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The Top Products to Try From Alchimie Forever

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Mar 30, 2021
The Top Products to Try From Alchimie Forever

Self care comes easy with these products from Alchimie Forever

“Self care through skin care™.” It’s the mantra of your new favorite beauty brand, Alchimie Forever, and a meaningful way to spend your days as you apply the brand’s ultra-soothing moisturizers and masks. Alchimie Forever was founded by Swiss dermatologist, Dr. Luigi L. Polla, with the goal of treating sensitized skin for post-procedural care. The products he created did just that, and far beyond. You’ll love the brand’s hero product, the Kantic® brightening moisture mask that’s as soothing as it sounds, but there are so many more skincare and self care solutions you need to try. Combine skincare and medicine in the most beautiful way with these top products from Alchimie Forever on MIRA BEAUTY.

Kantic® brightening moisture mask, $60

Brightening Moisture Mask
Source: Alchime Forever

If you can’t get enough of the Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment by Aquaphor that’s used by the likes of Beyonce and Zendaya, you’ll love the Kantic® Brightening Moisture Mask. It’s a best-selling product from Alchimie Forever - beloved by celebrity makeup artists and beauty editors for the creamy texture, brightening abilities, and surge of hydration that makes it ideal for all skin types. What’s in this magical moisture cream? Glad you asked. It’s formulated with natural botanicals to soothe, protect, moisturize, and brighten… along with oats (a favorite ingredient for those with eczema) to heal even the most distressed skin. And we can’t forget the Resveratrol from grape extracts to prevent aged skin, and European blueberry that reduces the look of redness. A tribute to Dr. Polla’s Swiss roots! Whether you’re 20-something and looking to soothe dry spots or in your 40’s looking to brighten and prevent further signs of aging, the Kantic® brightening moisture mask is one of the best skincare products that you need to try.

Gentle refining scrub, $45

Gentle Refining Scrub
Source: Alchime Forever

Exfoliation is the key to healthy and glowing skin, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Gentle refining scrub. The best part? It exfoliates and nourishes… which is more rare than you think. This favorite by Alchimie Forever is made with cranberry beads, jojoba pearls, and papaya enzymes to reach deep into the pores and eliminate impurities, without causing any irritation. And they get a little help from Shea Butter for nourishment and natural antioxidants to defend against early signs of skin aging. Basically, it’s the ideal exfoliator that works for all skin types and tackles all complexion issues. You’ll only get the best from Alchimie Forever, and the Gentle refining scrub is a MIRA must-have that you need in your skincare routine. Tip from their founder? "Physical exfoliation to dry skin is very much an “old style European” way to exfoliate the skin - we are a Swiss brand after all! - versus the American way that incorporates a lot of water in all skin care steps. Part of the benefit comes from massaging the product into the skin in true European gommage fashion, which does not work on wet skin."

Advanced retinol serum with time release technology, $99

Advanced Retinol Serum
Source: Alchime Forever

Retinol is a magical word in the skincare world, especially when it’s included with “Time Release Technology” to ward off all the scary side effects. Your skin will be smooth, exfoliated, and wrinkle-free with the Advanced retinol serum by Alchimie Forever, featuring this powerhouse anti-aging ingredient to ward off even the faintest fine lines. And while Retinol should typically be slowly incorporated into your skincare routine to prevent irritation, that will never happen with this serum by Alchimie Forever. You see, the time release technology ensures that Retinol is released into your skin at a steady pace - one that won’t overwhelm your complexion. You’ll also get a boost of hydration and nourishment with the Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba in this serum… which is how you know it’s the real deal for your anti-aging skincare routine.

Tightening eye gel, $45

Tightening Eye Gel
Source: Alchime Forever

You’ve heard about the wonders of eye cream, but what about eye gel? The eye area is the first to show signs of aging, due to thinner skin, and you can keep the fine lines at bay with the right anti-aging products… like the Tightening eye gel by Alchimie Forever. It’s formulated with caffeine from maté and organic apple stem cells to hide puffiness and dark circles, hiding all-nighters better than your favorite concealer, along with Alchemilla for a brightness boost. Say goodbye to tired eyes with your new favorite eye gel that helps to keep the fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness away for good. Pro tip: eye creams and gels are made for both men and women… and this is the perfect gift to get your boyfriend started on his skincare routine!

Kantic®+ Nourishing Cream, $79

Kantic Nourishing Cream
Source: Alchime Forever

Intensely nourishing, indeed. This cream can do everything from hydrate and brighten to smooth and soothe, all thanks to a lineup of powerhouse ingredients that take your complexion up a notch. Jojoba and Vitamin E are the ultra-nourishing duo that every sensitive skin type needs, while collagen-stimulating Red Clover minimizes fine lines and natural antioxidants soothe redness. While this cream is ideal for those prone to red, dry, and cracked skin - it’s also a lifesaver for all. Those in their early 20’s can use it to prevent fine lines down the line, those with skin conditions like psoriasis have a medicine-meets-moisturizer solution for healing, and those with mature skin can look instantly brighter with a youthful glow. Give your skin the boost of nourishment it needs with this essential by Alchimie Forever.

Unlock your best skin yet with Alchimie Forever, and sample their top products all on MIRA BEAUTY.