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The Top Multi-Use Products for Lips and Cheeks

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Jan 12, 2021
The Top Multi-Use Products for Lips and Cheeks

Give every feature a boost with these multitasking products

One of the biggest makeup trends for 2021? Multitasking beauty products. These don’t just help you save time and money, you can also create a simple and runway-ready look in seconds by using a multi-use makeup product for your lips and cheeks! Monochromatic makeup is a major look, and you’ll be simply sweet with the same flush of pink on your pout and the apples of your cheeks. Or you could go a little more bold with a lilac or maroon shade, leaving you with a minimal makeup look that blurs the lines between edge and elegance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your makeup routine for Zoom school or a FaceTime first date, these are the best multi-use makeup products for lips and cheeks on MIRA BEAUTY that you need in 2021.

Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain by Benefit, $30

Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain by Benefit
Source: Benefit

“I honestly fell in love with this product. I use it everyday, and it lasts me all day long.” You and everybody else, babe. Our MIRA community is obsessed with the Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain by Benefit, a multitasking beauty product that builds intensity and leaves you with a flawless, full-face makeup look. It’s one of the original lip and cheek tints - way before 2020 made makeup multi-tasking a thing - and is available in one rose-tinted color that looks gorgeous on all skin tones. Simply apply and let it dry to a sheer tint, and watch as your lips and cheeks receive a pretty and pigmented burst of color. Speaking of which, leave it to Benefit to create a beauty product that’s almost too pigmented. One review has a great tip for those wanting to tone it down a bit. “A little tip,” our MIRA guest writes, “if you don’t want it to be as pigmented (it is very pigmented) you can use a chapstick and put two dots on your lips and blend it, and you have a beautiful reddish look to your lips.” Our community can’t get enough of Benetint - with 96% of guests saying that it’s long-lasting and 99% calling it lightweight.

Multi-Stick by ILIA, $34

Multi-Stick by ILIA
Source: ILIA

Monochromatic makeup is the ultimate lazy girl hack, saving you time and money while tricking people into thinking you spent more than 10 minutes on your makeup look. Spoiler alert: you didn’t, but it still looks flawless on every feature. How do you get this celebrity-favorite makeup look? With one of the best lip and cheek tints around, like the Multi-Stick by ILIA. This cult favorite stick doesn’t just provide a healthy flush of color on all features, it’s also enriched with Avocado Oil for antioxidant protection, plus Orange Peel Wax and Shea Butter to hydrate the delicate under eye and lip skin. Pro tip: ILIA always kills it with the makeup-skincare hybrid products. As for which of the eight shades to choose? Berry was your must-have for fall and winter makeup, and it looks equally beautiful on all skin tones for a 2021 “new year, new me” minimal makeup masterpiece. Get this multitasking beauty product by ILIA that 100% of MIRA guests say is blendable and creamy!

Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, $30

Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Source: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

“Using a cream blush rather than a powder looks more natural on the skin, I like this one by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!” This MIRA review doesn’t lie, and we could talk for hours about the benefits of cream blush for every skin tone. Okay, maybe we already do. But that’s even more of a reason why you need the Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in your makeup collection. This luxury makeup product is perfect for a just-pinched, natural flush of color on your cheeks and lips. The creamy texture blends out flawlessly on your features for a streak-free and subtle makeup look, while nourishing Castor Oil (a top skincare ingredient of 2020!) ensures that the skin stays hydrated and soft. Pot Rouge is available in three shades - Powder Pink, Fresh Mellon, and Pale Pink - to enhance your natural beauty and show you why this is the dream cream for your lips and cheeks.

Lip + Cheek by Milk Makeup, $28

Lip + Cheek by Milk Makeup
Source: Milk Makeup

Casually rolling into a new 2021 makeup routine with this Lip + Cheek tint by Milk Makeup. Literally. This two-in-one product lets you nourish the skin with just a few swipes, creating a radiant boost of color that’s buildable and blendable. Seriously, you can go from “just got back from hot yoga” to Gigi Hadid’s monochromatic runway look in just a couple rolls of your stick. In true Milk Makeup style, the Lip + Cheek tint is formulated with hydrating ingredients to protect and prime your skin - including Mango Butter, Peach Nectar, and Avocado and Apricot Oils. It’s available in five colors, from bright pink to berry, but our personal favorite has to be the shade Werk. This dusty rose hue looks radiant on all skin tones, and melts seamlessly into the skin for a natural glow that’s simple and sweet. 93% of MIRA guests agree that Lip + Cheek is blendable, 91% call it lightweight, and 97% say that it’s long-lasting!

