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Top Genderless Brands on MIRA BEAUTY

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 11, 2020
Top Genderless Brands on MIRA BEAUTY

Discover a broader definition of beauty with these genderless brands

Everybody likes to feel beautiful, regardless of gender, sexuality, pronoun, or other. And while the makeup world used to target a very specific audience - typically young, female, and straight - the definition of beauty has expanded to include all types of individuals… and it’s the best thing ever. From male influencers who love to experiment with eyeshadow to proud members of the LGBTQ+ community featured in makeup campaigns, the beauty world is becoming more diverse each day. It’s become more accepting of the fact that makeup is meant for everybody - including cis women and men, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender-fluid individuals.

It’s not just your Instagram feed that’s more diverse, but the brands you shop every day. Recent years have seen a rise in genderless beauty brands that promote acceptance, self-expression, and a broader definition of beauty that appeals to all individuals. No matter your personal style or identity, there is a brand out there that understands you and wants to make you feel pretty and powerful. Blur the lines of beauty with these five genderless beauty brands you need in your collection.


Earth Tones - Face Mask by Asarai, $35

Earth Tones - Face Mask by Asarai
Source: Asarai

Asarai is one of the best genderless brands for skincare enthusiasts, especially those with a passion for clean, 100% natural ingredients. The brand has a vast collection of masks, serums, oils, and moisturizers, all made with natural ingredients sourced from the Australian outback, while the packaging is bright yellow… a color that the brand founders believe resonates with all genders. Indulge in your passions for self-care, adventure, and diversity with Asarai.


Powder Eye Shadow by Illamasqua, $23

Powder Eye Shadow by Illamasqua
Source: Illamasqua

Color. Artistry. Attitude. Just a few things you’ll find with Illamasqua, the genderless brand for those who love to play with color. Illamasqua’s non binary makeup collection includes all the classics, from foundation and concealer to brow essentials and bright lipsticks, while their Instagram is a vivid spectrum of color that will make you want to start experimenting with eyeshadow. Right now. Oh, and the genderless brand’s holiday campaign statement in 2017 read: 'MERRY XMAS: Celebrate Without Chromosomes'. Need we say more?


Liquid Lipstick by Fluide Beauty, $16

Liquid Lipstick by Fluide Beauty
Source: Fluide

Glitter by Fluide Beauty, $15

Glitter by Fluide Beauty
Source: Fluide

“An irresistible future where radical inventiveness and queer kinship thrives.” That’s what you get with Fluide, a collection of ultra-bright, beautiful non binary makeup for every individual. Fluide’s dedication to the LGBTQ+ community and amplifying queer voices is evident with every product, from the lip shades named after various queer spaces around the world to the genderless brand’s mission statement: “Make up the Rules.” It’s always time to show your Pride with this colorful, creative, and inclusive genderless brand.

Jecca Blac

Correct & Conceal Palette by Jecca Blac, $20

Correct & Conceal Palette by Jecca Blac
Source: Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac was founded in 2017 by makeup artist Jessica Blackler, as she aimed to give transgender women a safe space to experiment with makeup and use beauty products as a form of self-expression. The brand’s first product, the Correct & Conceal Palette, was designed for transgender women to hide blemishes, acne, and beard shadow while feminising the face - and still remains a best seller today. Of course, Jecca Blac has since grown to become one of the most popular genderless brands in the industry, with a small but stunning collection of palettes and lipsticks for people of “all genders, sexualities, expressions, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes.”

Milk Makeup

Flex Foundation Stick by Milk Makeup, $36

Flex Foundation Stick by Milk Makeup
Source: Milk Makeup

As one of the more popular genderless brands on this list, you may have heard about Milk Makeup… and you know that nothing the brand does is conventional. Their products are meant to be used without tools, the brand’s aesthetic is all their own, and Milk Makeup has always challenged gender norms with its diverse lineup of beauty gurus. But the brand went all out in 2017, when it partnered with men’s beauty site Very Good Light for a campaign that challenged traditional ideas of gender identity and showed that beauty is for everybody - no matter what you identify as. Shop Milk Makeup’s lineup of non binary makeup and skincare products to add uniqueness and diversity to your beauty routine.

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