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Tata's Daily Essentials by tata harper
tata harper

Tata's Daily Essentials


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the face wash is gentle enough to keep me from breaking out excessively, the toner is a must if you want to restore the ph balance in your skin (keeps me from being too oily) and the moisturizer and serum are added bonuses to nourish the skin

- Sephora User

this is the best gentle exfoliating cleanser

- Nordstrom User



i've finished my second kit and have now purchased the cleanser, eye cream and syrum and am still very happy with the brightness and fresh look my skin is reflecting

- Tataharperskincare User

i love how soft, vibrant, and radiant my skin is

- Tataharperskincare User



always on the quest for the best all natural anti-aging products, i wanted to try the best of the best

- Tataharperskincare User

i've tried a variety of products over the years and have found some that work, but just haven't felt they have made my skin feel soft and help with the anti-aging part of it

- Tataharperskincare User


redness relief

i've used every product in the set for a week now and my skin is smoother, wrinkles are greatly reduced - even the ones between my eyebrows

- Birchbox User

the face wash smells like citrus and is my favorite which surprised me as i have mild rosacea and it has not irritated my skin in the least but instead has made it less red and calm in appearance

- Tataharperskincare User



i especially love the cleanser - leaves my skin hydrated, bright and soft

- Sephora User

the lifting serum is working great, the eye cream is sooo hydrating and i love the face cream

- Tataharperskincare User


good for acne

this set is so good, the products that transformed my blemished combination dull skin are the resurfacing mask, the purifying cleanser the hydrating essence and the beautifying oil

- Cult Beauty User

any breakouts also dimish

- Sephora User



also felt heavy on my skin and made it feel greasy

- Sephora User

they are a little heavy on scent to, so upset my sensitive skin and gave me a small patch of dry red skin on my face

- Tataharperskincare User
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tataharperskincare.com userNovember 5, 2015

I Received the kit and

I Received the kit and wrote to you regarding :The following two items - The little nutrient complex - the metal ball does NOT turn so the product Does not come out?The Eye Cream pack was basically empty it has a little nearly dried nugget of cream - this package did not sampleSo the rest seems ok - just disappointed that the Oil doesnt work and the eye cream sample was basically empty - it must have been missed on the assemblyReplenishing Nutrient Complex (3 ml)Lightweight facial oil serum to improve the skin's natural glow, texture and hydration. Helps relieve and stabilize vulnerable, irritated and chapped skin for a radiant complexion.Restorative Eye Cr_me (1ml)Complete eye treatment to fight the eye area's five most common signs of aging in one complete daily creme. Silky, ultra-hydrating formula protects while contributing to a revitalized, lifted look. « less

- tataharperskincare.com
tataharperskincare.com userAugust 27, 2014

I recently order and received

I recently order and received the try-me kit. Im in love! The products are pricey and i thought itd be best to test them out first before i indulge in spending the money. Each product smells amazing and feels amazing. I love that with the cleanser you can feel it exfoliating but very gentle on the skin. Each of the moisturizers feel nice and light, not too heavy leaving the skin feeling perfectly thirst quenched. The serum feels similar to a a moisturizer but i apply at night and when i wake up in the morning my skin looks and feels refreshed. I use the eye cream both AM and PM for a nice brightening of the eyes and helps with reducing wrinkles. The mist is nice a refreshing and i usually spray that in the morning right before i put on the serum. Definitely planning to make a purchase asap as my samples are just about out! « less

- tataharperskincare.com
tataharperskincare.com userFebruary 26, 2018

Game Changer for Sensitive Skin

I had recently switched to what I thought was more “natural” products only to find they were full of chemicals and my skin was not responding well (tiny pimples all over forehead and cheeks). In the search for something truly chemical free I decided to give Tata Harper a try and hope for the best. Within ONE day I knew I would be purchasing full sizes. I have always struggled with incredibly sensitive skin - it turns bright red from almost all products. Not these! In fact these have majorily helped reduce my redness while clearly that pesky breakout from the other brand. I think the cleanser, resurfacing mask, and serum are my favorite products. I haven’t tried the eye cream yet as it really is just a sample packet. If you’re on the fence like I was, purchase this pack! It’s a great starter to find what you love. « less

- tataharperskincare.com
Sephora userDecember 25, 2019

WARNING: Amazing Skin Ahead

Absolutely love this kit as it is luxury ingredients at a relatively affordable price. Each piece in this kit works wonderfully at exfoliating, but also nourishing and moisturizing the skin; my oily-normal skin loves it. Best part: it doesn't break me out. Here's a quick review of each piece in this kit:1- eye cream: being in my mid-20's, eye cream is just eye cream. This wasn't anything overtly special, but I was not able to get a good opinion on this product due to the fact that I could only get 2-3 uses out of it.2- Cleanser: good physical and chemical exfoliate. Most physical exfoliants break me out due to their abrasive nature, but this has the right amount of grit. I use a peanut sized amount on my whole face after my first cleanse and my skin is left feeling like it can breathe (after wearing makeup all day).3- essense: probably the "smelliest" of product in this kit. it's very refreshing and make the rest of the products glide on evenly. Would not use over makeup due to it's smell and moisturizing effect.4- Serum: beautiful rich and creamy serum that sinks into the skin.5- Moisturizer: a creamy yet liquidly moisturizer that smooths out skin and leaves the face looking and feeling plump and supple.6- Oil: the best product in this kit. Maximum impact with minimal effort. Leaves skin feeling exfoliated yet balanced.7- Mask: not beginner friendly. Thankfully I've used this product before so I know that it really packs a punch. For me my skin is so exfoliated that it often takes a day or two for it to become calm and even (for about a day my face is a bit puffy and red). Afterwards though...omg...my makeup sits beautifully, plus my pores are smaller. Any breakouts also dimish.Overall: amazing. 10/10 recommend Less

- Sephora
tataharperskincare.com userJuly 17, 2018

Expensive products

The products are of high quality that's for sure, hence the price tag, however they are not mind blowing. They are a little heavy on scent to, so upset my sensitive skin and gave me a small patch of dry red skin on my face. Probably won't buy again I'm sure there are products here in Australia that will be better

- tataharperskincare.com

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