Rouge Coco Lip Blush by Chanel, $30

Rouge Coco Lip Blush by Chanel
Source: Chanel

Your Chanel sunglasses would look even better with a pink tint from the Rouge Coco Lip Blush, a less-pricey makeup product from the iconic brand. This gel formula feels silky as you apply it on the skin, and leaves a delicate touch of color that looks 100% natural. You know that healthy flush of color that you get right after a luxurious facial massage? Kinda like that. And this formula by Chanel doesn’t just look gorgeous on your face, it also infuses the skin with a Hydraboost complex (natural jojoba, sunflower and mimosa waxes) and natural coconut oil derivative to hydrate and protect. You’ll feel lavish and just the right amount of luxurious with this creamy lip and cheek tint, by one of the most famous beauty brands on the planet.

The Multiple in Orgasm by NARS, $39

The Multiple in Orgasm by NARS
Source: NARS

NARS never disappoints when doing glam makeup looks, and The Multiple is proof that you don’t need 20 makeup products, two hours, and lots of Instagram filters to get that beauty influencer vibe. In fact, this multi-task stick lights up your lips, cheeks, and eyes in lavish color to go from subtle to striking in just a few swipes. The Multiple is available in ten captivating colors, but the one you need to look simply peachy is Orgasm. This sheer, pink makeup shade with a golden shimmer adds warmth and radiance to your face, and looks flawless on all skin tones. From the rosy cheeks on your fair skin to the peachy-pink pout that really stands out on deeper complexions, this NARS favorite is always here to bring the drama. In the low-key way, of course. After you’re finished with Orgasm, try the shades Copacabana and Luxor for more shimmer makeup that enhances your look. 96% of the MIRA community agrees that The Multiple is long-lasting, creamy, and blendable!

Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint by 100% Pure, $27

Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint by 100% Pure
 Source: 100% Pure

Tastes like your favorite fruits, made with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants, and provides a pretty pop of color for your lips and cheeks? That’s why Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint by 100% Pure is basically the best multitasking beauty product you’ll find in the makeup aisle. This medium-coverage lip and cheek tint is a serving of sweetness, smoothness, and soft lips all in one. It doesn’t just add a flush of color to your lips and cheeks for a monochromatic makeup look in seconds, it also provides all day hydration with Shea and Cocoa butters for an ultra-soft pout. We want you to get yourself a beauty product that can (as the kids say) “do both,” and it’s called Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint. Try the shade Peach Glow for a natural, everyday makeup look that creates a lit-from-within glow!

Cutie Bento Creamy Lip & Cheek Duo by KAJA, $18

Cutie Bento Creamy Lip & Cheek Duo by KAJA
Source: KAJA

Meet the adorably stacked multipurpose product that you can simply throw in your purse, and be good to glow in seconds. Cutie Bento Creamy Lip & Cheek Duo by KAJA is a set of two creamy shades for your lips and cheeks, which blend out beautifully for a natural wash of color. Use the shade Juicy Watermelon on both features for a pinky coral look that’s ideal for a virtual hangout with friends, or add a pop of Sweet Sangria to add neutral mauve and berry tones to your everyday beauty effects. The shades can be blended together to create a custom color that perfectly matches your minimal makeup looks, as KAJA is a K-Beauty brand that knows how to make you feel cute in your own skin. Our MIRA community loves Cutie Bento, and you will too!

BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm by Tower28, $20

BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm by Tower28
Source: Tower28

Tower28 is one of the top indie beauty brands that you need to try in 2021, with products that provide major skin benefits and California vibes. BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm is a great place to start, as this creamy formula seamlessly blends into your skin for the ultimate “back from the beach” glow. The second-skin finish drenches your lips and cheeks in pops of pink, nude, and orange - while the balm is made with Green Tea Extract to calm and nourish skin, and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe. See? Further proof that Aloe Vera always has a place in your sunny beach routine. Choose from the shades Happy Hour, Golden Hour, and Magic Hour to intensify your minimal makeup routine and get that SoCal glow, wherever you go.

All Aglow Lip & Cheek Stick by Burt’s Bees, $13

All Aglow Lip & Cheek Stick by Burt’s Bees
Source: Burt's Bees

“Love it! It’s natural, gives you a nice healthy glow, leaves skin moisturized and you can even use it on your lips.” Burt’s Bees is one of the best drugstore brands that’s all about being natural. And when you’re not swiping the brand’s cult favorite Beeswax Lip Balm on your pout, the All Aglow Lip & Cheek Stick will drench every feature in dazzling color. Pink, red, peach… each one creates a naturally radiant boost of color that completes your minimal makeup looks. The best part? It’s made with nourishing Jojoba Seed and Sunflower Seed Oils, plus hydrating Coconut Oil, to help your complexion feel as good as it looks. 99% of MIRA guests agree that All Aglow is blendable and creamy, and your lips and cheeks will fall in love with this affordable favorite.

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