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Julia Baker
Oily Skin

First wing I’ve done in a while, can anyone recommend me some good new eyeliners to try? Tattoo liner has been my one and only since I was 14 ❤️😂

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Vimi Tran
Combination Skin

Not a suggestion, but just an observation. Along with your beautiful eye, your eyeliner is killer!! You should definitely consider complimenting it more with falsies! 😍

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Julia Baker
Oily Skin

Thank you so much ! ❤️ I have so many falsies, but I’m way too lazy to use them 😂

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Carö Grace
Combination Skin

Suggestions for tattoo concealers?

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Kylie Ard
Oily Skin

If you want to try a drugstore option first I would recommend the L’Oréal infallible concealer!

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Carson Davis
Combination Skin

Hey Lovelies! 💕 HELP! I need a good covering liquid felt tip or gel pot eyeliner! I tried using my KVD Tattoo Liner on a new metallic eyeshadow today and they kinda blended together instead of the liner just sitting on top like I feel it should 😓 any suggestions? Drugstore or Luxury!

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Tashaa Firbyy
Dry Skin

I LOVE the Suva Hydra cake Liners ; they are really black and they last all day ! #Beautyverse