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Hot Mama Blush by theBalm

Hot Mama Blush

blends well(82)
pigmentation: sheer
walgreensBuy ($20)

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blends well

even though this is super pigmented it blends out nicely and adds a lovely glow to my cheeks

- Birchbox User

the gold shimmer is subtle enough to wear to the office and it blends really well

- Birchbox User



the texture is light and silky, with a touch of shimmer

- Birchbox User

texture is very buttery, nice amount of shimmer, it can also work as a subtle highlight on my skin tone at least

- Birchbox User



i love the silky texture

- Birchbox User

the shimmer is subtle when applied lightly which is perfect for day time and the smooth texture of this powder blends right into your skin for long lasting color

- Birchbox User

staying power


this shadow/blush combo has a subtle and classy shimmer that stays on all day and always looks great

- Birchbox User

it definitely gives a nice subtle shimmer that lasts throughout the day

- Birchbox User



the powder is light and airy with a touch of shimmer, and not heavy at all

- Birchbox User

it's peachy-pink and ever so slightly shimmery, which gives a fresh summery appearance without being too heavy or glittery

- Birchbox User


has fallout

i didn't know that it has some gold mineral powdery highlights

- Birchbox User

also, you expect it to be more powdery but its quite "balmy" and smooth

- Birchbox User



a highlighter with beautiful peachy tones, a sublte shimmer that blends any makeup or imperfection into sheer blushing beauty that is never overwhelming

- Birchbox User

you can build with it, like if you wanted just a sheer shimmer, or if you wanted more of the pink to show, you could add more

- Birchbox User
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Birchbox userMarch 16, 2015

Possibly My New Favorite!

I am about the last person to jump on The Balm bandwagon, but I kept seeing rave reviews for their products so I redeemed my points for this. So glad I did! This is a gorgeous color with amazing pigmentation that still manages to be blendable. It stayed on all day and looked great on my fair skin. Love it! Will be trying more from this brand!

- Birchbox
Birchbox userJanuary 22, 2013

perfect pink-peach

I love every product that I have purchased from the Balm, but this is by far my favorite. The pinky peach of this blush is perfect for my skin tone (olive with rosacea). The shimmer is subtle when applied lightly which is perfect for day time and the smooth texture of this powder blends right into your skin for long lasting color.

- Birchbox
Birchbox userJanuary 26, 2013

Hot Mama Shadow

I was completely unfamiliar with theBalm products before receiving this sample and I am impresses to say the least! I am in love with the coral/blush with just a hint of shimmer. Though I have tried it as a blusher, I am a much bigger fan of using it on my eyelids as a base to a smokey eye or an all over lid color for daytime. The texture is so silky, it is a dream to put on! The pigmentation isn't great on it's own, but with a proper dab of primer, you have long lasting, fantastic color all day long!

- Birchbox
Birchbox userOctober 21, 2013

The Perfect Shadow/Blush

This is my favorite shadow and only blush. The texture is light and silky, with a touch of shimmer. Perfect for work or a night out. Beautiful layered over a darker shadow as well. The peachy finish would be complimentary to any skin tone. As a shadow, it stays put all day and does not crease. As a blush - it does not fade. I prefer a natural subtle look and this works well - couldn't live without.

- Birchbox
Birchbox userOctober 8, 2013

Just "all right"

I have redness to my skin, so I typically shy away from any blush. Since this was a free sample, I gave it a try. I wasn't over impressed with this product. The instructions heeded a warning to apply a small portion, eluding to the fact the color was highly pigmented. Armed with the knowledge I have a "warm tone" to my face, I applied very little. It was just "OK." I applied a little more, but then felt it was too much. I don't know that I will purchase this product, but I will save it for whenever I have a special night out.

- Birchbox


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