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Haizee Trilk
Combination Skin

Is there anything to keep my lips not crusty? I use hurts bees but that only lasts for like twenty minutes. I keep applying it over and over again and it gets really annoying. If you do have a recommendation please have it be drugstore. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Deniz Madanoglu
Combination Skin

This one!

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Savannah Stuart
Combination Skin

@Jessica Tubby I was legit about to recommend this! I get terrible dry lips. They get so bad I actually cry. I started using this and it immediately helped!

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Jessica Tubby
Combination Skin

@Deniz Madanoglu Blistex is amazing! I put it on at night and in the morning my lips are so soft

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Jayde Guzman
Combination Skin

hey can anyone help me , my mother says that i’ll get wrinkles before i’m twenty because of foundation , so what can i use ?

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Sammy Turner
Combination Skin

Licensed cosmetologist here and completely agree with Jaycee!! Just wanted to add that SUNSCREEN is important!! Try and find a foundation with built in SPF :)