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Resurfacing Mask by tata harper
tata harper

Resurfacing Mask

good for acne(148)
Variation: 1 oz / 30 ml
1 oz / 30 ml105 ml LIMITED EDITION

Top Reviews


redness relief

no pores, no bumps, no melting makeup, no red or dry spots, no weird afternoon oil slick

- Sephora User

i have the worst skin and this made me glow, it reduced my pore size, it love this mask

- Sephora User


good for acne

this helps keep my hormonal acne under control, and makes my face look bright and clear every time i use it

- Sephora User

i’ve tried so many products and this one has made my skin tone more even and now has stopped reoccurring acne

- Birchbox User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

even though my skin is extremely sensitive, this never irritates me at all, and when i wake up in the morning after using this the previous night, my skin is calmer, clearer, smoother, and just more radiant in general

- Tataharperskincare User

it is also great to do before a full face of makeup, evens out my skin leaving it glowing

- Sephora User



this mask made my skin look brighter, healthier and soft

- Birchbox User

this is one of the best resurfacing masks i have used to smooth and brighten my skin with no irritation

- Nordstrom User



it doesn't burn or cause skin irritation

- Birchbox User

it also has a gentle detoxing effect, and helps with hormonal breakouts

- Sephora User



it does an amazing job of moisturizing and reducing wrinkles

- Sephora User

after using this resurfacing mask i have a glow i haven't seen in years and my fine lives and wrinkles have reduced significantly

- Birchbox User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

while definitely pricey, the resurfacing mask does an amazing job of reducing the appearance of pores, decongesting the skin and exfoliating any dullness

- Sephora User

even with all that, every time i use this mask i get noticeable results - baby soft skin, smaller pores, and even texture

- Sephora User



i absolutely love this mask - it smells great, the jelly-like texture makes it easy (and fun) to apply to my face, and it always leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth

- Birchbox User

however today, the morning after using the mask (i used it last night before bed and before my moisturizer and eye cream), my skin looks so clean and healthy that i am only wearing mascara today

- Birchbox User



it's also very comfortable to wear, you don't even feel like you're wearing a mask (no stinging, or drying feeling, or even feeling like u have goop on your face)

- Sephora User

i generally use this product at night, and the next morning my skin looks glowing, plump and youthful

- Sephora User
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Sephora userSeptember 17, 2014


I honestly can't fathom why the overall rating for this product isn't 5 stars. If you read my reviews, you'll know I excitedly moved to Los Angeles several months ago only to have my hair and skin try to ruin my life. I was getting twice a week facials, stopped wearing makeup for a bit, but nothing really got rid of the bumpy texture and erratic dryness/ breakouts. Enter this knight in shining armor. First use, skin is calmer, more clear, bumps reduced, pores smaller. By week 2 (using 3x/ week), the bumps were almost totally gone. 1 month in and I'm back to people stopping me on the street to ask what products I use. I *glow*. No pores, no bumps, no melting makeup, no red or dry spots, no weird afternoon oil slick. I feel like the amount of product and benefit you get for the price makes this mask the best bang for your buck in Tata's line. I have no idea what the directions say (I'm far too impatient and arrogant to read those things), so here's what I do: after exercise/ work out I wipe down the the hydrating essence, slather on a generous layer, step into the shower and do my hair/ body thing with the mask on for about 10 mins. Rinse. Cleanse. Done. You're welcome! Just kidding, but I swear by this stuff, and it's become as much a part of my life as a proper deodorant and toothpaste. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userNovember 14, 2014

Ridiculously dehydrating

I received as a sample & won't be purchasing. I have sensitive & acne-prone skin. While it caused no irritations, it sapped my skin of all moisture, making it dry & look awfully dehydrated. Roth laser free resurfacing scrub is a staple for me & I'd give it infinity stars if it was an option because it leaves my skin smoother, brighter with a healthy-looking complexion--without the dehydration.

