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BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer by theBalm

BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer

staying power(17)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: After Dark
After DarkDarkLightLight MediumLighter than LightMediumMedium Dark
walgreensBuy ($25)

Top Reviews

staying power


lasts all day and is also cruelty free

- Superdrug User

it holds up well and stays on looking fresh

- Overstock User



daily use, protects, hydrates and covers blemishes in one step

- Beauty User

this provides me the benefit of a moisturizing foundation without an additional step in makeup application

- Overstock User



it has a natural tone and creates an even palatte without feeling like you are wearing a heavy base layer

- Beauty User

it’s not heavy and yet it has good coverage

- Zulily User


blends well

no oily patches

- Feelunique User

its lightweight blends easily gives some coverage and has a good sunscreen

- Overstock User


medium coverage

i would recommend this to anyone, especially woc looking for a medium coverage

- Kohl's User

the coverage is medium and its a great shade

- Zulily User
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Beauty.com userApril 27, 2012

The best tinted moisturizer available

There is almost nothing bad to say about this product except that it should be provided in a broader array of colors/tints. I've had difficulty finding tinted moisturizers that matched my skin tone. Most also do not apply very well, coming off in tiny pieces when you try to blend. Most are also not very comfortable to wear. Unlike regular moisturizers, they don't feel like they absorb, instead sitting on top of skin like foundation and sometimes even feeling cakey. But BalmShelter is the complete opposite. When applied, it makes my skin feel smooth and softer. I use the Light color which, when blended, completely evens out my skin, leaving it natural looking, not the made-up look. The SPF is a nice touch too. On days when I don't want to trouble myself with applying both moisturizer and foundation, BalmShelter is my go-to moisturizing solution. « less

- Beauty.com
Beauty.com userJanuary 12, 2012

Must-Have Daily Product!

This product does NOT cover like a foundation, so if you're looking for evening makeup or have skin that needs a lot of help, this is not for you. The tinted moisturizer is ideal for oily and combo skin; I don't think it would moisturize enough for someone with dry skin. It's supremely lightweight; blends very well and naturally; and my favorite part is that it provides SPF coverage without getting the least bit greasy, even by the end of the day! I use Avene serum under the BalmShelter, and then cover up any acne or spots with theBalm concealer. This gives me a very natural, healthy look that doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup. I highly recommend this item.

- Beauty.com
lookfantastic.com userOctober 15, 2012

The Balm Balmshelter Tinted Moisturiser

I have lost count at how many tinted moisturisers I have tried. I hate wearing foundation as my skin is quite sensitive and feels so heavy on it so always opt for a tinted moisturiser. I've even tried brands such as Aveda and Dermalogica but this 'The Balm Balmshelter Tinted Moisturise' is by far my favourite. You hardly have to use any, literally a pea size amount and it covers your face flawlessly and in my experience seems to stay there all day (and I have quite greasy skin, too) I have had so many compliments of how my skin glows "naturally"- it doesn't even look like I'm wearing anything.

- lookfantastic.com
buy.cosmeticsnow.com.au userApril 24, 2014

A great tinted moisturizer, however, I also purchased Nars TM at the same time to compare (St Moritz and Groenland), and I prefer Nars. BS is value for money, it goes on easy and dries leaving a slight dewy texture. Nars is more expensive, so for the price of BS it is a great product and the color blends into the skin leaving it hard to tell if you have anything other than moisturizer on with a good natural skin color. It isn't a heavy coverage, it is a light coverage, so, if you need a heavier coverage, or one that you can build up the coverage, I prefer Nars. BS is true to your skin tone, if you are light the light will be perfect, a medium the medium will be perfect etc...I purchased the medium which is great for summer but need the light-medium for winter, so I purchased the light to mix with the medium when I need to :) My skin tone is similar to Liz Hurley, Hillary Duff, Cameron Diaz « less

- buy.cosmeticsnow.com.au
Kohl's userFebruary 7, 2015

This is a founation. Not a moisturizer.

This is a foundation. Not a moisturizer. It goes on heavy and falls into any wrinkles like a foundation. If you have wrinkles, it will make them look deeper and more of them. Hours after wearing it, it still feels heavy and drying. I am giving this product to my teenage daughter and see what she thinks of this supposed "tinted moisturizer".

- Kohl's


Overall safe Ingredients

Cetearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Isopropyl Myristateacneirritant
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Dea-cetyl phosphatehazard

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