Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick by Too Faced

Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick

Too Faced

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hydrates lips
pigmentation: pigmented
Contains Acne-Provoking Ingredients
cruelty-free, luxury
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staying powerlonglasting
"so cute love how long it stays on"
- Sephora User
"i love this color and it lasts all night"
- Ulta User
"its lightweight and non drying"
- Sephora User
"light weight and my new everyday lip product"
- Sephora User
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chapped lipshydrates lips
"stays for hours and doesn't make lips look or feel dry at all"
- Sephora User
"no weird smells, and it doesn't crack"
- Sephora User
precisionprecise application
"i gotta say i am pretty satisfied, the packaging is high quality and beautiful and the application is easy and precise"
- Sephora User
"it gives great precision"
- Toofaced User
"i love the texture, so light and smooth"
- Sephora User
"presentation/packaging- cute of course smell/scent- very typical feel/texture- smooth and moisturizing, not the best moisture but far, far, far from the middle"
- Sephora User


Sephora User
Pigmented, hydrates lips, longlasting
This somewhat reminds me of KVD's lipstick, only the texture is a bit thinner (not runny though, just less mousse like. It glides like a hot knife through butter) and less prone to patchiness on the darker colors (at least, on the Drop Dead Red I was able to swatch compared to KVD's vampira). It holds up well with multiple layers (this causes some brands to become crumbly or roll-y), but I feel like the smooth, pigmented formula will prevent most from needing more than a swipe or two as the texture seems to allow to an even, gliding spread of the lipstick. The overall finish reminds me of KVD's liquid lipsticks as well, but I am a fan of those so this is a good thing. It dries down feather light feeling on the lips and not too drying for a liquid lipstick. I still get a little of the pucker lines, but I haven't seen a matte liquid lipstick that doesn't do that yet. Impressive to me was the fact that I applied a little bit of a creamy lip product (OCC Lip Tar in Ingrid) on top and it didn't completely melt the liquid lipstick off. In fact, I drank a latte and only needed a slight touch up at the end. Many other liquid lipsticks would crumble or peel off under this test. I did get a fair amount of transfer this way, so I was surprised that my lipstick was still mostly intact when I checked on it. This was with the shade Queen B (a mauve with a lilac-grey undertone again my light yellow leaning skin), so a darker shade might not fare as well. Alone, this lipstick seems to fade more like a traditional lipstick that wears off rather than peeling away like some other brands. Overall, I'm very impressed. Now just looking forward to a restock and hopefully some new colors launched in the future!
Sephora User
Pigmented, hydrates lips, lightweight
So I counted my liquid lipstick collection and I have 173. I know my liquid lipsticks. If you have any doubts at all you need to know that these liquid lipsticks are perfection. These dry down so well and they still feel a little moisturized unlike some other ones I have. But the thing I wanted to talk about the most is the fact that there is 7 MILLILITRES in this product. When you take it out of the box it feels so heavy and there is SO MUCH PRODUCT. I don't know any other liquid lipstick that has this much product for only $25. Numbers never lie. Check out other brands and see how much there is and there's like Stila, Hourglass, Anastasia that all cost more. There is so much bang for your buck here and the product is so pigmented and long wearing and soft on your lips that you just need to try this. I got those shades Unicorn and It's Happening. I am so impressed - and trust me I am one who does not get impressed easily with liquid lipsticks because I have so many.
Sephora User
Pigmented, longlasting
So, I love the melted matte formula AND the original melted formula--they're my favorite lip products on the market. There are quite a few differences between all of the Melted Matte's that I have tried. I have owned and/or tried Child Star, Feelin' Myself, Sell Out, Queen B, On Point, Candy Cane, Lady Balls, and Drop Dead Red. In general the dark colors (On Point, Drop Dead Red) are more easily removed and don't necessarily stay put all day (they can be removed with a tissue and water). The lighter shades (Child Star, Sell Out, Queen B) actually have great staying power and even last through meals (not too greasy). The bright colors (Candy Cane, Feelin' Myself, Lady Balls) transfer more than the others. On Point is a dark plum/red/brown that is easily removed. It can be applied sheer or opaque. I have very fair skin with a cool undertone, and it wasn't the most flattering shade on me. This looked beautiful on my mother-in-law who has tan skin with a warm undertone--she sheered it out and it looked great (it is difficult to wear sheered if you have any texture on your lips--exfoliate first!). My sister in law with fair skin and a warm undertone tried this and it looked nice and vampy when applied opaquely. Child Star is a great nude for fair skin and leans more brown. It has great staying power. Sell Out is my personal favorite and looks great on my fair skin. It is truly my lips but better (a touch darker). It looks great with my cool undertone. This one also lasts through meals. Queen B looks great on my sister-in-law (fair skin, warm undertone). I wear it also but it pulls more purple-toned on me (more natural on her). Feelin' Myself is BRIGHT. It is not a dusty coral... it is a bright coral/melon. It's definitely bold on my fair skin and I like wearing it with the Sweet Peach palette. Candy Cane is a beautiful reddish pink. It tastes amazing and I often find myself snacking on my lipstick throughout the day. It has a nice cooling sensation due to the peppermint. It does seem to transfer more than any other (I get it on my fingers, but it isn't noticeably missing from my lips). The color does seem to last on my lips a while, even with my constant licking it... This looks good on my fair skin (cool undertone) and my sister-in-law (fair skin, warm undertone), although it was too bright for her taste. (Definitely not a neutral). Lady Balls is a great red that looks very classic and whitens the teeth. Drop Dead Red is probably my least favorite... if applied opaquely it is quite vampy. If sheered out, it looks very purple... much more purple than red, which just wasn't the look I was going for... I expected it to be more Burgundy than plum. They're all great and definitely worth investing in. I think I will try Cool Girl next... I've always eyed Unicorn... but not sure I can pull that one off...


Compared to other lipsticks, the ingredients in this product contain a larger number of acne producing chemicals and irritants.
32 ingredients

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