- Sephora
Sephora userAugust 6, 2013


I've liked most of the Tata Harper products that I've tried and this one is my current favorite product. Ever. Not just out of what I've tried from the line but out of every product I've ever tried. It does exactly what it says: my complexion really looks refreshed (even when I'm beyond tired) and positively glows after using this mask. It's an exfoliant and treatment mask in one so no need for that extra step of a physical or enzymatic scrub before applying the Resurfacing Mask. I just do a once over with my cleanser to wash my makeup, sunscreen, etc. off my face, pat dry and then apply this directly. Easy and fuss free.It has the faintest of calming scents, slightly green and sweet (honeysuckle?) but the scent is so mild it wouldn't offend anyone sensitive to smell (like me). The consistency is, as one reviewer called it, a bit 'soapy' like a watery gelatin so it is easy to apply too much. You really only need a light coating across the face. Inevitably, you'll reach in and pull out globs so keep in mind that you'll most likely need less than you anticipate. Rather than filling my palm, I spread it on my face bit by bit so none of this precious mask goes to waste. It's excellent value too. The jar may look small but you only need a little each time. It's a very pretty pink color, like a gemstone, but fear not, your face will not look pink either during or after. The gelatinous texture has the added benefit of defusing the color as it's thinned out and spread across the face.It tightens on the skin as it dries but never stings, itches or is in any way uncomfortable. It washes off easily with a bit of water and cleanser and the result is instant luminosity. My skin literally glows after I use this mask, which I love. It also makes the texture of my skin noticeably smoother to the touch and any product that I use after seems to have a more pronounced effect.TIP: Because this is so effective at removing any material clogging the skin's surface, it's the perfect product to use once or twice a week before applying a serum that promises action packed results. I save my most complex (and delicate) serums for nights that I pre-treat with this mask. Just be careful not to use anything that might irritate your skin after the Resurfacing Mask (like AHAs or retinol) if you are sensitive.I love that the ingredients of this product are all natural and I don't need to worry about what any chemical nasties may do to my body over time. I also love that Tata Harper has thoughtfully packaged this in glass that is both environmentally friendly (reuse or recycle it!) and sturdy enough to withstand traveling and the occasional tumble from counter to bathroom floor. This is a wonderful product, a winner all around, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough! « less

- Sephora
Birchbox userJuly 3, 2013

Not your everyday face mask

I us to work at space nk and that is when I was introduced to tata. I was very skeptical at first because her brand is so natural and sometimes active ingredients do not agree with my skin. However, that being said I was given a sample bag like the 65 dollar one they have on here and I will just say I was hooked. This face mask makes your skin look extremely youthful. I have not seen my pores this tight since I was like 18. After just the first use my skin was brighter, pores tighter, extremely soft skin and any traces of acne I had was gone. I am a really hard sale because I have worked in the skincare business forever and I will 100 percent say this is one of the best skin clearing , firming masks I have EVER used. I have a couple of friends who have extreme acne and acne scars and I had given them the cleanser and mask and I will say I have never seen there skin look so good. Can you tell im a fan lol...I just think if your unsure of this product you shouldn't be I think its like the holy grail of face masks. If you have ever tried natura bisse glycolic peel which I believe is 150.00 but yes worth every penny this will give you very similar results and its like half the cost ...Oh and my skin type is extremely dry and I am prone to get black heads all the time. I also have slight rosacea and can be very sensitive to most products. I hope this helps if you are on the fence about it. « less

- Birchbox
Sephora userMay 28, 2017


As usual, I read the reviews before I tried the product. After using the mask just once, I was not initially overly impressed. My skin felt nice. BUT DAB IT IN SCARS & PITTING AND THE MIRACLE HAPPENS! I am 47 years old and have used more skin products than I can shake a stick at. I am not easily impressed, but this resurfacing mask has knocked me out. I got it free in my Sephora play box. I bought a full size before I even finished the trial.I AM NOT RICH! I AM BROKE! THIS IS WORTH IT!! JUST DAB A LITTLE AND LEAVE ON OVERNIGHT. IT WILL LAST YOU FOREVER!I did not try it out initially because I already use Erno Laszlo double cleanse (deep cleanse black bar...that is awesome, too) and a Japanese peeling mask (the kind you put on and rub immediately and produces eraser-like particles.) I was very happy with how my skin was progressing to absolute smoothness. I must add that I am Black, so my aging process is significantly slower and I do not have any wrinkles. That being said, I do have issues with very oily skin and large pores. Not much in the way of regular acne, however I do have some texture issues.I followed the advice of a previous reviewer and dabbed the product on some acne pitting and a weird keloid scar, my skin has a tendency to react poorly to damage. The first day, after leaving it on all night, was surprising. I thought I saw some changes, but thought perhaps I was just trying to see things. I tried it again the next night. The following morning I saw that the scarring was going away. I still thought I was crazy… Until the third night.....I AM NOT CRAZY! THE SCARS AND PITS ARE GOING AWAY. I asked others if they were seeing the same thing and they agreed. I am on night number 7 and still using the trial size and dabbing in a little bit on with a Q-tip. I expect my scoring to be gone in another couple of days. I plan to continue using the mask on an occasional basis and this will justify the high price.As it says in the title, my mama don't lie and she sees a difference. So do I and this stuff works! « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Benzyl Alcoholhazard

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