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Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette by Too Faced
Too Faced

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette



Water, Tin oxide, Carmine, CI 77499, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Sorbic Acid, Bronze Powder, Sodium saccharin, Silica, CI 77492, Bismuth Oxychloride, Hexyl Cinnamal, Zinc Stearate, Glycerin, PTFE, CI 19140, Linalool, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, Geraniol, Titanium Dioxide, Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Mica, Limonene, Talc

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January 3, 2017

Favorite palette!

Both the Sweet Peach and the Chocolate Bar palette have become my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time! I was actually quite hesitant in picking the Sweet Peach up, as there were many reviews saying that it didn't live up to the hype or that the quality of the shadows is poor. I decided to take the chance and order it anyway. And I am sooo glad I did! Maybe the negative reviewers just received a bad batch, or Too Faced had reformulated this most recent realease. The palette I received is so pigmented, the shadows blend like a dream, and they last all day on my eyes without creasing or fading. I find though that laying down a light transition shade down first such as Peaches and Cream or Georgia before you add a crease color like Purée or the other midtones, makes them work so much better. I didn't like the scent at first- I thought it smelled strongly like peach schnapps or a cheap peach body spray. After having it for 3 weeks now though, the artificial/chemical note in the scent has seemed to fade away. Now I find it smells like peach sweet tea and it smells great when I'm doing my makeup. Ever since I bought this palette and received the Chocolate Bar palette for Christmas, I don't reach for anything else. Every color I need is in this palette and I don't feel the need to use multiple palettes in conjunction with one another to complete a look. Highly recommend! « less

Sephora user
June 23, 2017

Sweet Treat!

I was extremely hesitant with this palette, as I've owned a previous one from Too Faced that resulted in a lot of fallout and kick up. The packaging itself is extremely cute. It doesn't have a firm latch or anything, so if you're travelling with it, a hair tie around will do. It smells really good. It doesn't linger or irritate my eyes, which I like, but the scent from the palette itself is a nice little wake me up. The colours; oh my goodness. The colours are amazing! They all have fantastic pigment, and stay on all day (with a primer). They blend really well, making it super easy to do a smokey eye if needed, or just a simple day time look. I would definitely repurchase though. And recommend to a friend!

Sephora user
February 20, 2017

Too Faced Nailed It!

This palette is sooooo good! I have the original Chocolate Bar palette and the Semi-Sweet. I purchased a different palette with Christmas money, but I soon returned it and picked this one up instead. It smells so strongly of peaches, you can smell it through the box. It smells more like peach rings rather than fresh peaches. The smell does fade over time. I love this palette with all of my heart! Most all of the shades are super buttery and pigmented! There are a couple matte shades that aren't AS pigmented, but I can look past that. Take Candied Peach, it's a matte, and the pigmentation isn't through the roof--HOWEVER it's a color that I would mainly use as a transition or crease color, so I don't mind. All of the shades are super blendable. Some shades have a little bit of fallout, but nothing major. Luscious is a crazy metallic buttery, beautiful shimmer color. If you had a medium skin tone I think it would make a reallllly pretty face highlighter. This palette gets a lot of hype, but it's for a good reason! You can get really pretty peach looks with this, but you could also get looks from this palette that have no peach in them whatsoever. This is an overall amazing palette, and my favorite one that I have right now. Too Faced hit this one out of the park! 10/10 would recommend! « less

Sephora user
February 12, 2017

Nice in Theory

I was super upset when this palette came out a while back and I didn't get my hands on one, so when I saw that it was coming back, I picked one up right away. In the store, the colors swatched beautifully, and I could see a lot of looks being created with the colors provided. I wish I had swatched all of the colors. Candied Peach has hardly any pigment, it's all just glitter. Delectable definitely has the least amount of pigment in the palette. I realized once I started actually using the palette that I hate it when companies release palettes with shimmery dark colors. I never put shimmery colors in my crease, and I don't see people doing that very often in general. You get a decent number of matte shades in the palette, but Puree and Summer Yum are very similar in color, and Summer Yum is the darkest color in the palette, and it really doesn't come off as that dark. The light matte colors aren't very pigmented, so it's kind of a waste to have three of them in the palette. I wish they had made a couple of the light mattes shimmers, and make all of the dark shimmers matte. Plus fix the pigmentation issues. Additionally, the "Glamour Guide" that was included with the palette is really not realistic for the palette. One of the looks suggests putting Nectar along the brow bone from the inner corner to the tail of the brow... Nectar is a shimmery golden yellow! It also has a look featuring Delectable in the crease, and given that Delectable has essentially zero pigment, I would be interested to see how long it would take to build up that color. Overall, the colors take way longer to blend out than other shadows I own from other brands. This will probably be a palette where I use one or two colors every once in a while, but as a cohesive palette, it doesn't work for me. « less

Sephora user
January 5, 2017

When this first released I had lusted over it so much but was afraid of all the hype surrounding it. In hopes of it coming back I put my boyfriend's (and my) email in to be notified. (Great tip ladies! ;)) When he got the notification in December we laughed about it and thought nothing of it. Until Christmas when he surprised me with it. I was over the moon but hesitant as I remember hearing not the greatest reviews for it. I don't know if they changed the formula slightly but this palette is AMAZING. It's so creamy and pigmented but blends out beautifully without blending it away. Candied Peach is my favourite layered with Puree in the crease. I honestly can't get enough. This is one of those palettes that just makes me want to play for hours. The staying power is also really good. At first I did find the scent a little's not OVERLY powerful..but if you hold it up to use the mirror it can get to be much that close to your face. But I do like the scent of it..just in small doses. « less

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Profile picture of Haley Nicole Herring
Haley Nicole Herring
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes? I’m looking for a pallet that has good color pigment and easy to blend. Also a good eye primer.

Profile picture of Shayna Friedman
Shayna Friedman
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

I always reach for this one! Great colors for natural and smokey looks

Profile picture of KIRSTEN HEMPELMANN
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Does anybody know of a great peach or red eyeshadow palette?- I just wanted something to spice up my makeup bag!😊

Profile picture of Kayla Davis
Kayla Davis
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

i use this!!!

Profile picture of Maddie Baumert
Maddie Baumert
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Smells like peaches! But I feel this product is overpriced and there are many other palettes that are much cheaper and much better quality. #beautyverse