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Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer by Too Faced
Too Faced

Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer


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sephora user
June 14, 2016

Best primer for oily/combo skin

This is hands down my new favorite eyeshadow primer. I had been a big fan of Urban Decay's primer because it is long-wearing and would last through sweat/day clubs, however I noticed that for me, using it for long-wear it would dry out my skin. I also like Too Faced formula better because it's like a lotion instead of a thick paste. It truly keeps your makeup crease-free and I am recommending it to any girls who need long wear protection. PROS: works amazingly if you got oily eyelids like me, absorbs easily, applies like lotion/absorbs clear into skin, smooth and silky formula CONS: I do think the Urban Decay primers boost your eyeshadow pigments more than Too Faced primer, BUT it's not a deal breaker for me since I like a more natural makeup look

Sephora user
July 27, 2015

I have had my Top Faced Shadow Insurance for a couple of months now and have really only used it a handful of times which that right there should tell you how I feel about it. First off, it is super runny and oily and no amount of shaking or squeezing the tube gets it to mix and because of that this primer does not prevent my eyeshadow from creasing. It seems like any time I wear this primer my eyeshadow looks worse off than it would if I wouldn't wear any primer. I used this primer today and not even an hour after applying my eyeshadow, it was creased and I do not have oily eyelids, they are actually the opposite and quite dry. Even now just touching my eyelids they seem kind of oily. It also seems that whenever I use this primer, it takes forever to get my eyeshadow to blend and that's even when I'm just doing a simple look like today with just a matte lid color blended up into the crease. If you're looking for an awesome eyeshadow primer that will not crease, intensifies your shadows, and helps eyeshadows to last all day then I would recommend NARS Pro Prime, Urban Decay Primer Potion, or Benefit Stay Don't Stray. Also, a truly amazing eyeshadow primer that you can get at your local drug store for only $3 is Wet N Wild's Fergie take on the day eyeshadow primer, I would recommend that before this primer any day and actually prefer it over most of my high end primers it is that amazing and a tube of that stuff will seriously last you way over a year and that's if you use it everyday because a little bit goes a long way. « less

Sephora user
January 3, 2010


Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer is an excellent eye shadow primer. Too Faced makes the best eye shadows which do well on their own, but let's face it, a primer insures exceptional performance. This product helps to keep eye shadows in place until you take them off. Unlike a lot of other primers, this one is colorless, so it doesn't change the color of the eye shadow. Although I do on occasion use tinted primers, if you don't put the exact same amount on both eyes, the intensity of the shadow can be changed. The thing I love about Shadow Insurance is that the colorless formula keeps the shadow colors consistent. Plus, the shadow stays on and doesn't flake or fade. Although I generally stick to a few favorite brands of eye shadow, in particular Too Faced, like most other people, I also have shadows in my collection, be it samples or just plain poorer performing brands, that either don't stay on all day on their own, or fade or change color. Too Faced Shadow Insurance can be used with those cheaper eye shadows which don't always perform well. Shadow Insurance can help those look better than they really are. I first learned about Shadow Insurance when I was in a wedding. The bride wanted the women in the wedding party to use an eye shadow shade she had selected. It was a really cheap drugstore brand just sat on our lids, and then, after about 30 minutes, managed to drift downwards until it ended up on our lower lids. It had to be the worst shadow ever created. The Maid of Honor was very familar with Too Faced and she suggested we all use it. The Shadow Insurance somehow managed to keep the shadow intact for the entire night, which in itself, was a miracle. The color stayed the same as the yucky green dress. (You know what they say about some brides wanting to make sure nobody looks as good as she does? Somehow that held true with her choice of green dresses and that awful green shadow. With all the gorgeous shades of green out there, this bride found the one most unflattering to everyone). At any rate, while the color of the dresses may have been hideous, and the shadow color not much better, at least the Shadow Insurance let us create a great eye shadow that actually stayed on our lids. I threw the shade away as soon as the wedding was over. The point of this story is that it didn't seem as if there was any hope for that awful crumbly disgusting cheap dried out drugstore shadow, but Shadow Insurance saved the day. If you always want dependable results with your shadow application, try Too Faced. « less user
December 20, 2015

OMG! Why did I wait so

OMG! Why did I wait so long to try this? I have excessively watery eyes...I mean people sometimes think Im crying when Im not. Ive tried quite a few eyeshadow primers and I even found one that kept my eyeshadow in place but it was thick and harder to spread and looked cakey by the end of the day. On a whim I decided try Shadow Insurance based on one of my favorite blogger s (Phyrra) recommendations. This stuff is incredible! It hits all the high notes...its waterproof creamy and easy to apply intensifies my eyeshadow but doesnt change the color lasts all day and never looks dry or cakey. I was afraid Id be stuck using my old one forever (liked the product but didnt like the company at all). I already loved Too Faced shadows and BB cream now I have another must have from them. Cant wait to try the Champagne shade and the Glitter Glue. Less

Sephora user
October 11, 2008

Best Shadow Primer On The Market!

This is a fantastic product that delivers what it says it will-- super-long lasting shadow, no creases and a silk-like finish. Wet or dry, matte or shimmery, great-tasting or less filling-- whatever shadow you use will stay until you take it off with just some warm water followed by a little eye makeup remover for that mascara that always gets left behind. The finish is sheerer than Urban Decay Primer Potion, which made me afraid that it wouldn't do the trick, but it pleasantly surprised me. It still disguises the natural finish of your lid, so if you just use the primer things like veins and darkness will be less noticeable. I don't know how this would look on darker skin though. You will need to keep your lid closed for a few seconds more than with UDPP to let it dry. You'll be very pleased at how smoothly your brush will glide across your lid with even cheap shadows. Between this and UDPP, you're going to get ALMOST the same bang for your buck, and shadows that last all day and into the night. However, I would have to say that Shadow Insurance is the superior product for two reasons: One, how smoothly shadow applies over it. Two, and most importantly, PACKAGING! Who here doesn't lament all the lost product in the UDPP genie bottle? SI's plastic tube is soft enough that I can get ALL of it out-- and it's good to the last drop. The only thing I hate more than a product that doesn't work is waste. The next time you're contemplating using a stick of dynamite to get the last of your UDPP out of the genie bottle, consider replacing it with something that works just as well, if not better-- and doesn't require the jaws of life to get it all out. « less

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Profile picture of Kennedy Johnson
Kennedy Johnson
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Any good eyelash primers that won’t break the bank? #mascara #eyes #eyelashprimer

Profile picture of Kiera D
Kiera D
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

This is a little pricey, but it lasts for so long. It kept my eye makeup looking flawless for 8hrs of rollercoasters and water rides at universal

Profile picture of Ashlee
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

I’m looking for some new eye primers to try out any suggestions?

Profile picture of Yaiza Taveras
Yaiza Taveras
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

This is the best! Been using it for years. It lasts way longer then it looks like it will.

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Adyson Em
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Any recommendations on eyeshadow primers? Mine always creases.

Profile picture of Maddie Mercier
Maddie Mercier
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It’s a little pricy but I think it’s worth it :)