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Nourishing Oil Cleanser by tata harper
tata harper

Nourishing Oil Cleanser

sephoraBuy ($82)

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smells great and perfect for my dry skin

- Tataharperskincare User

i love how hydrated and fresh this cleanser leaves my skin

- Tataharperskincare User



i have only used this for 3 days as my nighttime cleanser and it gently removes all makeup and truly leaves my skin soft, clean, nourished, and glowing

- Tataharperskincare User

it gently removes all of my makeup and leaves my face fresh

- Tataharperskincare User



my pores look smaller, lines smoothed and my face glows

- Tataharperskincare User

it comes off easily leaving little to no residue and my skin is baby smooth

- Sephora User



i’m 37, combo skin, definitely aging

- Sephora User

i’m 37, combo skin, definitely aging

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i absolutely love this cleanser, so nourishing and it doesn't clog my pores

- Cult Beauty User

i know it's removing all the dirt and grime from my pores and leaving my skin completely cleansed and refreshed

- Tataharperskincare User


good for acne

no breakouts no reactions

- Nordstrom User

smells lovely and my skin feels hydrated and no breakouts

- Cult Beauty User


redness relief

amazing for my red sensitive skin

- Sephora User

amazing for my red sensitive skin

- Sephora User



removes every trace of makeup & leaves my skin soft & radiant

- Tataharperskincare User

i usually do a second cleansing after and my skin looks brighter, more hydrated and cleaner than with any other product i've ever tried

- Tataharperskincare User
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Sephora userSeptember 8, 2018

Double cleansing star!

Nothing has helped clarify my skin like beginning a double-cleansing routine. This oil cleanser from Tata Harper fits the bill for step one of a double cleanse. (I like Tarte Deep Dive gel cleanser for step two.) It's very gentle, smells heavenly and rinses cleanly. My skin has its redness level toned down (I have sensitive skin with rosacea) by this oil cleanser. A win-win all around.

- Sephora
tataharperskincare.com userSeptember 13, 2017

Caused irritation

I purchased the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and the Regenerating Cleanser. I have sensitive skin. Both of these cleansers cause irritation on my face. I have never had a reaction to any other skin care products before. I tried the products for a few weeks thinking my skin would get used to it and I ended up with dry, red skin. I stopped using both products for a few weeks and now my face is back to normal. Proceed with caution if you have sensitive skin. Im very disappointed considering the price paid for each.

- tataharperskincare.com
tataharperskincare.com userJune 12, 2015

Very nourishing and soothing to

Very nourishing and soothing to dry skin. I enjoy the light, fresh-garden scent and feel of this as it goes on my dry skin. A wonderful way to remove eye makeup and all other face makeup, even nourishes my eyelashes! I love to double cleanse with this, followed by the Regenerating Cleanser which smells so refreshing of grapefruit and flowers and gently polishes my dry, sensitive skin.

- tataharperskincare.com
credobeauty.com userMarch 21, 2017

Great on my hyper-sensitive, allergy- and psoriasis-affected skin

I have recently become one of those people whose every health concern manifests on their face. My skin, previously only dry, now gets allergic reactions to things in the environment, body products, and foods, so contact dermatitis is pretty much the norm, interspersed with hives (yikes) and also psoriasis (more yikes). My already dry skin now makes the Sahara seem like a tropical environment in comparison. This cleanser is the only thing that makes my skin feel moisturized after I use it. I occasionally pair with Tatcha Indigo Rice Enzyme powder for a gentle cleanse and exfoliation. While I'm still the queen of allergies, this cleanser has kind of been a salvation for my face.

- credobeauty.com
Sephora userFebruary 12, 2016

Miracle Cleanser

I have never in my life had a cleanser make such a difference in my skin. I have mature, dry skin and am very prone to dehydration. I usually have to layer a ton of skincare no matter what I cleanse with, and even then I'm left feeling dry in a few hours some days. After using this cleanser one time, my skin looked better overall. The crepiness from dehydration was almost totally gone, and my face felt smooth, and there was no tight/dry feeling whatsoever (which is something I've always had no matter what I used to cleanse). Within a week of daily use, I began to notice my fine lines looked softer and there was no more crepiness at all. I am a believer, I never imagined that finding the perfect cleanser would have such a monumental effect on my skincare and my overall complexion. I don't have to layer tons of moisturizer anymore...just my nightly/morning face oil and serum! So, really, in the long run, even though it's pricey I am saving money because I've been able to use much less moisturizer since I started cleansing with this Tata Harper oil! A HUGE win for me...I highly recommend! « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant
Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oilacne

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