly surprised with this palette! I got a great deal on it, and while it may not be as pigmented and creamy as other high end brands like Lorac or Kat Von D, it still works great! I can use almost all the colors on my light to medium complexion. Works great for everyday use for that bronzed look or even for more advanced contouring. You may have to use a little more product to get that color you want but it blends pretty well and looks great. I have a warm skin tone and the lustre highlighter (yellow light shade) is my favorite in the palette! Creates a really great glow to your bronzed look for summer without too much glitter or shimmer. I little can go a long way. I am overall really pleased with my purchase and am satisfied with this contour palette. The only critique I might give is to have more cool bronzers for contouring, but the warmer ones do work well for that tan bronzed glowing look.

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019


I don't see how this product is getting such good reviews. I am fair skinned for the most part, but do self tan from time to time. When I'm my natural skin tone, I don't notice much of any cons. However, when I self tan, I have noticed that this product does NOT stay put. I work an eight hour day, apply it somewhere around 730AM and keep it on until the end of the night. Yesterday, I put it on around 730Am, and by 5PM (When I had noticed it at least), the product had COMPLETELY slid off the left side of my face and became patchy. It looked horrendous. This product does NOT stay put and that is even with a mattifying primer underneath, setting spray on top..AND.. I am normal to dry skin. I am completely disappointed because honestly, the product has the pigmentation and is easy enough to use. The reason I gave it two stars was one for pigmentation, and one for the yellow shimmer highlight that works beautifully over top of Maryloumanizer by The Balm. I guess this COULD work for someone that is not planning to be out more than a few hours.. MAYBE. But, I really think it's better off to spring for the Anastasia Contour Kit (you can customize your own palette on her website) OR the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette.

- ulta

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