Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

Too Faced

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blends well
finish: demi-matte
coverage: medium coverage
Overall Neutral Ingredients
cruelty-free, luxury, vegan
Selected ShadeAlmond

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Okay for combination skin

"...i have combination skin, and this foundation definitely doesn’t show that i am combination skin..."

- Sephora User

"...i have combination skin and it sits beautifully..."

- Sephora User
"very moisturizing and doesn’t crease or flake"
- Sephora User
"so full coverage & hydrating"
- Sephora User
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"it goes on smooth and melts into skin"
- Ulta User
"my skin has been going through sad times and my face is littered with hyperpigmentation, but this concealer works so well i don't even use need to use foundation anymore"
- Sephora User
blendabilityblends well
"blends out like a dream and is good for my full coverage days and my “no makeup” days"
- Sephora User
"i wasn't planning on buying another concealer when i walked in but when the woman showed me this and i saw how well it blended and how great the coverage was, i couldn't walk out without it"
- Sephora User
under eyegood for under eye
"this is the best concealer for dark under eye circles"
- Toofaced User
"nice coverage for under eye and blemishes"
- Ulta User
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combinationCombination Skin
Blends well, brightening
I can’t say enough good about this concealer. I have really dark, dry under eyes and I only had one concealer that I KIND OF liked for my under eyes, but it wasn’t enough. This is brightening, great coverage, and blends out so beautifully. It stays in place as well. I can’t sing more praise, I really wish I could.
Sophia Julianna
sensitiveSensitive Skin
Blends well, smooth, high coverage
This concealer is so full coverage that you only need about three dots to cover up your bags. It’s super smooth and creamy, plus blends into the skin like a dream! It may not be the most affordable option, but it’s worth the investment! Plus the bottle is so huge for a concealer, so it’ll last you longer.
Sephora User
Blends well, lightweight, brightening
I am incredibly impressed with this product! I received three shades prior to launch for my honest review and I honestly love this stuff. The concealer is full coverage, as good as Shape Tape which everyone compares a full coverage concealer to...and is very long lasting. I had very minimal creasing at the end of the day but I can never get away with zero creasing so it performed great. Product surprisingly did not feel heavy. It went on feeling nice and blended like a freaking DREAM without losing coverage.Was skeptical about it being used as a “touch-up” but I did try it. At the end of the day my makeup usually breaks up around my nose and pores on my cheeks from oily skin. I dabbed a little on those areas and touched it up with a beauty blender (yes...all on top of setting powder and a full face) and it actually touched up my makeup without pulling off previous makeup from my face or marking the powdered areas weird and chunky. I was actually amazed.As far as contouring I always powder contour so I was scared to try this in fear that the cream wouldn’t blend. It blended so easily with the bottom part of my beauty blender that I will literally not go back to powder. I’m stuck with this! I might like it most for contour!I usually pull a light/fair-neutral from any makeup collection for my foundation shade and was sent Almond, Vanilla, and Honey. I did feel like Vanilla and Honey did pull a little more warm/yellow toned than I would have expected. Even though Honey was a contour dream it was definitely too yellow on my skin so I will return for possibly Mocha (more cool toned). So for contour I would lean towards a cooler shade than you’re used too. For concealing I enjoy a little yellow for brightening and found Almond and Vanilla honestly very very similar so either works!Try it! You will not be disappointed!!!! « less


Compared to other concealers, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
29 ingredients

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