Regenerating Cleanser by Tata Harper

Regenerating Cleanser

tata harper

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Good for sensitive skin

"...i am amazed with this company, i kinda love all the products and how my skin feels, especially considering that i have a very sensitive and reactive type of skin..."

- Sephora User

" exfoliator for sensitive skin..."

- Tataharperskincare User
"winters in iowa are harsh but this cleanser has smoothed out and brightened my face and makes even the coldest snow and wind storms a distant memory each night"
- Sephora User
"my unpredictable and temperamental calms down and becomes smooth and radiant with this"
- Tataharperskincare User
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"the gentle exfoliation has made a major difference in my skin and i love how it feels"
- Sephora User
"gentle yet effectively will remove a good amount of debris every morning, guaranteeing that the rest of your skincare penetrates deeply into your skin"
- Sephora User
"i pair it with the clarifying mask and my skin is the softest and smoothest it's ever been"
- Tataharperskincare User
"this is my favorite tata cleanser— i have tried the others, but this feels smooth and buttery and my skin feels unbelievably clean and beautiful after using it"
- Tataharperskincare User
pore minimizingpore minimizing
"definitely has improved my overall skin tone and pores"
- Tataharperskincare User
"it keeps my skin clear and my pores look smaller"
- Tataharperskincare User
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Anti-aging, good for acne, good for mature skin
I can't even begin to explain the amount of money and time I have invested in my skin product hunt over the last few years. I was fortunate and had clear skin all throughout my youth and early 20's, but when I entered the baby years of my life, my skin took a hormonal turn for the worse. I went back and forth between harsh products that killed my skin and made it look and feel awful, or safe products that did nothing at all but make my pores look clogged. Every time I bought a new line, I was throwing money out the window, finding no results whatsoever. And as my skin was aging, I was trying to both tackle wrinkles and dullness and the hormonal acne I was seeing. One day Tata Harper appeared on my Facebook feed and I dismissed it, but then went back to it, looked at the price and dismissed it again. However, as I annoyingly tossed another failed product line in the trash, i thought about all the money I have spent on all the products that haven't worked for me over the years, and decided to invest in something that had great reviews, great ingredients, and could very well work for me. I took the quiz, and ordered the two basics in the recommend line up, and oh. my. goodness. My skin has NEVER looked this good! My pores are starting to clear and shrink, and my face always feels clean and never tight. I didn't even know that was possible! I am so impressed with this line of products and the price tag is so worth it! I am saving up for the next three recommended products now and can't wait to complete my regimen and see what happens!! « less
Sephora User
Gentle, brightening, good for acne
I got this as a sample and loved it immediately so purchased the full-sized product.First of all - consider watching the short video about the production of Tata Harper. For me at least, I like the business model of this line. That alone isn't enough to make me LOVE a product, but in this case, it added a few bonus points in understanding the brand.This product is to be started on dry skin. This bothered me a little at first, but I did as instructed. It is creamy enough to use on dry skin - so I use it right before I jump in the shower.It is very rich with the perfect size and amount of microbeads (aka 'very small grit'.) It is gentle. It leaves my skin looking and feeling wonderfully smooth, resurfaced and polished.I liked the way my skin looked immediately. After two weeks, I actually had co-workers commenting that my skin looked 'brighter' and they asked if I was 'doing something different."My skin does look smoother, brighter and more even.I have terrible combination skin, so 3-4 times I week, after I use this, I do a 'double cleanse' with my anti-acne cleanser. This is NOT because this product doesn't clean enough - but I am prone to cystic acne and I am unwilling to give up my acne prevention steps.This wonderful cleanser does not over-dry my dry areas. In fact, I develop dry patches quickly and this cleanser eliminated one pesky patch completely in just a few days.It is nicely scented and although it may sound weird, it doesn't make me sneeze (Sadly this can be a problem with me so I am always relieved when a scented product I like doesn't make me sneeze!)Overall - it is a wonderful cleanser and exfoliator. After 30 days of use, I am convinced this is a winner and will remain part of my regular skincare regime. « less
Sephora User
Bad for acne, drying, not good for sensitive skin
I got this cleanser because it was recommended to me. As it is both a cleanser and an exfoliant in one I decided to give it a try. Big disappointment, (after using it for one month day and night) it did absolutely nothing for my skin. The skin did not feel well cleansed after, but felt like I needed another cleanser to fully clean my face, also it did not leave my skin nice and plump, instead it was dry and dull. My skin is acne prone so this made it worse. Went back to Sunday Riley cleanser which is absolutely amazing!


Compared to other exfoliators, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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